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Zero Chapter: 1

"ZERO!" I heard from down stairs. I got up and went downstairs. "Hey Zero" said my dad from the armchair. I just nodded the life of a silent assassin. My black hair and black eyes not to mention my tendency to wear black really complete the emo look.

Before you ask I am not emo. Plus black is good for stalking your prey. "Hey Zero" my mom said. Again I just nodded. I call them my parents really they adopted me from the Arias adoption center for assassins. "Zero shouldn't you be heading to training It's your first day.

Yes ladies and gentleman assassins have to go to training it's kind of like school to. But for us we learn the fastest way to kill someone, How to skin a animal, Stalking, Hunting, Fighting, Lock Picking and finally Pocket Picking. The extensive knowledge of an assassin. I nodded for like the 8th time.

I grabbed my backpack and headed out. I got to the building. Arias is an area of land with a force field around it. It's huge what happens is that anybody from the outside see the other end of the force field and whwn you make contact with it you teleport to the other side.

Any way I grabbed some toast and walked out the door equipment in hand. I got in my black car and drove to the building. I have 4 friends Slick,Blaze,Gash and Bandit. In case you haven't noticed all assassins have awesome names.

"Hey Zero" Bandit greeted her delicate voice warming my heart. She is beautiful her long black hair blowing behind her, her green eyes piercing and beautiful they aren't that ugly vomit color their really emerald like a field of grass. So if you haven't guessed yet I really like this girl. I nodded at her she's been my best friend since I was 6.

I walked next to her as we headed into the training hall. "Zero ready to get your ass handed to you." Slick said always the cocky one. Slick is 6'2 the same height as me. He has chestnut hair and blue eyes. He isn't really that muscular but really lanky like the rest of us. I flipped him off.

We walked through the doors and put on our equipment. Black robes with hoods, a bow and quiver of arrows, a sheath with broad swords, another sheath with a katana blade plus like 12 daggers on a belt. We walked over to the center of the gym area.

" Okay, heres what your going to start with shoot 50 bull's eyes on those targets over there." He pointed at the targets.

We all took out our bows we lined up the shot and fired everyone shot one at a time every one except me and Bandit we shot 50 arrows and hit each with a bull's eye. We put our bows away and walked over to the trainer. Who had his mouth open. Bandit closed his mouth with her hand and said " Close your mouth you might catch flies" the trainer gave us our passes because if we did it under a certain time we don't have to complete the rest of the day and that was the final day of training.

"Yeah we can finally go on missions" Bandit yelled excited, She came up to me and hugged me. I went stiff but slowly wrapped my arms around her. " This is going to be awesome." I agreed, Damn life actually looks good for ounce

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