So Fire

Gabriel & Kasper

When they begin, it's with slow burning kisses and soft breathy gasps. Gluttonous hands pawing at tight clothing, tearing cloth from sweat drenched bodies as hungry mouths feast on newly revealed flesh.

They're naked on the bed in moments.

Gabriel grins, rocks his hips and grounds his hard cock against that of his friend-lover-boy toy-significant other. Rocks his hips and grabs fistfuls of plump, toned ass. Squeezes so hard his nails leave red crescents, his fingers imprint bruises.

Kasper, sexy delicious Kasper, growls in want, and it's so hot so sultry so fire and it just burns Gabriel right to the core. Burns him like the summer sun, a thousand summer suns, bright and lovely and so alive. So breathtakingly alive.

And Gabriel, always wanting more even when he knows he's had enough, takes that fire, all of it for himself. Cherishes it and desires it. Wanting more and more and more.

More heat. More passion. More burning.

Kaz, ever willing, rises to the occasion. Wraps himself body and mind around Gabe, and fucks back just as hard, his bare hips pressed against Gabriel's creating friction, wildfire, between their writhing bodies. Fucks back with his cock drooling liquid heat across their slick abdomens.

They hump, wet and nasty, grunting like uncivilized mindless beats consumed by pleasure, sins of the flesh. Their eyes locked, focused on one another. Nothing else matters but the rhythm, the drumbeat of their synchronized heartbeats egging them on with each roll of their weary hips. Compelling them to see this thing through, reach the end where they may bask together in sweet peaceful release. Cool release that will finally quench the flames of their desire.

If only for a short while.

In no time at all, Kasper grows impatient, horny and desperate and delectable wanting his scant few seconds of orgasmic heaven and wanting it now. He arches his needy hips, opens his legs wider, slips a hand down to toy with both their hard pricks and nearly shudders at the added contact. His lashes flutter wildly, dazed as electricity pops and sizzles a roadwork of pleasure along his spine. His calloused thumb brushes the head of his flushed prick. There's an almost near instantaneous reaction; his balls, full and heavy, pull close to his body and just moments later his cock erupts in a shower of hot come, nearly sending him flying off the bed as a screech tears past his lips. His tight ass clenches reflexively. In a dazed, half-focused moment he sullenly laments its emptiness, wishing it were filled to the brim with Gabe's thick, dark cock.

There's always next time.

All the while, Gabriel's been watching, stunned damn near speechless as the glorious beauty of an intense mind numbing orgasm unfolds before him. It's far too much for one man to handle, even a man as seasoned in the art of fucking as Gabe. Before he knows it, he's got a hand sheathed around his dick, eagerly fisting his cock. In seconds he's reached his peak, milky white come spurting from his tip to drench Kaz's softened prick in a layer of claiming jizz.

For now, the fire that raged them has cooled. But like always, Gabriel can feel it settling just beneath his skin, laying in wait, ready to arise, ready to burn them once more.

Yeah. I'm back bitches. Just got a brand new laptop today and I'm ready to start writing for you guys once again. I know you're all waiting for continuations on VaMD, Intimacy, and sequels to some of my other fics. But, I just had to get this Gabe/Kaz snippet out. I feel like I owe it to NameUnknowne who created such a bad ass lover for Gabe, only to have me disappear not long afterwards. [For those late to the game, I held a contest called Gabe Needs Love on my dA account. Contestants entered OCs to become Gabe's future lover, and Kaz won.]

This is un-beta'd an written in an hr. Sorry for the rushed work, but I'm dead tired. Got work later today.

Peace out, y'all!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I started crossfit four days ago and boy do I hurt. Yo, I feel like a battered housewife who's be beaten by a fucking sledgehammer. O_o