He was the one who was there
last night. And wrapped me up
in his coat while we were walking, when I said
I was cold.
He was the one
who broke personal bubbles and
spun you around the room,
laughing. He was the one
who made the awkward jokes and knew
dirty words, and spoke
before he thought. He was
the one who gave me
the time of my life last night.
He was the one,
over pie,
who made me forget about the world,
about everything, and threw
his arm around
my shoulders, then became
crazy. Young, wild, knew things
he shouldn't have
at that age.
He was the one who caused
my friends to worry
about the things he could tell
an innocent girl
while alone with her
just because he was
trying to find a ticklish spot. He
was the one who
to talk to me. He was the one
others avoided
because of the things
he wasn't afraid
to do, or say because
he was the who one could
show you the world
through a perverted mind.
mess with your heart and your head
by playing with your hair,
Made you feel
by saying one word
or invading
your personal space.
He was the one no one else
could begin to comprehend
or like, but
he is the one.