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What's below this note is a story, based on my imagination, a Sin, and a Roman Emperor, the most disgusting of them all, and probably the most disgusting man on earth...It's a short oneshot about how the seed of Lust was inserted inside said emperor's mind...it's sort of open ended, so...

I also warn any who reads this, this content may or may not be suited for minors...it's the sin of Lust after all...so! be Warned, it's described and mentioned very well and on multiple ocasions...!

On with the story

Slowly, the night descended over the ancient city of Rome, a night darker than usual, lit only by a full moon, admired by Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Emperor of the time.

He admired the moon, immersed in his own thoughts and memories of parties to come and nights already passed with some complete strangers. As he thought, a cold hand gently touched his shoulder, surprising him by the sudden contact, and he backed away because of the eerie sight of the presence that touched him.

A hooded figure simply stood there, motionless, patiently waiting for his reaction to end, both arms to its sides, all covered by a mantle or coat as black as the night itself. The figure slowly raised its arm, revealing cream white skin underneath. It took hold of the hood, and caught the attention of the young emperor, after calming down from the first shock.

It took of the hood, revealing waves of mid-length brown hair, the fairness of his features, and the beauty of his young and godly appearance. "I am Mors, mortal, god of death" he said, his voice like that of a simple teenager.

"Mors?" asked the emperor, knowing something was amiss.

"You have committed many crimes against us gods, mortal. You have insulted our names, demoted our symbols, desecrated our sanctuaries, and that is only the top of the list with your name." The young god said, not even a single emotion in his face "I should be here to take to to Hades, for him to eternally punish your soul, but my purpose is other." said the god, starting to pace around the room.

He then stopped, after finding the necessary words. He wasn't used to speaking to mortals. "You, Sextus Varius Avitus Bassianus, Ceasar of the Roman Empire, will die like a dog in a month time beside your mother, betrayed by your own grandmother," he said, emotionless as always, "your remains will be dragged through the streets of Rome and thrown to the River, for them to rot. I will gladly take you soul then, and the real suffering will start." he finished, looking at him straight in the eyes with his own pools of blood and darkness.

The Emperor closed his eyes and thought for a second, replying afterwards with unusual seriousness "So you came not to kill me, but to announce my death," he then stood and turned towards the door "You may go now, your purpose is fulfilled" he said, walking out of the room, but was stopped by a scythe around his neck Ï never mentioned any of that"replied the god with his monotone voice "My purpose is to actually offer you a way to keep your throne for as long as you live" he continued, lighting the emperor's interest "Now, I must tell you that you are special, completely different from other emperors. Even different from other humans." he paused, awaiting an answer.

"And what does that with me keeping the empire" was his answer, to which casually replied "You are a fine young, roughly 18 of age, and yet you are the emperor of the strongest empire we've ever seen. Your speciality is precisely what defines that fact."

He started pacing once more, searching for the right words. "Let's be direct. You are a sin" he said as he stopped in from of Sextus, his eyes looking straight into him, and his emotionless features reaching deep into his soul.

"A sin?" he replied, scared by the seriousness of the god on the subject. A sin! A vice! An abomination! Maybe even worse than that! "You're kidding, right?" he said, trying to prove that all was a simple joke to get revenge.

"Not at all" the god replied, stopping after each word, for them to sink into his brain "Not only are you a Sin, but you are one of the Seven Deadly" he continued, taking a seat in front of the startled emperor, a small grin on his lips "You need proof, don't you? Well, tell me, what is it you like the most?" he asked, to make his point clear.

"Music, parties, freedom" Answered the emperor, slightly confused.

"Be real, mortal, you and I know there is something you like much more than those" said the god, from behind him, position he acquired in mere instants, surprising the other "Then, what is it?" he asked again, knowing himself the right answer, knowing his purpose was now complete.

"Sex" said the emperor, his eyes looking towards the shining silver of the moon, but watching the emptiness behind it, his brain working, remembering countless memories of the times he had such an act.

"And exactly do you feel as you do it?" the god asked, the smirk he before possessed transformed into a full grin, an air of evil surrounding him, as he patiently awaited for the known answer.

"I feel a need, like that of hunger or thirst. A need to feel what the other feels. To feed on the pleasure, and drink from ecstasy. To thrust, pump and pound the other. To-" Sextus said, the memories still freshly printed on his mind, and the feeling still skin deep.

"To make them feel enough pleasure to get them to the borders of madness" interrupted the god, his grin even wider "That is exactly the proof that you are Lust, the Sin of endless pleasure" his low voice echoing through the other's brain, image after image of countless parties, and midnight's orgies on each of them.

"You are unusual, even as a Sin, for you are human, too." said the god, the evil in his features untouched "And that gives you choice. To be a mortal human, and live the rest of your days as an emperor, or to be an immortal Sin, and live by and for your sin." The god said, slowly making his way towards the window, and analyzing the Sin behind him. Maybe he needed a little push to make the choice

"Any questions?" asked he after a moment, the seed planted deep inside the other's soul "When you say 'by and for it', you mean...live for sex?" asked Sextus, his mind racing with all the thoughts that came to his head.

"Yes, for as long as your partner's body resists, and even longer" the god answered, slowly marking the last two words, hissing them into Sextus's ears from behind, almost licking the other, seducing him with his voice "I'll be back tomorrow at the same hour, make up your mind" the god said before disappearing into the night, through the window.

Sextus simply walked the the window, and stared into the night, his brain deep in thought once again.

And that was it!

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