Sink with me

Follow me

Down to the deep fathoms of blue

It's scary there

It's wonderful there

Follow me, it's all for you

You'll be happy

I know

It's the prettiest of blue

I understand

I'll be your friend

Take my hand, it's all for you

It draws you in

It intoxicates your senses

It's a dark, dark fathom of blue

It's crazy

It's insane

It's the perfect mad portrait of you

Come closer

Let go

Fall into the deep fathom made for you

It hurts

I know

But it's a beautiful fathom of blue

People chase

They follow

Never trust a dark fathom of blue

Silly girl

Should have known

Never trust the fathom in you


Hey guys! This is my first thing published nk this site, and I'm rather proud of it. It was inspired by the RPG game called Ib. I added my own twist to it though. Hope you liked it!