I painted silently. The clocks ticks a second.

I painted silently. The clock ticks a third.

I painted with sorrow, my feelings a flow..

I know how it feels to watch your feelings go.

Years by, times fly.

So I know how it feels to say goodbye.


I painted slowly. It comes out nice.

The little nice grassland is approved by my eyes.

Flowers that are sad, which were liked by mum and dad,

Flowers that reminded you of the times we had.

I wish it wasn't gone, it's too late for now.

What do I do, to fulfill my old vow?


The little whistling wind is blown to the east

As the happy oblivious people feast

Knowing no dangers, nothing so bad,

Until they've lost all they had.


I drew a little smile, all in bloody red.

I know how to feel when angst's all you were fed.

It's such a nice crime,

Death bells as they chime,

Knife through your heart...

Now we're apart.