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Buried Memories


The boy cried loudly in pain as an older man towered over him, hatred clearly written across his face, and the man spat on the poor cute toddler before he turned to exit the room:

"You are so weak, so worthless! You are not my son."

With that, the door slammed, leaving the toddler in cry in the darkness. Young Joni couldn't understand why daddy hurt him. Was he a bad boy again? He didn't mean to be…

No, little guy, your daddy is the bad one.

As soon the male voice spoke, the cries stopped slowly and the little boy sat up, gripping the railing of the simple wooden crib, his gold eyes searched for the person that soothing voice belonged to. But he didn't see anything but darkness, the boy cocked his head in confusion, graining a ghostly laugh from the phantom before the person spoke once again:

Oh, you are adorable! Why would anyone want to hurt an adorable creature like you?

A sense of happiness was sent through the boy's small body, causing him to giggle and smile the future boyish grin everyone adores as his semi-dark hand reached out into the dark air, trying to grab on his new friend. But he couldn't, causing the boy to start to tear up once more.

I'm sorry little fire, I can't play with you. Be strong and behave yourself until the day we'll meet.

"Da! Da! Dwn't go!" The little boy shook his head feverly in displeasure:

He wanted to play with his friend! He didn't want him to go away and leave him alone once more. The phantom sighed sadly at the sound of the boy's cries before a soothing lullaby filled the room, in hopes to calm the toddler:

Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, dream of the day we'll be together, don't worry about tomorrow now, let the dream in. Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, I'll be with you in your heart…

As the lullaby faded, little Kyo slipped into a happy dream of a handsome man smiling down at him as he held the shorter boy close in his arms. Kyo smiled blissfully as he rolled onto his stomach, as the phantom finally stepped into the shimming moonlight, revealing his identity:

The phantom turned out to be an older boy, of the age of five or six, but the boy wasn't just a mere six-year-old boy.

No, indeed, he was not a normal boy: He was the eldest son of the king and queen of the Fae, Prince Safen.

He was very mature for his age group and a born genius, with the I.Q. of 253, both important traits of a future leader. Yes, Safen could be immature and act like a little terror, but he knew that being well-behaved was far easier than not.

He sighed, reaching into the crib, seeing that he was freakish tall to be reach over the railing, snugly covering his little fire and then ran his hand over the cute toddler's head and chubby cheek. A rare smile danced across his thin lips. His fire was so adorable:

"I'm watching over you, little guy, so behave yourself until we meet."

He placed a kiss upon his little fire's head before fading into the darkness and returning to his home before his parents woke up to find his bed empty, leaving the little cutie to the blissful dream.


Two years later—


The now four-year-old Joni was sitting up in his bed, looking around the army-themed room with his famous boyish grin placed on his full lips. The angel would be there soon.

Many things changed for the little cute boy, so many happy things happy since he was two. He was rescued from the cruel hands of his 'life-givers', as his adopted mothers of one year said, and had now a loving family. He made fast friends with his older cousin, Avery Azeri, and her friends. The boy noticed the change in his luck and he knew that his angel was watching over him, making sure he was happy and safe.

And even if the first visit was supposed to be the last, the phantom kept coming to see his little fire. The visits had become his drug:

Little guy, what are you doing up this late? Don't you have school in the morning?

The familiar male voice broke into the young boy's thoughts, and big gold eyes snapped to the direction the voice came from, a giggle bubbled up from his throat as he climbed onto his knees:

"Yes, but I wanted to show you something." The young boy told the angelic phantom as he excitedly bounced on his knees, waiting for a response. The phantom chuckled lightly, and if he was seen, he probably would be shaking his head amusedly at his little fire's actions.

Ok, ok little fire, what do you have to show me? After you show me, its bedtime though ok?

The cute little boy nodded eagerly in reply as he jumped off the twin bed and hurried to the small desk next to his bedroom door, grabbing a colorful piece of paper before turning back to the phantom's direction as he held the paper up so his angel could see it.

It was a childish portent of a blue eyed angel, his raven hair hung over pure white wings and a gentle grin was dancing over his lips as he looked down at the boy cradled in his arms:

A loud gasp filled the quiet room, but after the gasp sounded, a surprised hush fell upon the boy, making him worry about the angelic phantom's thoughts. Did he do a good job or did he do horribly? Was his angel happy and proud of him or was he disappointed in him? He got his answer after moments of silence.

Is that me, little guy?

The soft whisper echoed off the walls, being the first sound after the hush, and an excited giggle answered the soft breeze of a voice:

"Not just you silly, it's you and me. In the future, like you promised, right? You can take when you go." Kyo grinned once more as he climbed back into his bed and under the green covers.

The phantom sighed happily before he spoke once again:

Yeah, just like I promised. Thank you, I'll cherish it always. Are you behaving yourself like I told you to, though? Because only good boys can be with angels when they grow up.

There was a teasing smile in his voice as he told the younger boy this, and in response, he straighten up and put a serious expression on his oval-shaped face, graining a ghostly chuckle:

Alright, alright, my little artist, bedtime. Lay down and I'll sing you your lullaby.

The little boy grinned one more time before obeying the tender order, curling onto his side and cuddling deeply into the covers as the lullaby filled the room, lulling the cutie into the usual blissful dream:

Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, dream of the day we'll be together, don't worry about tomorrow now, let the dream in. Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, I'll be with you in your heart…

The song faded into the night, the soft breathing of the sleeping boy replaced the angelic voice. After he was sure the boy was asleep, Safen crept into the bright moonlight, walking to the desk with a happy grin sitting upon his lips.

"One day soon, this drawing will turn into reality, little guy. And I'll never let you go." His blue eyes sparkled with happiness as he folded the drawing neatly and placed it in his pocket, the grin on his lips grew wider as he snuck one more glace at his dreaming fire before he faded back into the darkness, once more leaving the little fire to the lovely dream.

But the poor seven-year-old boy didn't know that the time he could easily visit his future mate was coming to an end, and he never would be able to talk to little Kyo-chan as the phantom again…..


Two years later—


The now six-year-old Kyo was sitting on his bed with his knees drawn to his chest, tears rolling down from his beautiful golden eyes. He couldn't understand it, why? Why?! He thought…

What's the matter, my little fire? Did someone hurt you?

Instead of bringing joy to the boy like it usually does, the soothing voice brought him even more sorrow and a little anger to Kyo as he snapped his head towards the voice, the tears were coming faster:

"I thought everyone had a guardian angel, Angel."

The accusing statement clearly shocked the phantom because it took him several minutes to answer the boy:

I'm sure they do, fire. But why are you upset? What happened?

The boy growled deeply in answer, jumping to his feet with his balled fists at his side. He was so mad that he saw red.

"Liar! You are a liar! If they did, Avers wouldn't get hurt! Her angel would stop her pain! You aren't real, my luck didn't change, my past will follow me always!"

What? No! fire, I'd never lie to you! I'm real!

With that, the little threw himself onto the bed, repeating the words: "He isn't real. Our promise is an empty lie."

But as the tears flowed on the covers, the phantom's soft voice surrendered him once more:

Our promise isn't empty, Kyo, I'll show you that I'm real. One day….

The little boy didn't answer, just cried harder as he ignored the faint cries of the phantom. A few moments later of crying, the boy was on the edge of sleep, and the phantom noticed, softly begun to sing the lullaby, guiding the boy to the happy dream:

Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, dream of the day we'll be together, don't worry about tomorrow now, let the dream in. Shh, little fire, I'm here, go to sleep, I'll be with you. Sleep now, I'll be with you in your heart…

As soon as the song ended and the soft breathing of his fire filled the room, the now nine-year-old Safen stepped into the moonlight, his face swollen from crying and his blue orbs were surrounded by red.

He knew that after the night, he would have to stay silent and in the shadows, watching his precious fire from afar until the fateful day they will meet. The blue-eyed boy looked sadly one more at the adorable sleeping boy before he turned to slip back into the shadows, the words of a vow falling from his lips:

"We will be together and your past will be long gone from your mind, my burning fire. I'll show you just how real I am, how real this could be."

Nights slowly turned into years for the two boys, and they bloomed from being just mere boys into well behaved gentlemen. Kyo turned from the adorable boy he was into a beautiful-looking young man with a gentle heart and an unforgettable grin. And Safen, who was already striking, became the dream of every fae female and the object of adoration and jealously of the other men. Their past was soon forgotten, hidden in the back of their minds, waiting to be remembered and their promise still remained unfulfilled.

Until now, that is…


Safen Xawer—First Person—


I stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the red tie of my uniform, the feeling of nervous and excitement sat in my chest. The day had come, the day that Joni would be starting his classes, and I don't know how to act towards him, seeing that I was a beginner in the game of the heart. I sighed deeply as I tied my hair into its usual ponytail and swung my messenger bag over my chest before heading out into the sunlit hallway.

Don't get me wrong, I saw my fair share of lustful glances and I flirted with a lot of good-looking people, but this was whole-heartedly different. I was only playing the charming prince at parties, but this was my future and my forever, I cannot screw this up. So much depends on this, I need to do this perfectly, and that what's I'm planning to do.

I nodded at my thoughts as my long legs carried me through the hallways when a song perked my attention and I followed the melody to a closed door. I quirked an eyebrow, debating whether or not to go in, but after a few minutes I decided to step in.

The sight that greeted me left me breathless, standing there with wide eyes I watched the beautiful boy move to the beat. My god…..

For moments more, the boy with black and blonde moved swiftly and leapt into the air as Rocky's 'Hearts on fire' echoed around the room, his loose t-shirt and sweats allowed him to move freely, his movements grabbed and held my attention but the 'I-won't-give-up' expression on his face is the thing that took my breath. Such emotion and grace, I knew he wasn't a beginner, not by a long shoot. As the song faded, his movements slowed and his golden gaze met my cool blue gaze…

And the world melted away, the room was no more and the music was mute, it was me and him. Staring at each other, our heartbeats drummed in my ears and our jaws dropped to the floor.