The Land Of Alanians


Slowly...Slowly...The wind began to pick up and the youth was suddenly whisked up into the air and forced into the fierce wind. She couldn't comprehend anything as she felt as if she was falling. She outstretched her hand in hopes of someone grabbing it.


Her golden locks twirled around as her eyelids began to droop. Her eyes full of tears, she looked out into the dark abyss. Nothing was there. She was in the heart of the tornado and every bit of her life was slipping away. She wouldn't let herself fall into oblivion. No, she would fight, fight her hardest not the leave the glorious yet sad life, known as her own. The youth wanted to cry out in despair, but found that her courage shrink down.

'Why? Why is this me?'

There would be no answer anytime soon, for she knew no one could save her. Except for him. The boy around her age, with those brilliant blue eyes, and glistening brown hair. Unfortunately, he wasn't here. She was drifting off ever so slowly. Nothing could stop this nightmare.

The girl was soon engulfed in darkness and despair.

"Save me." The words had barely escaped her lips, but once they had, those two words seemed to echo so loudly that everyone would be able to hear.

Flailing her arms desperately she soon was found in a deep slumber. In her sleep, the sounds of wails reached her ears and sorrow overwhelmed her. 'The cries of sadness,' She thought unconsciously. 'Stop crying for me, I'm not worth crying over.'

A smile graced on her cherry colored lips as she said her last words before departing with what once was her home.

"I'm sorry, I'll start anew. In a land no one knows, I'll live on."

Suddenly only the echoes of her voice bouncing off the walls could be heard as the screams of horror left her ears.

This had been her sacrifice.

The life of Amethyst, was gone.

Gone into the world of Alania, where she would soon find new life and forget all of her old life. No fragments or memories of her old life would stay.

Gone like the wind.



He was traumatized. His mind was barely working. 'No. No, why must this happen?' Was the only thing he could think.

Her peaceful face frightened him more than anything. The way her golden hair still shone, was amazing. How she seemed so calm and smiled in that way of hers, the one only he could recognize. He fell to the ground and screamed, even though no one could hear over the howling wind, he still cried out.

He wasn't aware of the tears streaming down his face as he clutched his brown hair. He continued on asking questions in his head as he watched her stretch out her frail hand. Then, he heard her words loud and clear.

"Save me." So soft and gentle, yet holding the distress and pain. It had all come out in one when she spoke.

Her voice haunted his ears like a ghost coming to the same person over and over again.

Never to leave his mind.

He had been torn apart, emotionally. Without her, who would be the one to comfort him when he was down? Who? No one. He was alone. Alone in the unpredictable, sad, and frightening world. It wasn't fair. Why did he have to choose her? Anyone could've been chosen, but why not someone else? Why not someone nobody liked? Why not himself?

"Amethyst." His words had been loud, but unheard. The throbbing in his heart was unbearable as he pounded the ground while shrieking her name again and again.

"I'm sorry." Those were the only words he heard escape from her mouth as he was swallowed by depression.


He just wanted to hear her say his name aloud one last time. Say his name in that teasing way of hers. That magical way that always got to him.

She sacrificed herself, when no one else wouldn't. He would remember that.

She was gone and never to be found.



She looked out at the stormy skies ever so curiously, wondering why her mother gave her a nervous glance every once in a while. Dangling her feet in boredom, she felt a lurch in her stomach and grasped the hem of her poorly sewn dress. She stared down sadly at it, thinking of what the older kids had said.

Something about her not being good enough. How was she not good enough, when she was so hardworking and they weren't? It didn't make sense to the little she had told her mother this, she had just put a hand over her mouth and had began to sob quietly.

Later that day, the woman saw the storm starting to take place and had ushered her daughter inside. She knew what was to come and immediately became frightened at the thought of it.

Gazing at her daughter's innocent face, she grabbed her up and pushed her into a nearby closet. Utterly puzzled, the youth looked up at the woman's face and only got a weak smile in response. Nothing more, nothing less.

She heard the cold voices of soldiers as the woman opened the door for them and greeted them. They looked at the poorly dressed female in disgust and sneered. For, such a peasant was at the end and it would always be that way.


The words crept into the girl's mind as her breathing hitched and the door flung open. Suddenly, she was grabbed by her arm harshly and lead away from the woman who was now crying.

She clenched her teeth in pain at the impact and silently prayed for a way for her to escape. Somehow. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

"Clover!" Her mother was now shouting her name repeatedly. "Don't forget your necklace! It's important!"

And those were the last words she had heard coming from her lips.



She would be free.



He focused on the girl being thrown into the carriage by guards, a young woman seemed to be screaming her name over again hysterically. He was soon forced inside when the storm rolled by. He knew this wasn't just any storm, yet he made himself believe that.

His parents thought he didn't understand, but he did. He was more than they thought. Much more. Maybe, he seemed ignorant.


But he wasn't. Not at all and no one knew that. All he wanted to know was, why.

Why did his family not see him as nothing more than, a little boy. As all boys should act, he was curious, but in a different way. In a more complex way. No one understood him.

No one.

He tapped his fingers lightly as he watched sadly as the woman continued on sulking. Why was she so sad? Why was that girl taken away? So many question, not enough answers. He lowered his head as the young girl's black hair bounced back and forth in protest. 'She's already failed.' Was all the boy could think.

His family always told him he said the wrong things at the wrong time. They saw it as negativity, he saw it as bluntness. It was just how he thought, it wasn't his fault.

It had never been his fault, yet he was always blamed.

Always sent to his room, and would have to sit in complete silence. That was all he ever heard. He also had grown to hate silence. It was way louder than noise. Maybe noise was annoying, but the quiet could drive anyone into insanity.

That's why he hated it. So, he became as loud as he possibly could. The only reason he didn't like it was because he had to deal with the lonely kind of silence.

He had never heard the peaceful kind of silence.


Silence is always louder than one thinks.


Heroes, heroes that will be united soon. Meet very soon heroes.

To the land of Alanians you must go.

The other three are waiting.

You are heroes, yet you don't that. Not yet.

Only one chance, one chance to change what wasn't supposed to be.

One chance to come out victorious.

One chance.

Don't have any regrets.

For this is your time, your era.

And lastly, your story.


Author's Note:Should I continue? I got bored and started to type and couldn't stop. XD Hope you enjoyed it! Also, sorry if there are any errors I didn't catch. This is my first story on here.

Until next time, PlainlyInvisible :)