The feeling of being utterly hopeless slowly made its way through Layla's body as she held the barely alive man in her arms, the man that had just saved her life by jumping in the way of a speeding car that had long gone the moment after hitting her saviour. The tears ran down her cheeks whilst she whispered false hope into the man's ear. She knew nothing about this guy yet she was the last person he would ever see or speak to, she had to at least make the most of his last moments on earth pleasant and although he was a stranger she couldn't help but feel like she had known him for a long time, an unknown connection that made this moment precious. Calling out for the ambulance that was meant to be here over an hour ago she ordered the person behind her to ring again even if she knew herself there was no real point, it was too late. The man coughed up blood however that did not stop his deadly grip on Layla, staring deep into her eyes he smiled, a smile so sweet it was hard to imagine this being his last moments.

"Let's make the best of the situation. Before I finally go insane." Layla frowned when he started singing, she did not know the song and didn't know what to do as he refused to look away, his pupils so bright and his looks were stunningly beautiful as he stared up at her. "Layla, you've got me on my knees. Layla, I'm begging, darling please. Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind." He grinned as he sang still not looking away from Layla, he noticed every emotion cross her face and the one he was looking for.. confusion made its way slowly after singing the chorus. He was not afraid of death he had been there many times before just as she. Layla couldn't believe her ears, it couldn't be a coincidence that he chose to sing that song to her. She felt no fear though in his company it was a strange feeling to process and in his last breath she swore she heard words of love directly to her.

Placing her hand over her forehead and eyes as the flashing lights of phones and cameras were everywhere in sight she gasped loudly at the lack of respect being shown to the dead. Picking up her bags she could now hear the sirens of the ambulance she scoffed in anger of their lateness but did not say a word to them. Moments before were still the only think that was now currently on her mind. That smile, his smile.. plagued in her thoughts as she walked up the street in a daze. Not noticing where she was going she walked in front of an active car that beeped so loudly she came out of her thoughts, with an apologetic smile she sighed loudly however for that split second the car it stopped without the drivers control. Layla furrowed a brow not knowing why this kept happening to her, she just wanted a normal life, a life without her parents arguing and strange, peculiar things happening to her and for some reason she now felt a great loss when thinking of the man who was in her arms.

Days went by without any improvement or any change in her mood and she didn't even have the strength to hide how depressed she was. Layla woke up from another disastrous nightmare, every night it was the same dream over and over.. it starts off with her on a train journey speaking to this woman and her child next to her, she couldn't recall the conversation which was bugging her because every time she tried to connect the dots it became increasingly blurry, they both got off the train at the same time. The location was Salem, Massachusetts she looked around confused within seconds the whole scene had changed now she was in front of many people begging for her life, she denied all the claims against her however they weren't listening to her and she didn't know why. "I am no witch, kind sir." The words left her lips. The atmosphere around her became blurry once again, the scene changed she could smell burning, the smell of her flesh on fire she screamed for help. She could only hear laughing around her, people were laughing and smiling as she burned. "Please!" She shouted, one man caught her eye, the guy who had saved her. Seconds later she woke up sweating in every possible place in tears.

After spending her life in an orphanage she knew that nobody would truly care if she was to leave, she was just another mouth to feed. At the age of seventeen she was incredibly mature even if a little naive at times, she had no friends because every time she did get close to someone they seemed to disappear. Not giving it another thought she packed up her bags with only one place in mind, Massachusetts. It would be a new adventure and a part of her hoped that this was some sort of sign. Sneaking into the owner's bedroom she had decided that leaving a note explaining that she would be away because of school would be the best idea, it would give her some times at least but as she looked through his drawers for a pen she found a hidden stash of envelopes all addressed to the children who were living there and strangely enough some where addressed to her. Layla opened every single letter astonished that somebody would care enough to send it to her, she had no family from where she knew nor did she knew any more. Each time the shock took over her, hundreds and hundreds of bills inside. Packages full of money just for her. Without a single word she took what was rightfully hers and left the place that she had lived all her life, it was never a home she thought to herself with a sad sigh.

Holding her suitcase close to her she bought a train ticket to the place that she only knew from her dreams, she didn't have time to regret her decision because the train was boarding right as she walked on the platform. Running inside she sat by herself until she heard a cough. Turning her head she gasped loudly at the person who was trying to hide her amusement, the woman and the child she had seen them before, the dream.. "May we sit here?" The older woman asked with a friendly smile. Layla was not capable of speech at that moment, lost in thought she rubbed her eyes, not believing what she was seeing. "I have a feeling that you know already, my dear." Blinking at the woman she pressed her lips together not knowing what to say at such words. "I am Sofia, Sofia Gaia and this is my daughter." Pushing her daughter forward, Layla could only smile in response. "Selene Gaia. So, may we sit?" Swallowing the lump in her throat she nodded her head. "Yes, s-sorry. I'm Layla." She addressed with a forced smile hiding her discomfort she looked away, the train now moving she looked out the window briefly and her eyes betrayed her once more, the man.. he was out there looking just as he did on that day and with a hint of a smile he stared back. Standing up she snapped her head back to the older woman sitting down. "Do you see that man?" She questioned, the woman laughed. "What man, dear?" Looking back in confusion, the whole place was empty. What's happening to me? She thought as she rubbed her forehead. "Sorry, I.. I am just tired."