Hello, My name is Jade. You might be wondering why I'm talking to you right now, correct? Well, I wanted to tell someone about my life, it's too crazy for me to handle by myself.

Chapter 1

Green and brown, it all blurred together. The branches of the trees clawing at the pale skin that charged through the forest, fear erupting from her body while the grass was trampled on in the girl's haste. The girl's long brown hair flowed behind her, her green eyes wide with fear as her heartbeat became faster and faster, pounding rapidly against her chest. Jade Gibson was running for her life.

She didn't know why she was running, but if she stopped she had the feeling that she would die. The girl ran up to the edge of the forest to arrive at a bottomless cliff, she refused to stop though, even for a slight second. Then, she jumped into an endless fall.


A gasp filled the noisy room as a shrill was heard from the alarm clock next to the bed. Jade groaned, sitting up and rubbing her face with the palms of her sweaty hands, wiping the beads of cold sweat gathering up on her body.

"That same dream again..." She whispered softly, her eyes dull in confusion. "Why? Why do I always end up running off that cliff?"

The brown haired female got up and stretched her limps out, smiling in satisfaction when she heard her bones click and the alarm clock stopped. Stripping off her pyjamas she reached into her wardrobe and pulled out her school clothes, a white shirt and black skirt with see-through tights and dolly shoes. Once they were on she brushed her hair and tied it up into a high ponytail, clipping her fringe back. Grinning she looked over herself in the mirror, happy with the reflection staring back at her.

"Well don't you look as amazing as ever!" Jade boasted, putting on a mocking tone of a male's voice, then allowing her own voice to show. "Why thank you! I know I'm amazing!" She smirked, placing a hand to her chest. "Well then you better get downstairs and eat!" The mocking voice was back but again changed back to normal. "Of course! Can't keep the school waiting for my lovely self now can I?"

Laughing she headed down the stairs, grabbing her toothbrush and allowing the toothpaste to cover it then stuffing it lazily in her mouth, brushing the white teeth casually. Once she reached the kitchen she watched her dad place the pancakes on the table and getting some sauce ready.

"Ah Jade! You're up! I thought I was going to need to call you down!" The man said, smiling, his dark brown hair messy while his green eyes shined.

Jade waved then went over to the sink, spitting out the paste and cleaning the toothbrush, setting it on the table while her dad gave her a disapproving look.

"I've told you not to spit in here Jade! It makes the food unappetising!"

"Sorry Dad." Jade replied, rubbing the back of her head as she sat down, grabbing the pancakes and munching on them, but frowned when a figure burst through the door.

The teenager had messy red hair and a tired grin covering his face, his green eyes clouded in exhaustion. His school uniform torn in several places with dirt covering it and his body. Tom, Jade's dad, frowned.

"The dogs?"

"Don't worry old man, I took them on their walk and then back to their homes."

"Enjoy your walk brother?" Jade asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course I did~" The redhead laughed, moving away from the doorway and placing several leads on the table. "Nothing like being dragged through the park in the morning! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get changed."

"You also need a bath. I guess that means you'll be late to school, Jack?" Tom huffed, glaring at his son.

"Hey don't blame me! Anyway I'll just wash my face and arms and change my clothes! No worries!" Jack grinned, walking out of the kitchen.

"Jack you have to be more responsible!" The dark brown haired male called after him.

"Responsibility is boring old man! I can do that later!" The redhead shouted back, escaping into his bedroom.

"I'll get going now~" Jade grinned nervously, grabbing two more large pancakes and running out the door, ignoring her dad's calls.

Seven Hours Later~

Sitting on a bench the brown haired female sighed, stretching her limbs out as she waited her her best friend Ciara Thompson, and her brother, Jack Gibson. Ciara's hair is short and black, she has brown eyes. They both met in Secondary school when Jack tripped Jade up who accidentally spilled her food all over Ciara's clothes who was walking past at the time, Ciara accepted all the apologies rapidly thrown at her while Jack laughed at his sister's cries. Since then the two have been close.

"Daydreaming Jade?" A voice called from beside her ear making said female jump and hold her chest afterwards.

"Ciara! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" The green eyed female paled, eyes wide.

"Sorry Jade, didn't mean it!" The black haired female laughed, rubbing her eyes tiredly and stifling a yawn.

"Did you not get enough sleep again?" Jade asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not really. Fell asleep again in class too!"

"...Ciara..." The brown haired female frowned.

"Hey ladies! How was school?" Jack asked, bouncing over to them happily.

"It was pretty good, finished making my musical box!" Jade smiled, holding it out though it was quickly snatched up by her hyper brother.

"Ohh! Let's take a looksie!" The redhead grinned, opening the box, allowing a small and quiet melody to crawl out, though it sounded like a wolf howling the melody, he blinked at the carving of a wolf spinning around while the melody played. "A wolf?" The male blinked.

"Yeah, wasn't sure what to put on the box so I just used a wolf." The green eyed female shrugged the paled as she spotted her brother's arm. "Jack! You're arm! What happened?!" Jade cried out, grabbing his arm, which had three large claw marks running down it.

"Ouch! Careful sis! One of the dogs did that this morning! The dog was a giant thing! Dunno what breed though..." The male sighed, rubbing his head after handing the box over to Ciara. "Still swore..."

"How can a dog do this?! Jack it's going from your elbow to your wrist!"

"I'm telling the truth! That giant dog did it! I can even show you the dog!" Jack glared, annoyed that he wasn't believed.

"Well let's see this 'giant dog' of doom then." Ciara giggled, clutching the box tightly.

"Alright then! I'll prove it to you!" The redhead announced, running away. "Well c'mon!"

"We're coming!" Jade shouted back, grabbing the box and her back then running after him.

The group soon arrived at a small house, a woman was seen tending to her garden so Jack walked over and smiled.

"Hey miss, sorry to trouble you but you have this giant dog, see my friends won't believe me when I said your dog clawed my arm!"

"I'm sorry sir. I don't have a dog." The woman blinked, bewildered.

"What?" Jack blinked, astonished. "But your daughter paid and everything! She paid and continued to play in your garden!"

"I don't have a daughter either." The woman blushed, embarrassed by the questioning.

"Did you get the wrong house?" Ciara asked, looking surprised by Jack's serious face.

"No I didn't... I recognise the door and the garden..."

"Sorry to trouble you miss, it seems my brother's a bit lost." Jade laughed, tugging her brother's unharmed arm and dragging him away.

"...I'm so confused..."

"No worries, it don't matter anyway." Ciara smiled gently though looked back at Jade who paused along the pathway, scanning the area, confusion spread across her face. "Jade? You coming?"

"Yeah." The green eyed female blinked, shaking her head and moving forward.

'Weird... It felt like someone was watching me...' The brown haired female thought, clutching the box in her hands tightly.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just daydreaming!" Jade smiled reassuringly.

"C'mon sis! Get that head of your's out of the gutter!" Jack grinned, slapping the back of her head lightly.

"Hey! Be careful!" The green eyed female snapped, holding the nearly fallen box tighter while the three continued to head back home.

:End of Chapter: