What I did I do to deserve this?

To fall in love and have my heart broken.

I believe and trust like no other person.

Love you with all my heart and trying to show it to you.

Then you throw it away so easily in my face.

To be with someone different.

Well I must admit with a dry laugh.

I see it coming; but denied it.

I'm noting special.

Just a shell of nothing.

I don't have the beauty like.

I don't have the fun that you bring.

I'm just ugly, dull and a scared little girl.

Who is hiding from the world.

How could I be so foolish to believe.

That you really love me.

But now that you never really did and I was in the world of nothing. Nothing I say.

Why did I listen to your insanity!

Why did I really believe!

That you could love me.

A broken girl with too many cracks.

A broken girl with no life left.

Too think that I though you e=were different.

Ha that was a lie I fail to see.

A lie

A lie

But maybe it better this way.

To lay here in this frozen state.

To lay here and watch as you run happily.

Maybe it better.

In the end.