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Waiting for Kindness

"You... are too cruel," she said, pain and grief lacing her tones and emerging from the darkness of her eyes. "Really. You are."

Her companion snorted superiorly as he took in her uncombed hair, disheveled outift and ink-stained fingertips. Sheets of paper, full of words written in a slightly messy and blotchy handwriting, were strewn on the floor around the two. The passersby didn't seem to notice - they walked on them without a moment's hesitation.

Tears ran down her cheeks - she tried to rub them dry. The ink from her fingers left dark marks on her skin.

"You have to do better than that," he admonished her gently, a wicked glow in his startling green eyes.

As as sob escaped past her chapped lips, he grinned widely and passed her, as uncaring as everyone else.