C. Crazily Awesome Girl #1

Hey dear readers! Thanks for your support! I took some of your advice to heart! Here is the second chapter hopefully better than the first enjoy!

Chapter 2. Life goes on.

Life goes on. Funny that phrase. You never really think about it until it applies to you, my life has gone on for too long to me, and I am only sixteen. To me, my life is a living hell. People say they know what I am going through, that they understand and get me, but they don't know me at all. All they know is the traumatized mute who walks around like she has nothing on her mind. To everyone else I walk around dead, there but not really, a living ghost. I've heard some call me, an idiot others; some people pity me, others scorn. But that is what makes me feel actually there. The repellant bouncing off other people who feel it below them to talk to me. They say things out loud like I am deaf as well. Wrong. I am not even dumb. Well technically I am but not mentally. I can talk if I want to I just haven't had a reason to in four years. Not when my mom shakes me screaming for me to say something. Not in the hospital when people ask me questions. Or when my dad disappeared and never came back two years ago. Not even my brother, who means the world to me begs me to talk to him. I just do not feel a need to say anything. Maybe that means I am stupid? I don't think so. I think the world would be better if the only time people talk is when it is necessary, no frivolous exclamations, or unwanted opinions. Just simple silence. Has there ever been a time on this planet where there was not a single sound? Not a word or noise to disrupt the beautiful symphony silence can create. I think there ought to be a holiday. National silence day.
"Hey dumbass!" I inwardly shrink into a ball so small it cannot even be seen with a microscope. But on the outside I stand cool and composed. These guys are my main tormentors. Tall vicious brutes who have given me more than a few scratches and bruises. "Here's my number." One of them says handing me a slip of paper that reads.


"Call me when you get the chance!" He laughs giving his friends a high-five. That's the oldest trick people have done to me. Just as stupid as the popular, flaky, b****y, girls who ask me things like. "Hey Maya, Do you like my shoes?" or "Did you see her outfit? What did you think?" Or even. "Tell me what you think Maya?" I find it easiest when jerks like this come up to me, just to smile pat there back in a pitying way and leave on the spot. It does get hard though, sometimes I want to lash out and punch one of them right in the face. Sometimes it hurts too, when someone I thought was nice really isn't. Sometimes I feel like speaking, I actually do, I just want to put in a few words about what jerks they are being. It's like to them I am not human, like I don't have feelings just because I cannot voice them. The guys will fallow me to my first class, which I share with them. I am exceptionally smart for my age, although the fact that I cannot speak has hindered my ability to do any public speaking. So that hinders my grade a little. You would think that with my medical condition, (Yes that is what I supposedly have, I think I just am smarter then others, words do hurt!) they would understand. And all my teachers do except my language arts teacher, who I have to do most of my public speaking with. She is a mean old lady in her sixties, bent on making everyone's life miserable. I have never really gotten a bad grade my grade average is 3.5, pretty good for me.
"Hey." I hear someone say from above where I am sitting, and I see him. He is shocking, a mop of golden-brown hair like autumn leaves fall barely into his eyes and is layered along the sides and back. To call his eyes blue is an injustice, they are the sea and sky put together creating something amazing, he has tan skin and a few freckles dot his nose.
"Can I sit next to you?" He asks politely. He is wearing all black, and the shirt has some rock band name on it. I cannot make it out even though I am a fan of rock music myself. He's new, at least I have never noticed him before and I notice everyone and everything. I slowly nod; I have never looked at boys in the admiring way since that day four years ago. But it is kind if hard not too. Several other girls are giving him admiring glances and one or two are openly drooling. He sits down right across from me and looks at me for a second.
"What's your name?" I open my mouth then close it again and look away.
"She's dumb, doesn't say a word, her name is Maya Prescott, don't worry about her. She's an idiot" I hear someone whisper very loudly, which causes a fit of laughter to ensue in the room.
"That is enough!" Miss Anderson, our social studies teacher calls out loudly.
"I will not deal with that kind of behavior in this classroom, do you understand?" She raps a ruler on the first desk subsequently it's the bloke's, the one that gave me that stupid number. It's pretty nice to see them get in trouble. (Is that considered mean? I really don't care one way or another.)
"Yes." Some nicer people say it; others nod their head, and some sit there and say nothing. I notice the new kid doesn't say anything but looks around the room noticing things. The room is interesting. All the presidents are lined up against the far wall with their number on the bottom of the picture. There is one teeny-tiny fish in a two-gallon container, full of fake neon colored plants and black rocks. Miss Anderson is pretty obsessed with Asia so her southern wall is covered in Asian symbols, with a bunch of Yin-Yangs everywhere. I start a little as the new kid turns to me and smiles brightly, a smile that would take anyone's breath away, one with perfect white teeth.
"My name's Alex, by the way." And my world plummets.