Here I am again, in a dark and scary place

Any chance of hope I had has been erased

For again I find myself overwhelmed by grief

Shaking and breaking, gripped fear and I can't sleep

I question if I should die on purpose,

Because no one wants a girl who's broken, invisible and worthless.

And day by night and again the day

I find myself slipping away

Finally letting everything go

Losing ground blow after blow

Breaking so fast and feeling like I died

Running from myself, looking for a place to hide

I fall and just lay there on the floor

This is the last time- I can't fight it any more

Now what to do, I'm terrified

I'm lost, no way to decide

I go everywhere alone,

And I've got no refuge at home

I've fallen far, far, far from the clouds

Tumbling and falling, dressed in shrouds

Apparently, I've no right to feel like this

Well, apologies, I'm sorry that I exist

I cover eyes

As I fall from the skies

Listen my broken heart beat

Head hanging, I accept my defeat

Everyone leaves as I fall apart

Even my shadow leaves me in the dark