Hail the General

As Winter Break drew closer, the excitement of Jason's new suit eventually left him. It was Thursday and he would be going home at the end of the next day. After his last class of the day, a notification popped up on his band and he opened it. The head Mrs. Hawthorne rose from the band and she announced for all first years to meet her at the Academy entrance. He followed his three friends Arthur, Emma, and Kate to the main hall and out the great doors at the entrance of the Academy where the rest of the first years were gathering next to the headmistress.

She led the group to the room where Jason had picked out the designs for his suit. She lined them up in front of a glass case where medallions hung from hooks. These medallions were all shapes and sizes; some were shaped into lightning bolts and others into snowflakes and so on.

Mrs. Hawthorne lined them up as she did the first day of them arriving at school Jason being Student # 01. She opened the glass case and handed Jason a dark blue medallion, the color of the blue parts in his suit. Mrs. Hawthorne explained that these medallions were designed to block their powers when they were outside the Academy. These medallions were too small to slip over ones head and the metal chain was too strong to be broken by force since it was made from a metal alloy almost and maybe even ten times more than steel and the same metal as Jason's swords. The only way to unlock them was a retinal scan by Mrs. Hawthorne or any of the other teachers. Too Jason's surprise, as he tried to conjure up some electricity, nothing appeared.

Friday afternoon Jason and his friends were on the train making their way to the city where their parents met them at the station with a lot of hugs and kisses. In two weeks they would be getting back to the Academy and although he was happy to see his mom, he was even happier to hone his new powers. On the drive home, his mom quizzed him on everything that happened at school. Since Jason's dad didn't know about his secret, this was the only time he could talk to his mom about it.

By the time Jason got home, it was dinner time and after greeting his dad, they sat down at the table and started eating. It felt weird sitting at the table in his house instead of the long tables in the cafeteria. His dad had made his famous lasagna and although the food at the academy was good, this was way better. They made small talk and Jason told his dad everything leaving out though all the details of his super powered training.

Going to his room, he found it nice and clean, ready for him to sleep in. Falling asleep was easy since Jason had been travelling for hours by bus, train, and car to get home. However, before he could close his eyes, he heard a rattle outside and opened his window to check it out. Since his room was on the second floor of the town house he lived in, there was a small balcony that overlooked a small garden on the first floor. Across from him was a small grove of trees that was surrounded by more town houses. In one of the trees, he saw something that made his heart pound fast.

A tall hooded figure crouched on one of the branches and stared straight at him with glowing blue eyes. As the moon hit the figures face, he could see a metal mask with glowing eyes. It discarded its robe and Jason could see a seven foot tall blue metal body with a bunch of wires running in and out of its body. He could tell that its hands were sparking with some kind of dark energy, almost like electricity. It stood up facing Jason and then leaped almost 20 feet into the air and landed on the balcony next to Jason.

In seconds, it was in front of him and it made a fist of pure energy and punched him in the chest, sending him flying into the air. As he was in the air the robot leaped and took Jason's leg and swung him around sending him flying into the grove of trees. Jason hit the ground and slid a few feet slamming into a tree. He shakily stood up just into time to see the robot jump from the balcony and slam into the ground a few feet away from Jason, cracking the ground under his feet. With hands alight with crackling blue energy, the robot rushed towards him and tackled him to the ground. Slowly, it crushed Jason as its arms wrapped around him squeezing the life out of him.

Jason closed his eyes knowing he would probably die. However, he felt a tickling sensation in his eyes and they started to glow. The medallion at his chest started glowing hot red burning his chest and it started vibrating and then shattered. Jason opened his eyes and a stream of electricity streamed out of his eyes and snapped the robots head back making somersault backward into the air slamming him into the tree. But just as the robot was about to hit the tree he righted himself up, feet against the tree, and rebounded of it. As he came at Jason, his arms morphed into three foot long blades crackling with energy. Unarmed Jason knew he wouldn't stand a chance.

He focused and his electricity curled around his hands growing bigger and bigger until it became two big fists three times the size of his normal ones. As the thing came at him he bunched it but the two crossed swords met his fist and the robot just dug his feet into the ground and then immediately countered. Jason morphed his energy fists into two swords and blocked the sword that came at him from above. It slowly but surely pushed him to one knee, threatening to cleave him into.

All of a sudden, a red blur streaked through the air slamming into the robot and sending him flying. Floating just inches above the ground was his mother who was now in her full Magicblade uniform. She held her axe in two hands and red electricity sparked along the edges of the blade.

"You okay Jason?" she asked.

"Yeah thanks for the save." replied Jason.

Together they strode towards the robot and it stood up, facing them, its eyes blazing brightly. It said in a robotic voice, "Hail the General!" and it exploded.