New Chapter, Be gentle

Notes : This story is based off of the anime/manga of Death note, I in no way own the orignal story but all credit goes to Tsugumi Ohba. I do however own the idea for this story and Angel. It is not necessary to have read the manga before hand because this is an AU fic.

Standing in front of the door of his next 'customer' Angel composed himself. Of course that wasn't his real name but at times like this he liked to pretend it was. Taking one more breath to calm himself into his normal apathetic facade, he knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

Angel knocked again.

Still no answer.

Trying one more time he pounded on the door becoming slightly annoyed. He knew that whoever his 'customer' was there, somewhere behind the door as no one would pay that much money and then not show up. Sighing, Angel figured if he didn't come this next knock then he would consider the money a constellation fee for having to come all the way down here. Angel raised his hand to knock one more time when a voice came through the door, nearly making him jump out of his skin.

"Who is it?"

Angel sighed in annoyance, this was the weirdest job he had been told to do yet. Shacking off the regret for taking the job, it was good money and he didn't actually have to do anything.

"Who do you think it is, let me in?"

Angel leaned against the door not expecting the dude to actually open the door. This was all part of the script the man who paid him to do this had written up.

"I'm sorry, I don't know you" came the voice and it took everything in Angels acting skills to say the next lines without a smile on his face.

"I'm pretty sure you do. If I remember correctly the note I got with the money said 'let Ryuzaki fuck you into oblivion.' You are Ryuzaki, are you not?"

It was just so maddening funny to Angel that some old grandpa would pay him 10 grand to play a practical joke on his grandson when he would have gladly just done what the man was joking about, it was after all his normal 'job'

Angel wondered what the other man was thinking about as he had yet to respond; in the time he had Angel light a cigarette up and took a deep breath.

"Are you sure that's what the note said" the voice said sounding concerned and unsure

Angel nearly choked on the smoke in his throat. Remembering what the old man said just made it so much funnier 'my grandson is very smart and always very sure of himself, just once I want him to be so shocked by something unexpected that he becomes confused. It would just make my day.'

Angel almost wished he had brought a camera to catch that response and then show it to the old man; he probably would have laughed his ass off as much as Angel wanted to.

"Positive, if you open the door I'll show it to you"

Angel half thought he would open the door but the percentages where still more in the favor of him not so he didn't move from his spot against the door. A brief thought crossed him that the man in there might have a security cam watching him. Sure enough after looking around he spotted two aimed at the door he was leaning against.

The damage was already done if he was watching him, releasing more smoke he was completely caught off guard by the door suddenly opening.

Taking one last breath of his cheap and really hard to get cigarette as he was underage, he turned to meet this supposable 'really smart and very sure of himself man' only to see panda eyes. The rest of his face was covered in a bandanna, like a Mexican cowboy. It took every in Angels power to stay calm and composed and not burst out laughing. Panda eye man reached his hand out for the card without saying a word.

Angel threw away his cigarette, not even looking where it went, and pulled out the card from the old man he was told to give panda man if he actually opened the door. The old man was so sure he wouldn't open the door that he even said 'you probably won't need this put if he does open the door give him this, it will explain everything' but I guess everything didn't work out in his favor.

Here came the awkward part.

The part when panda man realized it was a prank given to him by his grandpa that he wouldn't actually get to sleep with me. Not that Angel would mind, it was how he made a living in the first place.

Handing the card to the man, he quickly snatched it from my glove clad hands. His eyes moved over the page quickly but somehow Angel still felt he was being watched from the corner of panda mans eyes. Finally the man was done, not that there was a lot of words on the page and just starred at angel.

The more the man starred, the more Angel became uncomfortable. Finally angel couldn't take it anymore, lighting another cigarette Angel began to speak

"I was paid a lot of money so if you really do want to 'fuck me into oblivion' I wouldn't mind" Angels smile was obviously fake and forced but he made it stay there even though he was sure the man saw right through him.

"But on the other hand, if you aren't I have to go. My customers a waiting on me and money doesn't grow on trees" Angel laughed again, to anyone else it would have sound real but we weren't talking about just anyone. We were talking about a very smart panda-eyed named Ryuzaki who saw through the whole thing.

Without another word on either's part, Panda man or as Angel was informed earlier Ryuzaki pulled him into the hotel room and to where Angel would guess the bedroom was.

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