C. Crazily Awesome Girl #1

My best friend Charlotte and I are at my house, playing outside in the summer sunshine. Dancing in my front lawn and laughing at nothing. I don't know why we like to dance in the street. The thrill of taking a dare? We both laugh at each other.

"Isn't he a dream!" Charlotte squeals, talking about Owen Quimby, a boy in our grade. She's a laughing, twirling, boy-crazy mess. We both like boys, at twelve what girl really doesn't? I smile and twirl again. Then I hear it, a car screaming down the road. The car, a silver convertible, swings from left to right, speeding towards us at sixty miles per hour. The car went right past me. We have always had crazy drivers around here, but none like that.

"Isn't that weir-" I start to say turning back to Charlotte. Then the entire world stops with me. She is lying on the ground, blond curls askew, mouth open in a horribly still O. A small dark puddle is forming underneath her head. Her clear blue eyes gaze sightlessly upwards. A stare at her for another second. Then the ground rushes up to meet me.