Stop Picking on Pluto!

I want to defend a friend of mine
who made my childhood bright.
She's really far but really cool!
I guess you could call her out of sight.

Her name is Pluto and she's my bud,
a blessing bestowed upon me.
She lives with the stars! I owe it to her,
in the name of astronomy!

I heard the other day people said
she didn't deserve to be called a planet.
That's extremely cruel and unnecessarily mean!
Pluto has feelings, I just won't stand it.

They apparently called her a planetoid.
She's less than a planet? I won't accept it.
They're less than human so I called them humanoids,
and you bet your sweet asteroid they didn't expect it!

Pluto is quiet and last in line,
she's always out there freezing.
I'm by her side so I stand outside,
getting sick and softly sneezing.

But I don't care nor do I worry,
because that's what friends are for!
The future of the universe is mystic,
and we have no idea what's in store.

So value the present and those around.
Don't forget the star we all surround.