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The young girl laughed as her horse galloped and the wind tangled her hair. The black mare was giving it her all and still ready for more.

"Good girl Gypsy!" She laughed as her brown blonde hair flew behind her and her golden eyes were alight with a passion that burned like a hot ember.

"Honey! Honey!" She stopped as she heard the voice of her friend.

"Good girl! She patted the mare's neck and turned.

"What is it Johnny?" she smiled brightly. A big man soon trotted up to her. He tipped his large hat and straighted the collar of his plaid long sleeeve shirt.

"Billy is looking for you"

"Oh! Okay It's time for Gypsy to go to bed. Right girl?" The horse snorted in response. The man smiled and the small teenager yawned.


"A little.. I needed to get out of the kitchen for a bit.." She said. Her golden honey eyes twinkled in the sun shine.

"Come on Honey.." He smiled and took the rains from her hands.

"I'm just gonna rest a bit" She said and leaned against Gypsy's neck. Soon the pair where back at the estate and Honey was asleep and Johnny chuckled at the young girl. Her Honey brown hair shone in the light and a smile graced her lips. Once at the large stable he untacked her horse and carried Honey to the large mansion. It was styled to look like a plantation by the late Mrs. Lane. The man of the house was a kind elderly man named Billy Lane, Honey's guardian.

"Fall asleep again?" The old white haired man said. He wore a long sleeved blue plaid shirt and blue jeans.

"Yes sir" he said and Honey shifted in Johnny's arms.

"Honey" he smiled and put a hand on the girl's shoulder. She opened her eyes and yawned.

"Sorry! I'll make dinner now!" she jumped out of Johnny's arms and darted around the clean large kitchen.

"Actually Honey thats what I need to talk to you about"

"Hang on Billy I need to get this jar of pastaaa" She slipped off the counter and fell into a set of arms.

"You need to be careful Honey" A rough voice said.

"Thanks Jack!" she said and the man smiled. He wasn't as tall as Johnny but he had large muscles and brown skin and short black hair.

"Honey.." Honey started to cut vegtables and boil pasta.

"Hang on Billy let me finish here" she cut meat and another man came in. He was tall and thin with curly hair the color of dish water.

"Hi Blane"

"Hi Honey"

"Honey.." She drained the pasta and mixed the vegatbles into the pot and put mozzerella pearls on top before putting the lid on.

"What did you need Billy?"

"Honey I have to go pick up something. I'll be gone until noon tomorrow" Honey blinked.

"Okay. I'll pack an Ice chest with snacks and the boys and I can have a nice dinner" She smiled and started to pack an ice chest of non pariashable snacks.

"Well Honey I kind have plans with the wife" Jack said and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I have a match tonight and then we're going to a party" Blane said taking his hat off.

"Sorry Honey... Its Sally's cousin's birthday party tonight..." Johnny said. Honey only smiled and kissed each or there cheeks.

"Its okay. I'll have a relaxing night to myself" she smiled and the men smiled.

"Honey your to good to us" Jack said and messed up her hair. She laughed.

"Well its been a long day.. Y'all better get home and then to the showers so you can do your things," She dragged the ice chest and put it in the black truckwith chrome rims and a chrome headache rack.

"Remember what the doctor said. A cup of tea in the morning with your heart medication. No dairy after ten at night and be careful" She said and kissed his head.

"Your an angel" He kissed her and all the men left. She stood waving and smiling as they disapeared down the road and out of sight. Her smile droped and so did her hand. Straight faced she turned back to the house and locked the door. The pasta was ready so she ate. After cleaning up she turned on the tv. It was nascar and an interview. She hugged a pillow and watched the man on the screen.

"Thats to bad.. Well George I hope your daughter will come home"

"Yeah.. I miss her ever since I let her go... All I do is miss her now" The man hand short brown hair and white skin. He choked up a bit and coughed.

"I'm sorry... Elizabeth... If you can hear me.. If your watching... Please.. Please come back to daddy" Honey laughed bitterly and changed the chanel.

"Never you useless son of a bitch" She growled. News... News was good.

"And the son of the famed CEO. Is now being taken to live some were away from the city and with relatives in the country"

"Dumb rich boys" She said and got a headache. She snapped off the tv and got up.

"What do most teenage girls do?" She asked and got an idea.

"Ice cream... and a book... Yeahhh Manga will do well" She took out a small pint of rocky road and raced up the stairs to her room. She turned on her stereo and loved the classical music that flowed out. It was a violin solo but not any violin.

"Mom" She smiled and opened her french window and walked out onto the balcony. It over looked the fields behind the house where she and the boys had so many memories and where she had recived her new name.

-flash back-

The six year old girl wore a red sundress and she looked at the ten year old boys in front of her. They looked scary to her and she clung to Billy's pant leg.

"Boys.. This is Elizabeth... Your job is to protect her" The tallest one sat on the gravel and started drawing pictures in the dirt. Elizabeth peeked at him and he looked up. His eyes were a warm glow of brown that reminded her of chocolate. She slowly walked up to him and sat next to him.

"I'm 'Lizzzabeth" She said not able to pronounce her 'E's correctly.

"Im Johnny" He said and smiled.

"Johnny... can we go on a picnic?"

"We can all get introduced on the picnic and we can play.. How's that sound?" he smiled and she nodded happily. He stood up and dusted himself off then dusted Elizabeth off then picked her up.

"She weighs close to nothing, Billy"

"I just got her... Her father wasn't a good person" He said and they walked into the house. Elizabeth started busiling in the kitchen. She grabbed a stool and reached for jars of things. Billy found a basket and a blanket for her and helped her set up.

"Now Elizabeth be careful" she nodded and Johnny picked her up and Blane held the picnic basket. Johnny's hair was a high and tight. He took off his base ball cap and put it on Elizabeth's head. She giggled and hugged him around his neck.

"John- Johnny!" she squealed and he chuckled a bit.

"Liz- Lizabeth!" he said and she smiled and Blane set out the blanket. They became fast friends and went on picnics each day. Each day she always had a honey and peanut butter sandwich. Johnny smiled and cleaned the little girl's sticky face.

"Your covered in honey, Lizzy" He said and she squirmed.

"Noo" she pushed his hand away.

"Lizzy your covered in honey!"

"Noooooo" she whined and leaned away from him and the wet napkin. She licked the honey off her lips and Blane smiled.

"if you eat to much honey you'll turn into honey"

"She already is honey"

"Well Lizzy? How do you like the name Honey?"

"Honey!" She ran to the house shouting for Billy. He walked out of the house and the small girl hugged his legs.

"I'm Honey!" He smiled and picked her up as the three boy's ran behind her panting.

"From this day forward your name is Honey" She laughed and hugged Billy around the neck.

-End of flashback-

The young lady yawned and smiled as the violinist played her heart out and she ate her ice cream. It was a good memory her favorite memory out of everything. The music pulled her into a dream that cradled her and showed her tenderness and love. It wrapped around her and kissed her skin as she slept. A pale figure stood in the room smiling.

"Good night my baby" The woman whispered and pulled the blankets over the girl's shoulders.

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