The hard shell I live in
Can be broken by you
If you try with all your might
A touch of love on the side
Is all you need to get inside to me

My shell is like a wall I put up there
Its for anyone who might even dare
So, take it down with all your might
See a door that blocks your path
Use your love as the key to the locked up insides of me

Come here, come to me, show me what'cha got
And I'll give my self to thee
If you prove to me
That my my love and trust for you
Is safe as can be

People who see my mask don't see the real me
People who see my mask don't get close to me
But you wander around in my life
And you find a way past my mask
And you see me

How do you do what'cha do
Amazes me
You break into my shell
You unlock me from myself
Then you see the true me
All this shows is that you really care for me
That you care about me...