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A new town meant a new start but I was already use to it as I had done it more times then I count on both hands. I really didn't care one way of the other as I never got close to anyone in the other towns. My mother had to move around for work so it made sense why I didn't want to get involved with anyone. Though most would probably think of it in a negative way I didn't. I found it amusing. I could watch other people go through there life's, watched as they stabbed each other in the back and be a causal observer but then leave before I got caught in the snowball effect. I liked it.

I was pretty apathetic boy so most people thought that I was depressed over the fact we kept moving and I saw no reason to correct them. The only thing I felt bad about was the fact that my mother always felt guilty about it and I hated seeing her tears, especially when they were because of me.

Tomorrow I started a new school but I wasn't nervous. I heard this school was a little weird but I figure I would roll with the punches like I had with ever other school I had been in. It was one of the easiest things in the world for me to become invisible. I wasn't worried.

I wasn't nervous but I still didn't sleep much through the night because of my insomnia. I had stuff that I could take for it but I had to take it by a 10 0'cloak or I was really groggy in the morning. In the morning I did everything and normal Teenager getting for school would do.

After my shower I opened my closet to find all my neatly folded black turtle neck shirts and hanging dark wash jeans exactly were I put them when we first moved in to this house. All my clothes were the same as I didn't like change or color or difference. I had been teased at all 14 other schools I had gone to before for it but a little peer pressure wouldn't make me change who I was.

Pulling in my clothes, brushing my hair and cleaning up my now dirty pj's was all I had time for before I walked to the bus stop. Mom couldn't take me to school because her work made it so she had to be up early in the morning to be there on time. Buses were stinky and I absolutely despised when anyone touched me but it was one of the things I would deal with to ease mothers' guilt and tears.

We where the first stop for the bus which meant I would more then likely be on this bus for more than an hour every morning. I choose to sit in the front as everyone swarmed to the back. It would be much quieter up here and less chance of being touched, the two things I strived for in life.

Pulling out my head phones I began to listen to my music. I wasn't always so in to music but now I liked it more but still could live without it. As more people got on the bus it got louder and louder. I would guess that we were two or three stops away from the school as there was barely enough room for anyone to sit anywhere. I pulled my knees to my chest and turned my music to drown out everything else.

At the next stop someone finally sat down next to me. I was thankful that this guy seemed to know what personal space was as he didn't crowd me but instead was on the edge with one foot in the isle. He turned to say something to me but saw the head phones and stopped himself. He turned back around and went back to talking with the idiot across the way. I briefly wondered what he was going to say before discarding the thought.

We pulled in to the middle to let those kids off first as the bus picked up middle schoolers and high schoolers. The boy who sat next to me looked at me expectantly and I was confused at first until I realized he thought I was going to get off now. I almost smirked at what a shock he was going to get.

I stayed seated and turned back to the window not even giving to boy next to me a hint that I understood what he was thinking. We pulled into the high school and everyone stood up to rush off. I stayed seated as I knew from past experiences that waiting was much better than being in front of a whole bunch of pushing, roughhousing teenagers. So I waited until the last annoying person was off the bus before standing and putting my already wrapped up headphones and iPod into my bag. I got off the bus and again waited until everyone was off their buses and in front of me before I began walking to the school.

It was the beginning of the year I was happy about that there was nothing worse than switching towns and schools then switching towns and schools in the middle of the school year. It was a big hassle as everyone tried to fill out which group, or I guess clique you were going to be in and what they were going to be about. I preferred it this way but at this point both were mundane and boring.

I had my schedule and school map in my back pack but it was for emergencies as I had already memorized everything I would need. The day passed exactly as I expected it to go. Labeling everything and getting to know everyone was the only thing we did in every class. In the middle of it all I can to the realization that also when you started a new school when the school year was starting was a lot easier to become invisible. Everyone forgets about you because you don't seem out of place.

If you don't stand out no one will remember you.

I was that person, as long as I didn't draw attention to myself no one notice me. I cursed my appearance at times like this as that was the only thing that stood out but that was only because it was different then everyone else. As much as I tried to get lost in the crowd my appearance would always single me out. I had long accepted it and always preferred to be bullied and silent then out there bubbly and loud.

Black hair with ghost white skin that would never tan. One incredibly silver eye and the other covered completely with a black as night eye patch. Raven colored turtle neck with long sleeves that was worn even in the summer and dark wash skinny jeans worn everyday without exception, fingerless gloves that were also black and cover almost all my hand completed the look.

I would always look this way and there would be nothing to change it so why fight with it, it was pointless.

Lunch came with a grateful break from the constant boredom my classes where giving me with. I didn't both with going to the lunch room but instead picked a tree outside and sat under it. I wasn't sure I was allowed to eat outside but I didn't care enough to ask. Pulling out my meager homemade lunch that mother always made for me every night when she got home. It made her feel better to do something for me, like she was trying to reassure me she hadn't forgotten about me but I knew the truth.

She never wanted children and I respected that.

So I took the lunch box and brought it home empty. I knew it pleased her so I didn't tell her that in reality I hated or was allergic to 70% of the stuff she would put in there. All her money and hard work was being thrown in the garbage everyday. It made her happy so I wouldn't tell her to stop, it was the least I could do for her.

Opening the lunch, today she had but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate pudding, and a bag full of carrots. I threw away the sandwich, allergic to peanut butter, and the chocolate pudding, didn't like pudding, leaving me with the carrots. What a filling lunch.

Reseating myself under the tree so I wouldn't get burned by the blazing sun as people started to come outside with their school bought lunches. I guess it was okay to sit outside for lunch. I saw a group of boys, that were probably with the popular group if the way there where acting and their clothes, coming towards me. I bristled immediately and readied myself to take off as I was not about to become another person's punching bag. Thankful at the last moment they turned and sat underneath and tree not far from my own.

I ate my carrots with only my thought for company and when I was done I went on a sightseeing trip.

The popular kids were the easiest to spot, as they had to best spots for lunch and they all would you say? Plastic, right down to their designer clothes, dyed hair and annoying voices. The next easiest to spot was the nerds, even from here I could see that some of them had books open and were studying even though they knew they would Ace any test thrown their way. The rest of the cliques - Goths, skaters, band kids, girl gangs, and then the group in the corner getting high; were spotted soon after. The groups were smaller and yet were easy to recognize.

The people that weren't in a group but sitting by them self's were like me, the invisibles, but there weren't many of them as most preferred to be with someone. I waited until everyone left to go inside before I got up to go back into the school. I made a mental note to find a different place to eat so I wouldn't have a run in with the popular crowd.

My next class was math with Mrs. Jefferson, a junior class. I had been bumped up through school because I was smarter than the average Joe; they said my school work for my age would be too easy so they put me in 10th grade when I should be a freshman. Then for classes that I was exceptional in like science, math and language arts I was put in as a junior. Even though I had left after everyone I got there right on time. The bell was ringing as I slid into my seat. I heard some snickering but ignored it, the probably that it was because of something that I did was really low.

Looking around the class as the teacher began to explain what we needed all of our notebooks and folders for, I recognized a couple of people from the popular group in this class. Most noticeably was a brown haired with bleached type's boy in front of me. I remembered him slightly but I wasn't really looking.

Focusing back on the class I labeled everything like she told us to, I found it highly amusing and a bit ironic that I more likely wouldn't be using these books in any of my classes and yet we spent the whole day labeling them. I had a photographic memory, it can in handy sometimes but was mostly annoying. The labeling only took half the class and the rest was 'get to know everyone' time. We all had to stand up and say are name and something about are self.

"My name is Amanda and I love my boyfriend" said a very preppy girl with brown naturally curly hair

"My name is Victoria and I play the piano" said a very dark girl with spiky hair; I felt my heart squeeze at her introduction

"Hi, my name is Alex and I really want to go to Italy" said the popular boy in front of me

I didn't bother paying attention to everyone else besides storing their names in my mind for later; you never knew when that could come in handy. When it came to my turn I decided to say something generic.

"My name is Raven and I love music" not really but what do they know.

I was toward the back so no one was really listening anymore because of boredom. I didn't blame them as I was doing the same thing as all them. I doodled as the rest of the class finished and then we were dismissed. I didn't move as I had done for everything else. My breath caught in my throat as the boy in front of my turned around.

Eyes as blue as the Caribbean Sea stared back at me for a moment before flickering to a sound coming from the door way. I took this moment to regain myself from the shock. What a beautiful person, how had I not noticed him? I must be going soft.

Alex, as was his name, was everything a boy should be. Handsome but not to the point he was cute or girly in anyway, with a big body but not over muscular that it made you cringe. Strong arms and a broad shoulder span with big hands. He was exactly my type.

Shacking myself I berated myself for even thinking something like that. I never learned did I, reaching up I stroked the silk eye patch as a reminder to myself of what handsome, my type of boys always turn out to be. I would never forget as it the lesson would forever be branded on me.

Shaking my thoughts off I realized how ridicules I probably looked like standing in the middle of the class touching my face. Standing and packing my stuff I went to my regular 10th grade social studies class. Even though I had left later then everyone the hall ways were still packed with lots of rough housing kids. I didn't want to be late so I pushed through the crowds trying to not to touch or be touched by anyone. I made it to the class room but some of the students where messing around. Before I could react one of them came falling backwards at me. Everyone was older than me by a year in this group and some of them even two years, that's not counting those that had to repeat a year, there were lot of people bigger than me.

If I got hit I would be going down and it was not going to be pretty as I bruised fast and easy. I braced myself for the impact as there was nothing I could do to get out of there fast enough.

At the last second a hand wrapped its self around my skin and bones waist and pulled me back into a solid chest; out of the path of the falling student. I knew I should be thankful for whoever pulled me back but I couldn't think of anything but the arm wrapped around me, trapping me in place. I could smell him, they smelt the same. Apple and spice, I would recognize it anywhere. Broad shoulders that towered over my own ones, with muscles that could easy overpower me.

I was frightened.

Frozen in fear I didn't dare move or say anything. The person behind me was panting roughly, possibly from running to save me. Even though the thought should have comforted me it did nothing to relax my tense shoulders.

"Hey, are you okay?" Apple and spice man asked and I did relax this time as the voice was wrong, though manly and deep it wasn't scratchy from years of cigarettes.

It sound nothing like him

I nodded and turned to thank me savior when I saw that it was brown hair with blonde tips boy, Alex, someone from the popular group. That shocked me more than anything and I momentarily forgot the arm wrapped around me. I guess some people didn't live up to the stereotype jock as usually popular kids ignored people like me; we weren't called the invisibles for nothing. There was a first to everything. Alex's arm tightened around me reminding me it was still there and bringing me out of my shocked state. I stiffened again.

"If you would please let go of me it would be most appreciated" I spoke coldly, like I always did when I had to speak.

The arm immediately went away and I felt a little better but not much as I was still press against him. I moved to rectify that immediately by stepping away. Not wanting to be impolite because bullies really sucked I turned to face him before I rushed into the room.

"Thank you for your help" and like that I was gone.

The class room was nearly full so I had to take a seat near the front, something I didn't like because most teachers called on those in front more than those in the back. That and it was easy to doze off when in the back of the class room. The class was as boring as every other class but I was thankful because it gave me time to calm down after my scare earlier.

By the time class was over I was having a hard time not falling asleep, I hoped the classes got harder as the year went on. I enjoyed a good challenge but I wasn't one of those prideful pricks that let their egos get in the way of everything. I was way too small to ever think like that.

After math was science, my personal favorite. It made me wonder if there really was a god. There were so many beliefs out there about how the world came about and the spirit realm. It was hard to decide what to believe but at the moment, in all my 14 year old wisdom, didn't believe there was a god. If, and I mean IF there was a god then he wouldn't be a very good god, there was too much suffering in the world for him to be reliable and trustworthy.

After everything I had seen there could be no god.

Even though I loved this class it was just as boring, I really hate the first day of school. We were passed out these work sheets with boxes and different things next to them like: has blonde hair, has flown in a plane, can do origami. Then we had to go around and get different names next to each thing. It was another 'get to know you' excuse. I hated this one more than all the other ones combine because with this one we had to talk to each other.

When I snapped out of my thoughts there was a girl with reddish brown hair and green eyes standing in front of me. She looked shy so I waited for her to get her courage up to talk to me.

"Uh, hi. Have you been out of the country?" she asked nervously

I held out my hand for her sheet and she quickly handed it forward. Finding the correct box I wrote my name next to it because yes, I have been out of the country. She smiled brightly when I handed it back and then scurried back to her friends giggling, at what I couldn't tell you.

Several people came up to me including a girl with braces, a boy with really bad acne, another boy that was kind of cute and a girl with a really bad frizzy hair. It was great fun. I didn't approach anyone but I wasn't worried because the teachers never checked if we actually did the project.

Just like I expected, the moment the bell rang and the teacher dismissed us without even looking up from her book. Next was Language Arts and then P.E, the only class that I fail every year. They all passed in a blur, much the way the whole day had gone. I was just thankful that we didn't have to do anything for P.E.

After classes were over it was a mad rush to get out of the school, either to get to the bus or their own car. Mom had said she would pick me up today so I waited. Mom was always, always late so I wasn't worried about missing her because I was wondering around the school. I didn't see anything weird about the school so I didn't know what everyone was making such a big deal out of it.

As if drifting through the wind, I could hear the music playing to my left.

It wasn't just any kind of playing, it was very good playing. The crispness of the violin priced the air as it played Fur Elise beautifully. As I walked closer to the music, more on instinct then actual want, more and more music floated to my ears.

There was a flute playing Mozart

There was a saxophone playing some sort of jazz piece

There was a Clarinet playing Debussy

Finally there was a piano at the very back playing Beethoven

The beautiful music that made my heart ached with want the closer I got. Why where they playing? Where they in a band of some sort? This corner of the school was made out of individual, private rooms for people to play. It made me think this was what a talent school like Julliard music section would look like.

Walking closer to the room in which the piano was coming from the better the music sounded. Whoever was playing was really good, he did Beethoven work justice, which was saying something. Just taking a quick peek through the small window to see who it was. Before I could see completely, I was too short to just look in the window so I had to stand on my tippy toes, a voice came behind me. It nearly scared me half to death but did well not to show it.

"What do you think you're doing?" I turned around to see a tall girl glaring down on me

"Listening to music, is there something wrong with that?" I asked calmly even though I knew that's not what she meant when she asked her question.

Her dull brown hair was pulled into to pig tails on either side of her head jiggled as her face turned a brilliant red with embarrassment and anger toward me.

"Yes, there is. Only music students are supposed to be here. Everyone with the IQ of a toddler knows that" she huffed happy she was able to come up with a good come back

I chose to ignore the last comment and instead focus on the 'music students' part.

"Well, I'm new so if you would educate me in this 'only music student' rule it would be most appreciated" Her anger seemed to calm down as her face went back to a more...human color.

"Unlike most schools are school has an extra elective for music but it's taken more serious then a regular elective." As she thought of a way to explain it she began to walk us back to where I first heard the music.

"I don't really know how to explain but every year they choose the best and then they compete in this world wide contest to see who the best is. It's really important to us so it's a rule not to bug any of the music students well there practicing."

We stopped at where I would guess was the beginning of the music section. I nodded to the girl to show her I understood.

"Thank you, for explaining. I have to be getting home anyways, so if you'll excuse me" I said politely then started to walk away."

"Wait" she said as a hand came slamming down on my shoulder to hold me in place.

She started saying something but I couldn't hear her as my focus zeroed in on her hand. I really hated touching but what I hated more was unexpected touches and lingering touches. This was both put into one.

"Sorry but could you kindly remove your hand from my shoulder."I said interrupting the girl, I tried to be nice but my voice came out flat and icy cold.

The hand came up almost immediately and I sighed in relief

"Sorry, sorry. Anyway as I was saying would you be my friend? I don't really have any and you're kind of cool, even though you have weird tastes... but I promise to be a good friend, the best, you wouldn't be able to get a better one. So, so, so PLEASE" she clasped her hands in front of her like she was praying and I couldn't let her down now.

"Do as you please," I spoke and she lit up "now I really do need to be going, bye"

I left after that, on my walk home I couldn't help but wonder what tomorrow would be like with my new 'friend.'