Friday, May 14th

Department of Meta-human Justice- Training Room, 8:15 PM

The metallic training dome was an odd place to bond, but while Jimmy, Miyuki, David and Jessica waited for Chloe to come in, they made small talk. The four felt more uncomfortable in their metahuman uniforms. Jimmy, being the most talkative, introduced them all to each other. While Miyuki and Jessica were more than willing to make conversation, however awkward, David mostly kept to himself. Miyuki, seeing this, approached him.

"Ooh, ooh!" Miyuki jumped up and down in front of David. "You can shoot beams out of your hands right?"

David, stepped back from Miyuki, and nodded his head slowly.

"Then, you can do the attack like from my manga!" Miyuki held up a black and white comic. On the cover was a green creature standing on two legs, riding some sort of cloud and wearing an orange kung-Fu outfit, like a loosely tailored set of pajamas

"Lizard Balls?" Jimmy asked.

"It's pronounced 'Lizard Ball Z'!" Miyuki pouted. "It's the story of Son Gecko, a courageous reptile who trains under the Muten Roshi. Son Gecko goes on a lot of adventures, seeking the mystical 7 lizard balls when gathered together can grant any wish. In his travels, he learns his signature technique, the Honolulu wave!"

Miyuki, dropped her book on the floor and then stood in the middle of the room, cupped her hands to her right side and began forming ice within her cupped hands.

"Ho… No… Lu… Lu…"

Miyuki then thrust her hands forward, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!"

The ice shot out of her hands and the beam of ice became a thick pillar in the middle of the room. Acting as if she didn't freeze half of the room, Miyuki ran and leaned in towards David. "You can do it too, right?" Miyuki leaned in closer.

"No." David looked the other way.

"Please?" Miyuki begged. "Onegai? Pretty Pleeeeease?"

David crossed his arms and frowned harder.

"You realize she'll just keep bugging you if you don't do it, don't you?" Jimmy asked.

David scoffed, put his hands to his side and let out a pitiful beam the size of a flashlight.

"Aww!" Miyuki whined. "You have to shout out your attacks!"

David glared at her. "Why would I announce my attacks? That seems… impractical."

Before she could respond, large clanging footsteps echoed in the room. The four turned to see Chloe running into the room. "We just got a call about a disturbance downtown. It's one of them."

"Who?" Jimmy said.


"Just him?" Miyuki asked. "I thought there were five of them."

"Yeah, where's the rest?" Jimmy turned to Chloe.

Chloe shook her head. "I've been listening to the police radio all day but there's no sign. If he's separated, this could be our chance to capture and interrogate him."

"This seems… suspicious," Jessica said, putting her hand on her chin. "What if it's a trap?"

"That's why all of us have to go," Chloe said. "We can't afford to get caught off-guard again."

"But…" Miyuki asked. "How are all of us going to get there? Are you going to fly us there?"

Chloe looked at Jimmy. "In a manner of speaking."

David, Jessica and Miyuki floated on the ground, with surprised cries and protests.

"All aboard the Captain Psychotic Express," Jimmy said, waving his hands and confining them and himself into a telepathic bubble. "Please keep all hands and feet inside the craft. Your hostess will serve lunch later along with an in-flight movie of your choice."

Chloe scooped up the invisible bubble and floated out the door.

Friday, May 14th

Downtown Manhattan, 9:03 PM

When they landed, Chloe led the team to an abandoned street. David, Miyuki and Jessica followed closely while Jimmy dragged behind. He felt the vein beat in his forehead and instinctively touch it, trying to comfort it.

"Where is everybody…?" Miyuki looked around. "I've been to this area before. It should be busy with people."

"Stay on your guard." Chloe waved her hand. "It was like this the last time we were here."

"Hey, how come she gets to have a different costume?" Miyuki pointed towards Jessica. The five took a moment to look at each other. Jimmy, David, Chloe, and Miyuki wore the traditional uniform: black rubber suits with black masks big enough to cover their cheekbones. Jessica, however, wore her Corporal Punishment costume, large trench coat, fedora and mask that showed her faceless. "I wanted to be the pink ranger…"

"Quiet." Chloe walked forward. "Keep up your guard."

The five silently walked through the street as Jimmy felt a painful throb in his head. Voices began whispering louder and made his eardrums ache. He looked around, but the street was just as abandoned as before. He could barely make out one word. Locker? Proctor? No, he realized. It was doctor.

He winced a little. "Are we near some sort of hospital?"

Chloe nodded. "Yeah. The mental institution is just another block down."

The mere idea of mental institution chilled Jimmy to the bone. To realize the voices he had been unintentionally picking up were those of mental patients frightened him. Ever since he gained his telepathy, he couldn't silence the voices in his head. He heard a never-ending chatter of thoughts and whispers and hidden desires. He forced himself to block out these noises, but always failed in doing so. The thoughts of the mental patients were frightening.

"Kill, kill, and kill"

"S 9 W"

" r"



"…¡oƃ ǝɯ ʇǝ˥ ˙ʎzɐɹɔ ʇou ɯ,I ˙ʎzɐɹɔ ʇou ɯ,I"

"What are you doing here?"

Jimmy turned around, only to find an empty street. "Who said that?"

Confused, the team looked back at him. "Who said what?" Chloe asked, stopping and turning around.

"N-nothing." He said, attempting to ignore what he heard. David and Miyuki stared at him, as if he made a scene. They broke off their train of thought when they heard a gasp from further down.

"I… think I found them." Jessica shook, still reeling from the sight. The four turned the corner and gasped, seeing SWAT officer corpses littering the floor. The van they used to get here was dismantled and had large claw marks. Jimmy stepped back a little, feeling an inch high pool of blood cover his feet. Around the van were dozens of wrecked cars, a flipped over ambulance, bullet holes from the officers resisting and a police helicopter with its wrecked propeller still spinning.

"What the hell happened here?" Jimmy said.

"I did.". The five turned to see a familiar boy dressed in blue rags, black shirt and long hair that covered his eyes. He stepped forward slowly, each footstep echoing in the empty street. Despite the sight of bodies covering the ground and the smell of blood, he still looked bored. "Yes, this is what I've been waiting for."

"You are under arrest!" Chloe said, going in front of the group. "Surrender now!"

Godsend hunched down. His shoulders and biceps swelled unevenly, giving him a deformed appearance. His black shirt tore and eventually ripped off. His pectorals and abdomen twitched and muscle definition appeared across his body. Godsend transformed from a scrawny athletic body into a body builder almost too impossible to believe. Miyuki and Jessica began to look away in disgust. David, quivering, stepped forward, only for Chloe to hold him back with her arm. However, Jimmy watched with both eyes opened. Godsend's muscles grew larger still, and glistened with sweat. His height almost double inside as his neck contorted to adjust to its thickening muscle. He looked back with a psychotic smile on his face. "Let's play…"

Godsend vanished and reappeared, inches before Jimmy. Godsend's height became apparent since Jimmy's eyesight was directly looking at Godsend's abdominals while Godsend's muscular frame cast an entire shadow over Jimmy. Jimmy looked down. At first, he felt confused about some sort of raw meat covering his feet. The smell was horrible, as if one of the guards was slaughtered before him and the iron of the blood was filling his nostrils. A sharp pain spread across his stomach until the pain became unbearable. Jimmy shivered as if the raw, disgusting meat made him feel colder. Jimmy grabbed what looked like a stomach and squeezed it, the blood running on his hands. Jimmy gasped. Godsend tore open his torso.

Jimmy held his bloody, throbbing intestines.


"No…" Jimmy said, clawing the ground. "No, no, no!"

"What is he doing?" Miyuki said.

Jimmy fell on his hands and began scratching the ground as if he were picking up something invisible. He began taking bits of garbage and asphalt and pressed it towards his chest. He kept muttering to himself in a hushed voice before looking up. His eyes darting around, he screamed, "What are you waiting for? Help me!"

"It can't be…" Chloe whispered in realization. "Captain, get up! It's not real. Godsend is using his thoughts against you!"

David, Miyuki and Jessica gasped at this realization.

"No…" Jimmy panted, still clawing the ground. "Has to be real. Feels too real…"

Godsend, still transformed into a grotesque bodybuilder, now stood right above Jimmy. "Pathetic…" Everyone gasped, almost unable to comprehend how quick Godsend was.

"Captain, look out!" Miyuki said, leaping over and planting her hands on the ground. Miyuki created a thick wall of ice between Godsend on one side and Jimmy and her on the other side. With one backhand, Godsend shattered the wall of ice and knocked Miyuki unconscious. During all of this, Jimmy continued clutching his head and screaming.

"Ice Princess!" Jessica said, breaking her persona and running after her. "Wake up! Wake up!"

"You think you can just ignore me?" Godsend yelled, throwing a fist but stopped by Chloe. She held the palm and looked back.

"She has a concussion! Get her out of here! I'll try to lead him out of the city." Chloe said, jumping into the air. She prepared to take off to another location when she felt a thick hand on her ankle.

"No, let's stay!" Godsend said, throwing her to the ground with a loud crash. He held his giant hand, now covering Chloe's torso, on the ground. She groaned as Godsend pulled back his fist for another attack. However, a beam of light struck Godsend in the back of the head. He looked back, allowing Chloe to flip Godsend off of him and kick him into the distance. She got back up on her feet and looked at Miyuki and Jimmy.

"Corporal, do not let her fall asleep! Flashbang, come with me!" Chloe said, leading David into the open street while Jessica pulled Jimmy and Miyuki into a small alleyway.

"How do I-"Before Jessica could finish her sentence, Godsend threw a bus towards Chloe. David leaped out of the way, Chloe on the other hand caught it and drove her heels into the concrete. The bus' loud and forceful landing shook the ground and shocked Jessica into silence

"Just do it!" Chloe screamed. With a solid punch, she knocked Godsend into an empty car and away from the alley where Jessica, Jimmy and Miyuki were in. As the car alarm went off, Godsend rose from the wreck, took the car, curled it into a ball and threw it towards Chloe. A flash of light covered the ball and turned it into ash. Chloe took the opening and with a gust of wind, charged at Godsend. She and Godsend traded a flurry of punches. With Godsend matching her strength, Chloe had to rely on her speed to dodge as many attacks as she was counter-hitting with her own punches. They looked like a blur of images and David was unable to land any of his attacks. Chloe dodged a swing and landed an uppercut, followed by a right hook and finishing off with a haymaker. Each attack sent a splatter of blood on the ground. Chloe panted, seeing Godsend still reeling from the blows.

"That it?" Godsend snickered before rising up and smiling with a blood soaked face. "I thought you hit harder than that." He aimed his index, middle and ring fingers together. He thrust them forward, and Chloe narrowly moved her torso from them. She looked under her right arm, seeing Godsend's fingers in the concrete wall before pulling them out. Chloe saw three perfect holes on the wall from Godsend's attack. She gasped, remembering the unidentifiable bullet marks from Cornelius' wounds.

"It was you…" She said, her hands curling up into fists. "You hurt him!"

"Who?" Godsend snickered. "I've squashed so many, I can't remember them all. Like little ants scurrying around my feet."

"I won't let you hurt my friends anymore!" Chloe yelled, before grabbing tightly on Godsend's arm, and swinging him around in a miniature tornado. She spun at such a high speed that the wind began to blind the rest of her teammates and move pieces of garbage and some cars. Finally, she released Godsend where he was thrown 20 feet in the air and stopped in mid-flight.

"You can fly?" Chloe said, seeing Godsend hover, mid-air.

"Not all I can do…" Godsend sneered.

"Die!" David screamed, putting a palm forward and firing a beam of light. The energy discharge echoed as the pillar of light traveled up into the air. Godsend's head vanished underneath this beam and presumably disintegrated when the beam faded. Godsend's body fell backwards with a thud.

"David, no!" Chloe said, swatting David's hand away. "We don't kill our enemies!"

The two noticed the body twitching and saw strands of muscle burst from his neck. The muscles tangled together to form a skull, facial features and eventually skin and hair. Chloe and David stood still, horrified at what they had witnessed before Godsend picked himself up and cracked his neck.

"Kill me?" Godsend said, cracking his neck once more. "You haven't even made me sweat yet…"

"Impossible…" Chloe said

Godsend charged again, only for David to emit a bright flash of light from his body. Chloe, seeing this before, shielded her eyes. David's flashed brightly and Godsend reeled backwards, covering his eyes in pain.

"I'm running out of energy." David panted, and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Need light."

Chloe looked to see a building being constructed in the distance.

"How long do you need?" Chloe asked.

David looked at the nearby streetlamp near Jessica and the others. "As long as possible," he said.

"You have five minutes," Chloe said.

David ran back to the others and opened his palm and began absorbing light. However, with a majority of the lights out he had to gather energy from a single streetlamp.

Chloe flew off in a powerful gust of wind and charging at Godsend again. Judging by the wind in her face, they've must've flown miles into the distance. Even from above, she saw no civilians near the destination. She carried both of them and landed in the parking lot construction site. She pounded a blinded Godsend into the parking lot rooftop and sent a shockwave, cracking the concrete underneath them. She prepared another punch, only for Godsend to flip her around and pin her on the ground.

"My turn," Godsend said. Chloe guarded her body with her arms as Godsend pummeled her repeatedly. The flurry of punches had as much impact as a jackhammer as Chloe felt her back press against the rooftop. However, Godsend punched faster causing the concrete to crumble around them. Chloe, unable to find an opening, continued to guard as Godsend destroyed at least ten floors of solid concrete, one by one, all while laughing manically. The building could not hold. As both landed at the bottom floor, the structure collapsed on itself as tons of concrete, steel and glass fell on top of them.


Jessica could hear the noise from miles away, seeing the tower crumple and leave a thick cloud of ash from its destruction.

"My god…" Jessica said, attempting to wrap around the scale of destruction she had just seen. "Flashbang, how much longer?

"Not yet!" David said, absorbing more particles of light into his hand.

"So… tired…" Miyuki said. Jessica turned to see Miyuki's breathing labored and her eyes slowly closing.

"Miyuki!" Jessica cried, forgetting their codenames. She shook Miyuki and slapped her face gently. "Don't fall asleep."

Jimmy, while awake, still shivered and convulsed violently.

"Jimmy!" Jessica said, shaking him. "Jimmy, you have to wake up!"


Jimmy used to laugh at the notion of crying because it was so painful.

He had run out of tears to debunk that. Voices in his head he could tolerate. Voices were unpleasant but tolerable. The sensation he endured crippled him. He felt his mind split into different directions. He felt everything. He heard everything. He saw everything. Like a film moving too fast, his sight shifted into different locations of the mental institute. He felt needle marks where there were none. He felt a patch of hair grow where there was none. He had to pat himself down to make sure he was a male. Or was he female the entire time and didn't notice it. Everything kept flowing past him, as if he couldn't make out where he was. In fact, who was he?

He stared at the boy before him, convulsing, on the ground, and foaming at the mouth. Who was this strange boy with spiky red hair and why was he copying his movements? Was that him? Who was watching him? How was Jimmy watching himself have a seizure?

He screamed. Whose voice was that screaming? It sounded young, scratchy and foreign. Was it his voice? How could he forget how his voice sounded like?

"You don't belong here." Jimmy gasped and looked up? Or was it down? Either way, a man, too fuzzy to see, too shadowed to make out, walked forward and looked down at Jimmy.

"He-Help… me…" Jimmy struggled to say, as if his tongue was darting off in several different directions.

"Why should I?" the Shadow said, glaring at him.

"P-p-p…" The voices deafened him as Jimmy was struck speechless by the voices surrounding him.

The shadow leaned down and whispered to Jimmy. "If you truly wish to master yourself, meet me within the mental institute. Or, you may choose to deafen yourself. Or, you may cower here. I care not."

Jimmy could not help but watch the shadow walk away.


"How much longer?" Jessica said. For what seemed to be a lifetime, David insisted on taking his time.

"It's not enough!" David said. "I need-"

A loud crash shook them as David looked in front of him to see the hulking figure overshadow him. Jessica stood in front of Jimmy and Miyuki, guarding with her arms. David, on the other hand shook violently. Even Jessica knew he hadn't absorbed enough light.

"One free shot!" Godsend said, pointing to himself. "C'mon Hotshot. I'll stand right here. Give it your best shot."

David looked back and saw Miyuki, her eyes almost closing and made the riskiest move he could think of.

"Miyuki…" David said, walking towards Godsend. "I'm only going to do this once, so pay attention."

Miyuki's eyelids quivered, as if it were painful for her to open them. They slowly opened as David cupped his hands in the same position Miyuki did earlier.


At first there was nothing in David's cupped hands.


Then a small flicker of light emerged as a sphere within those hands.


The sphere of light expanded but remained contained within David's hands.


The sphere's brightness blinded Miyuki as the energy gathered in it began to bubble uncontrollably. The energy sounded like a weapon powering up, unable to keep the energy within it.

"What are you saying?" Godsend snickered. "Some sort of chant?"

"I said…" David shouted, thrusting his hands forward. "HO-NO-LU-LU WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!"

The beam fired out of David's hands and erupted. What should've been a beam the size of a manhole, instead expanded so that it was the size of a truck. Godsend gasped at the light covering the entirety of his being. Everyone had to shield their eyes and watched as Godsend vanished from the pillar of energy, consuming him. When David's attack died down, Godsend disappeared completely from sight.

"Sugoi…" Miyuki panted.

David, fell over. Jessica got up to help him, only for him to stagger back up on his feet. Jessica gasped, seeing a figure fly from the distance. David put his palm forward but it shook violently, unable to make it stand still.

"Calm down!" Chloe said, slowly landing down on the ground. "It's just me."

As Chloe, David, Jessica and Miyuki eventually picked themselves up from the rubble, Jimmy still shivered to himself, paralyzed on the ground.

Friday, May 14th

Department of Meta-human Justice- Training Room, 10:06 PM

Jimmy rubbed his left bicep. The doctors told him that's where they injected pure Solpherine into his system. Told, since Jimmy was in some sort of telepathic induced coma and couldn't feel anything with the plethora of voices that surrounded him. His body felt foreign to him, as if he were living someone else's body and was dumped into this one. He wiggled his fingers, still not convinced they were his own. But more importantly, he wondered who the shadow was. Who was the shadow that spoke to him? As if he understood what Jimmy was going through? Was he another telepath?

"If you truly wish to master yourself, meet me within the mental institute. Or, you may choose to deafen yourself. Or, you may cower here. I care not."

Deafen himself? Jimmy looked up. Was the shadow able to take away his telepathy?

"Are you okay-"Chloe said, reaching for Jimmy's arm only for him to pull it back.

"I'm fine!" He snapped. "Leave me alone."

Loud footsteps banged as they grew closer to the training dome. Everyone, especially Miyuki, looked shocked when Mr. Sato came in. He gasped when he saw his daughter with a bruise on her head. Jessica moved forward but Chloe put a hand on her shoulder, signaling Jessica to not interfere.

"A concussion?" Miyuki's father said, still staring at his daughter's bruise. "This has gone too far. Take off that mask. You are leaving this organization."

"But, dad-"Miyuki whined.

"No buts! I thought you would be safe with Straight Arrow but apparently I was wrong. Come on." He said, grabbing his daughter's wrist.

"I have to go…" Miyuki said, staring at the floor. She walked away, dragging her feet and following her father.

"I apologize but I must leave as well," Jessica said. "I told Frederick I would be out late studying, but even he will notice I have been gone too long."

"Team dismissed," Chloe nodded her head, allowing Jessica and David to leave. Jimmy, however, stayed behind. Chloe approached Jimmy but then stopped, reaching into her cellphone. She turned away to answer it. Jimmy continued to rack his brain around what he saw. Was there a way to remove his telepathy once and for all? Could he finally remove his power that haunted him?

"Good news," Chloe said, hanging up her cellphone.

"Good news?" Jimmy finally said, through a pained gasp. "What good news? In case you hadn't noticed, we just got our asses kicked by a single member, Miyuki's parents might pull her out and I still see the inside of a padded wall when I close my eyes. What good news is there?"

Chloe spoke bluntly. "Cornelius is awake."