Tall and proud the trees tower

Far above the other plants.

They stand firm and strong,

The protectors of the natural world.

Squirrels, chipmunks, and small fowls

Gather in the trees for protection.

The trees offer their branches willingly,

Supporting and guarding.

Yet trees are gentle.

They sway in a breeze,

Provide shelter from sun and rain.

With all the wisdom of age,

And so many stories to tell.

A tree

Is like a father.

Tall and proud a father rises,

Far greater than anyone else.

Standing firm and strong,

The protector of the home.

Infants, children, and teenagers,

Gather in his arms for protection.

He offers his comfort willingly,

Supporting and guarding.

Yet his arms are gentle.

They can sooth a crying baby,

And hug a celebrating youth.

With wisdom to share,

And stories to pass on.

A father

Is like a tree.