The Ballad of Dirk Tom J.r the IV

Book one: The S.S Galaxy

Chapter 1- Two brothers.

Cryos was in the Captain's Headquarters organizing what members he needed for his adventure, as well as who he already had. He held his hand over his covered eye, since thinking too hard made his injured eye ache. He stood up with his arm across his bandaged chest and walked over to the far off window, looking out at endless space. Something was on his mind; something more than just an ultimate crew. Guilt was engulfing his entire being slowly.

The ship was docked on a small planet to gather resources and to hopefully gain some crew members. It was hard for Cryos to watch over the beast that lay within the engine room with no one else to help him. Everything grew quieter, and time itself became rather meticulous. Cryos had been docked for a couple of days now, just waiting for someone to come by with an appetite for adventure.

Typhon awoke in his dark prison with a loud grumble of discomfort and displeasure. His ice shackles had numbed his ankles and disrupted any warmth he may have had. It was easier to control the beastly ultra being if he was cold, as he hated the cold, as well as the dark. Typhon shuddered from the chill, shaking the vessel sufficiently from it's core; the wood and metal creaking at his movements beneath the hull.

'The familiar thing'. Typhon recalled, beginning to pace in his cramped quarters as much as he could manage.

'Where is the familiar thing?' The ultra being whined deeply, again making the hull shudder at the sound. How long had he been asleep? Where was the sun?

Typhon raised his head and cried out wordlessly against the blackness like a child in the dark. How was he here? Back in this strange, and dark place. There had been sun, the familiar thing too, and moving air. The cold thing, the cold thing had caught him.
Typhon again yelled at the darkness, as if by his sheer force of will it might be cast away, the only light that filled the room came from the blue glow of his eyes.

Above the hull Cryos perked up his head as he heard a distant voice calling. He turned away from the window and put on his dress shirt and cloak, leaving them unbuttoned due to his chest injury. He walked out of his Headquarters and headed to the front of the ship. There he was greeted by a small group of wayward wonderers, all young and rebellious, full of life and vigor, potentially good members of any space pirate crew.

Typhon heard faint noises from within his prison, there were new feet upon the deck, new shoes clip-clopping their way across the wooden floors, and the familiar thing, and the familiar sounds of his voice.

Typhon lowered himself carefully onto the floor, doing his best not to disturb the icy shackles around his numbed ankles. He lowered himself to his stomach, resting his tired head upon his arms. He felt distant and very much afraid. He began muttering to himself, anything to disrupt the solid blackness, anything to stir the stark air.

A faint rumbling penetrated the hull, shaking the ship yet again at it's metallic heart. It was a good thing the ship was in good condition or all the rumbling from the engine room would shake it apart. The beast below the hull was very much displeased and uncomfortable.

'Why was the familiar thing gone? Where was it's voice?' The darkness was suffocating, extinguishing, and what of the monsters in the dark?
Typhon recalled stories of eyes in the blackness; perhaps even now the Occi was watching him. He swiftly examined his cramped room, searching the creases of the walls by the light of his eyes. The eyes could be there; perhaps he could not see them. Perhaps even the cold thing, the terrible cold thing, could still be there, and could still be watching.

More rumbling came from the metallic door as Typhon heard knocking coming from the outside. He again smashed himself into the walls and door of his room. Perhaps the familiar thing had come to let him out, or to feed him. He again called out against the darkness of his room, pressing his forehead against the cold metallic door and attempting to push it open with the palms of his hands.
There was energy now beginning to leak under the door, which caused sparks to fill the air, like small fire-works in the dimmed storage rooms.

The sounds of tapping above the hull distracted to the creature from his resolve.

Typhon sat up slightly, energy beginning once again to fill the engine room upon the request of the familiar thing. The beast knew very little, but he recognized when it was time to begin powering up the ship.

He calmed slightly, at least feeling useful and a little less alone now that he was signaled by the familiar thing. He began to feel more tired and hungry, but at least more warm now that he was working. The shuddering almost completely ceased as the ship rose up off the dock. The energy Typhon generated was clean and produced no by-products; in fact it was as if it had never existed at all after the ship used it up.

Upon setting the controls Cryos abandoned his post to travel below the deck to that formidable hull. There he muttered apologies to the creature behind the door, seeming burdened and pained by the monster's outbursts and rumbling complaints. It was then that Typhon again lifted his head at the sound of the familiar voice, he was very close now, he could hear him just outside the door. He couldn't piece together all the words but the familiar thing sounded sad. "I'm here!" Typhon called, again in his young voice. The familiar thing must have lost him that was why he was trapped in the dark. Typhon got to his feet but continued to feed the ship's engines functioning, perhaps once they were docked the familiar thing would return to let him go, so long as he knew he was here. He neared the separating door and pounded his fists on the cold metal. "I'm here!" he repeated, a bit louder. His fists stung at the effort and the cold making him panic. He yelped at the pain he'd brought upon himself, believing the cold thing had harmed him again in punishment. "No!" he yelled, his voice suddenly deep and monstrous again.
One of his tendrils slammed against the metallic door, denting it from the inside.

Cryos pinched his shoulders up to his chin as he heard Typhon panicking.

"Don't make this harder than it already is!" He exclaimed. As he heard the beast yelling for help Cryos became greatly frustrated. He punched the wall next to him, leaving a hole. He than quickly stormed up the stairs, his foot steps creating a great ruckus as he left.

Typhon continued to throw himself at the door, beginning to cry loudly. His roars of misery again shaking the lower hulls. "I'm here!" He yelled again, pitiful and desperate. He'd upset the familiar thing, he'd been punished again!
Typhon wept, he was doomed now for sure!

Several Hours later.

Cryos left the mess hall and headed out into the lower hull. He opened the massive door, and put the down a bowl of food for Typhon. Cryos prompted up the door and froze it shut.

Typhon lifted his saddened glance to his captor, looking a bit ill. "Cryos..." He muttered weakly.

Cryos paused for a moment before re-opening the door. He hadn't heard Typhon say his name in years.

"...Typhon?" He peeked his head in through the door.

Typhon held his heavy head as if pained. "W-where are we?" He questioned. It was as if a curtain had briefly parted from behind his eyes. "Cryos?" He extended to the man his arm, unable to lift his aching head to look at the familiar figure again.

Cryos jolted in surprise. "Typhon!" He went inside the room and hugged Typhon. He pulled the plate of food closer. "Here Typhon, I brought you a good meal today." He helped Typhon sit up, so he may eat.

Typhon was able to sit up only with Cryos's help, his head feeling as if it were full of led, his thoughts foggy around the edges. He observed the offered food a moment before taking the spoon in a shaky hand and beginning to eat like a conscious human being for the first time in years. He ate his fill of the food and more, his stomach much smaller then he remembered it. Cryos too seemed different, older, and were those scars?

"What happened?" He questioned, concern evident in his voice. He brushed Cryos's hair from his face in a careless motion of his boney hand but visibly flinched at what he saw.

Upon pulling back Cryos's hair Typhon could see a series of scars over his eye. Typhon was only able to get a quick glance before Cryos pulled his head away, leaving his hair to fall back over half of his face. "I got... scratched." The captain explained.

Typhon lowered his heavy glance, setting his frail hands in his lap as if the appendage in it's own free will had inflicted the damage.

"I'm sorry." He muttered, turning away his head as well.

Cryos held Typhon in his arms once more in a careful embrace.

"It's okay, you didn't know any better, I'm the one who should be sorry."

Typhon met his captor's glance as the light began to fade from his eyes along with most of the recognition. He gathered a handful of Cryos's blue coat as if to remain afloat in a sea of dark, but it had him, and once again Typhon lost himself to the confusion of his mind. The cloudiness returned to his dimmed eyes and a grin spread across his face.

'The familiar thing!' He recalled. Typhon attempted to wriggle loose of Cryos's grasp, looking about him as if in search for food again, apparently not recalling the meal he'd just had. When he found nothing the monster returned his attention to the captain, still all smiles. He enjoyed visits, and it seemed Cryos was visiting less often lately. He reached out a partly closed hand and nudged Cryos's bandages with slight interest, unsure of what the white clothes were for.

"Well that lasted long..." Cryos muttered sarcastically. He cringed when Typhon nudged his injury.

"Please, Typhon," he wrapped his free arm around his chest.

"Don't touch that, it hurts." he stopped talking for a few moments, a thought strikeing him and skewering his bandaged over heart.

"Perhaps, I'm the one who's a monster..." The captain got to his feet.

"I'll be right back." Cryos went back to the kitchen, he was going to give Typhon his own plate of food. He wasn't very hungry anymore.

Typhon paid little attention to the words spoken at him but he did retract his hand and cease probing the injuries with his knuckle. He smiled until Cryos got up to leave, watching him go with disappointment. He returned his boney hands to his lap, waiting where he was for the familiar thing to return.

After a couple of minutes, Cryos returned to Typhon with another plate of food.

"Here you go buddy." He placed the plate in front of Typhon.

The ship would soon reach solar system of the planet Gora, the location of Cryos's endeavor. Until then there would be need for much sleep, and perhaps some explanation to the more curious of the crew.