The First Day

Jason woke up to an alarm ringing through the room. He got up quickly and saw the other kids going in and out of the closets. He got out of bed and went downstairs. He made his way to the bathroom and the showers first going through the changing rooms and placing the clean clothes on one hook and the dirty ones in the chute.

After the shower, Jason went down to breakfast. For breakfast, there were piles of toast and plates of eggs. He had more time to inspect the different teams. He could tell by the symbols on each of the students' chests what powers they had. Most of the Snake team had earth powers and many were big like Arthur. The Sharks had a lot of ice-powered students. The Lions had about 25% fire-wielders and the Eagles had many air mutants. Jason knew that storm- wielders like himself were the Dragon teams main students, but by the look of it, there were very little of them.

After a filling breakfast, the four followed the crowd of yellow Dragons back to the dorm where everybody got their books and headed back to the entrance hall and through a corridor leading outside the castle to the classrooms. They entered a classroom labeled 1 and entered it. Twenty chairs were lined up across the room. In front of each was a holoscreen. They took seats and a woman stepped into the room.

"Welcome to your first math class," she said, "My name is Mrs. Jackson and I'll be your Algebra teacher this year. After a moment's pause, she said, "Open your books to Chapter 1-1."

The class went by and she discussed the first lesson. Everything she wrote on her screen appeared on there's. At the end of class, they were given a quiz on their holoscreen. Instead of moving from classroom to classroom, they just stayed in their seats and waited for their History teacher.

History was interesting. Instead of just learning about the regular world, they also learned about the history of the Academy. Chapter 1 Section 1 was about the founders of the Academy who lived in colonial America after they were kicked out of England. The Dragon team founder controlled what was then called lightning like Jason. The Eagle controlled air, the Lion, fire, the Shark, water, and the Snake, earth.

The Academy was made for all elemental powered kids. Later, after about eighty years, sorcery, telekinesis, and light were added to the group. As America grew three more schools of element were made. Mutants with shapeshifting, teleportation, and other powers like that were taken to another Academy.

Jason finished reading and looked at the holoscreen. On it was a quiz that they had to finish before the end of class. First, however, he had to scan his band so the screen knew who was taking the test. He finished the quiz and pressed the "Save and Submit" button and it saved directly to his band. For LA, they wrote a report pertaining to the section they just read in history. LA was easy and the class went by in a flash. Finally, lunch came and they strode out towards the dining hall. After a quick lunch of grill cheese and fruit, they went back towards the classrooms. Science was taught by Mr. Gordon who gave them a big lecture on gravity. According to the schedule on their bands, they were going to be in different classrooms for their PE. Jason was staying in classroom 1 but Kate was going to classroom 4, Arthur to 5, and Emma to 3.

People filed into the room all with electric powers, but from different teams. Many were still Dragons and one was in the same year as Jason, but many more were from different teams. The teacher came in, a medium height woman wearing a tank top and shorts, all yellow. She carried a javelin her height strapped to a holster on her back.

She told the class, "everyone, line up, first years at front."

They lined up in order and she addressed them again, "Split into groups of two and practice, first years, join me." Jason and another boy, a Shark, stepped up.

She stepped behind the control panel where all the teachers usually sat and pressed a button. A scanner slid from the wall and automatically scanned the Shark.

It said, "Timothy McKinley, Power: Electricity, Student #07. Team: Shark scanned. Assessing weapon choices, searching… match found." It scanned Jason saying, "Jason Steel, Power: Electricity, Student #01. Team: Dragon scanned. Assessing weapon choices, searching… match found."

A panel opened and a bow and four swords slid out. Next to the bow was two quivers of arrows. The bow was high tech with a couple of buttons and a sight right over the arrow rest. Timothy took the bow and inspected the quivers of arrows. There were two types of arrows. One quiver was filled with two dozen sharp arrows with yellow heads and two yellow and one blue fletching each. The other quiver was full of blunt practice arrows. Jason was given two swords with yellow hilts and gray blades. The practice swords were made of some kind of metal but were dull.

"You'll be using your practice weapons today." The teacher said.

Jason picked up his practice swords. They were the same weight as the other swords. The whole class Jason and Tim focused on maintaining a wreath of electricity around their weapons. It was the first time Jason summoned electricity, however, when he pictured a lightning storm, his sword blazed to life engulfed in blue crackling light. He could feel his power draining and immediately put out the electricity.

He then practiced with an Eagle who threw balls of electricity which he either absorbed or parried. A couple of times, a ball hit him and he was brought to his knees. The electricity didn't hurt as much as it would have if he wasn't able to control it, but it still left him dazed. Towards the end of class, he focused on pushing against a beam of electricity the Eagle shot at him with swords crossed.

Jason got out of class sweating. The cool breeze outside cooled him and he waited for his other friends to come out of their classrooms. Jason came out with his two practice swords in sheaths at either side of his waist. His swords were in crossed sheaths on his back. Emma was the first to show with two javelins on her back, a practice and a real. It was red and orange and was just shorter than her. When she saw him, she waved and took out her javelins. She pressed a button and they shrank to half their sizes and she replaced them to her holsters. As she came up by him, Kate emerged from the crowd with a blue and white bow and two quivers of arrows. Arthur came next with two hammers strapped to his waist.

On the way to the dorms, he listened as the three others talked about their practice. At the dorms the deposited their weapons in their closets and went downstairs to the main room. After a long drink of water from the fountain next to the door, they sat at a big couch next to the big bookshelf and relaxed.

Dinner came and they followed the corridor to the dining hall in the mansion. The dinner was refreshing especially after all the training. Making electricity drained his power a lot, especially because it was his first time.

After dinner he headed back to his dorm and finished his history assignment and went to the bookshelf he noticed a few panels on the bookshelves and went over to one. It was a search catalog. He typed in weapons and he got many results. According to the catalog, the best book was "Weapons Throughout the Ages". He had to finish a summary of his weapon for PE by Wednesday.

He looked at the index and went to the double swords part of the book. He read both single and double sword areas. Dual swords were lighter, shorter, and faster than single swords. Sabers were made for slashing while broadswords were made for hacking and stabbing. Sabers were thinner than broadswords. However, there were also hybrids like Jason's. They were thin and one sided like sabers, but were straight and were also meant for stabbing too.

After finishing his summary, he decided to read about his friend's weapons. Hammers usually are used in close combat and were wielded by buff people, usually the Snakes. Emma's weapon, a javelin, was good for long and short range. Kate's was good for long range. The tips of most bows were sharp and could be used as a weapon. By the time he had finished reading the sections in the book, it was almost time for bed.

He got into bed and thought about what was going to happen in the next few days. Tomorrow, he would have his first survival class in the woods. On Wednesday, they would have their first junior team practice in the arena. Jason couldn't wait to see how the games were played. The lights went out as the curfew hour came and soon, Jason was asleep.