This is the first chapter of my new book. If this first chapter doesn't hook you I'm sorry, it will just take a good few chapters to build up to the main plot of this book so stick with it please.

Chapter 1

I looked up at the clock on the wall. It was quarter to 3. I sighed a breathe of relief, it was only another five minutes, until I had art class. It was only the first day back after the first term and the day had dragged. I was eager to get to art class, and show off my finished product for our assignment over the first holidays. We had to draw a life image of a person and I had drawn my best friend Nathan. I clutched at my bag under my desk ready to dash as soon as the ball rang. English class had been extremely boring at the teacher had just read from a book. I had zoned out for the entire class, and I looked around me and noticed I wasn't the only one. I glanced back at Nathan and he smiled widely at me. As soon as the bell rang the two of us raced for the door.
''Ready to show your assignment?'', he asked, pride in his voice.
''I sure am, I hope the teacher likes your ugly mug'', I joked.
Nathan was far from ugly, thats why I asked him to model for me. He had the facial features of a Hollister model, and with the clothes he wore, you swear he had just stepped out of the catalogue. He had fair hair that was always toussled.
''I better get going don't want to be late'', I said walking in the oppisote direction.
I had picked art, as my last subject on a monday, but Nathan had picked music, so he headed off the other way. I pushed my way forward in the crowded hall until I reached the art room. I walked in and immediately recognised a new face. Sitting up the top of the class, was a boy who I had never seen before. He had black shoulder length hair and when he looked up at me I found I couldn't look away from his olive-green eyes. He was wearing a grey knitted jumper, and black low jeans.
''Good afternoon, Miss Moore'', the art teacher Mrs Parker smiled at me. She sat me next to the new student, and as the rest of the students spilled in they two gazed at him with curious eyes. She began the class by introducing the new student Aidan, who had just moved to this school, she gave no more information on him though, and turned her attention onto the assignments we had to do. I unziped my bag and pulled out my art folder. The contains spilled out and the sketch of Nathan blew on to the floor. Aidan picked it up and handed it back to me. I knew he got a good glance at my picture before handing it back to me though. I tried to read his expression, but his face was blank. He continued to stare forward. I blushed embarassed that I had showed my disorganisation like that.
''Ok lets start with you Indigo'', she said to me.
I went to the top of the class, and placed my drawing on the easel. I thought it resembled Nathan quite well and he thought so too.
''Very good'', she said and then the class clapped as we do for each presentation.
I sat back down and Aidan spoke to me for the first time. His irish accent made my heart flutter.
''It's great'', he said smiling.
I saw that he had perfect white teeth, he turned away again not letting me reply. After everyone showed their drawings, the teacher collected them and then began to tell us about our next assignment.
''We shall be moving onto photography for the next three weeks. The person you are sitting next to now shall be your partner as it is partner work. First assignment is'', and she began writing on the board in chalk what our next task was. It read High Contrast Photography.
''Each partner work, will need fifty photo's each, and each person of the team has to feature in at least fifteen each''.
She began to give us more information about it and then handed each of us a Panasonic Lumix camera, with different lenses. I always had a love for photography, and was delighted that we were finally on this module for art. The bell rang before I even had a chance to speak to Aidan about any ideas that he might have, and I didn't have time to ask him now as I knew Nathan would be waiting for me. I packed the camera carefully in my bag, and left the classroom. As it was sunny Nathan had the roof of his car down, so I just jumped in without even opening the door. He blared the radio, as we sped away from the school.

I got in from home and announced my arrival. There was no reply, there seldom was anyways. My parents must still be at work and Maddie must not be in from school yet. I dropped my back just in the door, and went to the kitchen. Set on the counter was two meals, one for me and the other for Maddie, this was usually how we got our lunch each day. I ate the food like a savage since no one was there to watch me and after that I took out my camera, getting to know how to work it. I heard the door open and close, and then the little patter of feet running up the stairs. I wondered why Maddie had not come into me, so I followed her up the stairs. I didn't think of knocking and just walked straight into her room. She turned to face me, a tissue held up to her face. I noticed the tissue was covered in blood.
''Oh my god, what happened you?'', I asked.
I could tell she wanted to give out to me, for walking in but she decided against it.
''It just got a blood nose when I was walking home from school, I don't know what happened'', she told me sincerely.
I nodded, believing her. She wipped her nose again and pushed her glasses up onto her nose.
''Coming down for lunch?'', I asked.
''I'll be down in a minute'', she smiled at me.
I retreated from the room and went back downstairs. I looked at one of the photos hanging on the wall of my family. Maddie and I sat on the floor, and my mother sat on the seat, as Father stood behind her with an arm on her shoulder. It was a very posed typical rich family potrait. You'd think with my mother running a modelling agency that the picture would be more original. I studied us in the photo. Maddie was smiling widely. The flash reflecting slightly off her glasses to hide her blue eyes. She had her blonde hair plaited in the picture. I looked at my mother the very glamorous supermodel Elianna Wood. My mother was still a looker despite the years behind her. She no longer modelled herself now yet she managed her own model agency. Maddie inherited my mothers blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, yet I had inherited my mothers facial features. Instead of blonde hair I had chestnut brown hair, which the ends were no dip dyed blonde. I had hazel eyes like my father, who had black hair. My study of the family photo was interreupted as Maddie came down stairs. She was changed out of her school uniform. We went to different schools. I went to a high school, my own option, and Maddie had decided to go to a private school as she had brains to spare. Maddie is really intelligent and has loads of great achievements, yet Mother or Father don't really seem to be that proud of her. I for one am extremely proud of her. On our trophy shelf, all of Maddies awards are at the back, hidden behind mine. I was the favourite child, but I hadn't chosen to be. I knew that Maddie was slightly ignored by our parents as she didn't have the looks which mother only cared about, and she wasn't an athlete which father cared for. But I adored Maddie, and I mothered her since our own mother wouldn't.
''Lunch was lovely'', I told Maddie, following her into the kitchen.
I sat with her as she ate hers, and asked her about her day in school. She said it was okay but didn't go into much detail. I let it go, just thinking she was too hungry to talk. She excused herself after lunch and said she to do some homework. I thought it was a good idea so I also retreated to me room. I put my bag on my desk, and poured out the contents. Then after homework I took out the laptop and googled everything I could about High Contrast Photos.