Chapter 1: The Initiates

Jason was in trouble. Again, he had been working on fixing the old radio to finish his homework. His mom stood before him, an exasperated look on her face and said, "I'm glad you have a hobby but homework comes first. I told you yesterday that you had to stop doing this or I'll have to take it away from you. Jason, his anger boiled up, shouted, "Well, I wanted a break, I was going to go back to my work." All of a sudden, the light flickered, shut off, and then got so bright, that Jason's eyes were seared. All of a sudden, the light bulb exploded. Her mom looked at him with a surprised look but it immediately hardened, "Follow me." She ordered, and strode off towards her office. He thought, "Uh Oh." The only time she told him to go to her office was when he was in trouble. As he entered and his mom followed, he thought about what he did wrong that instant when the light bulb exploded. He was angry but so what, that didn't give an excuse to the explosion. He was brought back from his thoughts when his mother said, "How many times have you done that?" "You mean the playing instead of doing homework?" he replied dully. To his surprise, she shook her head saying, "No. How many times have you exploded a light bulb?" Shocked, Jason stammered, "That was me?" "Yes it was, and I'm guessing this was your first time," answered his mother, a little relaxed. "You know my government job." "Yes," Jason said puzzled, what did an exploding light bulb have to do with his mom's job? "Well, it's not really a government job," she said quickly. "What do you mean?" Jason said, now really confused now. Suddenly, his mom was floating six inches off the floor. "Wow, mom, how did you do that?" he cried, excited. "I'm a mutant Jason, and it seems like you are one too." Jason was shocked, was his mom joking? He asked, "Then who are you?" "I chose the name of Magicblade." She replied, and all of a sudden, she muttered a few words and her clothes changed into a red and blue outfit with a matching cape. She had a blue mask that covered only her mouth. Jason stared at her in wonder, "My mom, Magicblade. Oh my Gosh! Why didn't you tell me? What about dad, is he one." "Take it easy," his mom said smiling, "Dad is not a mutant, he's just a regular guy, and he doesn't even know this secret. I couldn't tell you until you showed some sign of having a power. The League would have my neck if I told you guys about this." She gestured to her outfit. "Now you'll have to go to a different school, the same school as me." "What school?" Jason asked. "The Academy, the same one I went to, where they'll train you to use your powers."

Emma was walking from her locker on the way out from school when someone gripped her arm. "Not again," she thought as Alexa spun her around to face her. She'd had enough of it. All throughout the day, she had been tripped, had food thrown at her during lunch, and gum on her chair. What a worst last day of school. Without thinking, she grabbed Alexa's hand and shoved it off. Alexa gasped and shrieked pulling her hand away and screamed "You burned me!" Sure enough, there was a red mark on Alexa's hand. Emma was shocked, she hadn't done anything wrong. Just then, the English teacher, drawn by the nose, drew up quickly. "What's going on girls?" Alexa babbled on about how Emma had a lighter and burned her hand. Before Emma could answer and say she didn't have a lighter, her mom showed up at the parking lot. "Is something wrong?" she asked. An hour later at her house, her mom asked, "You didn't use a lighter, am I right?" A little taken aback, Emma answered, "No, of course not." Why was she not reprimanding her? She supposedly burned Alexa's hand. Then she froze, "I didn't burn her mom." "Were you feeling angry at the time?" her mom asked. Emma raised her eyebrows in comprehension and then frowned, "What was it then?" In answer, her mom slipped up her sleeve and pressed the center of her watch, her mom closed her eyes and a swirl of wind surrounded her mom. A second later, her mom was standing in front of her in a white and gray costume, "Twister?" "No Emma, it's still me." Her mom said smiling in amusement. "What's going on Mom?" Emma said incredulously. "You did burn that girl's hand but you didn't use a lighter. Am I correct?" her mom said, now serious. Emma just nodded nervously, she was pretty sure she had done, but didn't know how. "Well, you're just like me, so now you won't have to worry about her anymore. You're going to a new school." "What! We're moving?" Emma asked. "No, Emma, you're going to the Academy to learn your new talent."

Kate had more to do than to worry about the failed experiment. She had failed her experiment/science test that day and now her grade was sure to go lower. She would be grounded for a week. She was reading the science book from the beginning now and studying all the main points for her final test of the year. There was a knock on her door. It must be her dad; he would tell her that she had to try harder and not to give up. That's what he always said. He came in closing the door behind him. To her surprise, he didn't give her advice like usual, instead, he said, "What was wrong with the experiment?" "Too cold." She replied glumly. "I'm guessing you said you left it in the freezer for the right amount of time." He asked. She had had a lot of problems with cold solutions. "I followed the instructions," Kate argued. "I have an explanation," he said, and he closed his eyes. A green glow suddenly surrounded him and he floated a few inches from the ground, now wearing… "What, you're the Green Rocket!" Kate was shocked. "What has this got to do with my experiment?" "I'm guessing that all those frozen experiments were caused by you wanting to get them frozen. The thing is, you're a mutant," Kate had no explanation for this. She knew it was true now that she thought of it, but it was so far-fetched, she didn't know what to say. "Which means," her dad continued, "You'll be switching schools."

Arthur was playing basketball with his friends and they were doing way better than him. He always hated the fact that he was short and buff instead of tall like them. Because of this, he couldn't even dunk and it was an embarrassment to him. As he got open he just wished, he could get just an inch higher when jumping to dunk the ball. His friend Luke passed to him and he dribbled down the court dodging one player, then the other. At the end of the court, he jumped up and WHAM! He jumped to high knocking into the rim with his nose. As he fell to the ground, dazed, he wondered how he had jumped that high. A teammate helped him up laughing, "Nice jump, next time, don't jump too high." At the house, his dad cornered him in his room, "I saw that jump, pretty high huh?" Arthur sat down on his bed embarrassed. When he looked up, his dad was staring at him intently. All of a sudden, he said, "Let me show you something." After shutting the door and turning back to Arthur, his father slowly placed his fingers to his temples. Arthur was curious, what was his dad doing? Slowly, his dad's sweats morphed into a purple and black skin tight suit. "Wow dad how did you do that?" Arthur was impressed, his dad, a superhero. "I know it's a shock Arthur, but the reason why I'm showing this to you is because, the way you jumped like that, that's not normal." "What are you saying?" Arthur said laughing, "That I made the ground push me up or something, that's what you would do." "That's exactly what I'm saying," his dad said serious, "everything will change now Arthur, you seem to be able to manipulate the earth."