My Mommy said she wanted to take me to the store.

I said I wanted oranges.

But she wanted yoghurt.

So she took me to a different aisle.

I wailed and cried.

Mommy said I was showing her up.

She was making me angry.

So I cried and cried and cried even more.

The old ladies tutted at Mommy.

Mommy said that I was being silly.

So she strapped me in the car and took me home.

I got even more upset.

And Mommy got even more angry.

So she started a rant down the phone to Daddy.

He picked me up and took me to the supermarket.

He got me an orange.

I love Daddy.

Especially when he buys me things.

Because I am a three year old.

And I can wrap my parents around my little finger.

I'm good at that.

I have to be.

Especially since I want a small Caribbean island for my fourth birthday.

Daddy and Mommy are going to have to spend a lot.

But they won't mind.

I hope...