Hi everyone! I've been inactive for awhile because of school and , but here's a fun (for me) essay. It's short, so don't worry.

Books are important in life. Yes, that's cliché but hey, it's true. Books are great ways of leaving behind thoughts and memories behind for other to see. Much simpler then a peek in someone's brain eh? The genres are endless: Romance, Adventure, Sci-fi (a personal favorite of mine), Comedy, etc. If you still think books are pointless—considering you're still reading you at least have some interest—think about libraries, look at bookstores, look at schools for Pete's sake! What do they all have in common? Library—books, bookstore—duh books, schools—unless they adopted iPads and eBooks… BOOKS!

Now books have three main purposes. Purpose #1, education duh! Well… lesser "duh!". Textbooks people, what are they for? If it isn't obvious… EDUCATION! Schoolbooks, textbooks, School Libraries, of course books are used to educate. Who has ever heard of even learning math without a book of sorts, or at least a teacher reading from one?

The second main purpose is… you guessed it, FUN! Who doesn't just want to curl up with a good book? According to a recent survey 'the reading of books has gone way down in the past twenty years!' Wait, that's bad news. Come on do all you kids just want video games? Yeesh… well if you're still reading this, you at least have some fun reading right?

The third and final main purpose is… BUILDING GIANT TOWERS! What's with the "O" mouths and the crickets? Haven't you ever built a house out of books? They're practically giant (odd sized) dominoes! If you haven't start with encyclopedias, they're kind of like dominoes. Go on make a house!

So that's the three main purposes of books. Yeah, I see you rereading the third purpose, now finish reading this conclusion and then get on with your life. Show a family member or friend this. And stop thinking about the third purpose!

Until Next Time,