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Zero: Chapter 2

I got home to be greeted with the most horrible thing I could ever see. Crest. The son of a bitch that almost got me killed for treason. Heres what happened it was also the worst day of my life.

-Flashback –

"Hey, what are you doing for your 17th birthday?" Bandit asked. I looked over to her and said "Going to the park with you guys like I do every year." We walked up to my doorstep I took out the keys and opened the door.

Inside were three peace watchers essentially policemen. I walked up to them and stared them down. "What do you want." I said camly. They pulled out the electro cuffs the only thing assassins can't break out of.

"Zero, You are under arrest for treason against our master Arias" the guard said smirking. Arias is a land that named after our leader.

-End of flashback-

So later after that I found out Crest had turned me in. He told the peace watchers that I had been hiding a power gem. "What the hell is he doing here." I spat venomously already my hand ready with the trigger for me to activate my equipment. "Zero be nice" my mom said. I shook my head "No, he tried to get me killed."

I activated my equipment Bandit right behind me. I pulled out my broad swords from the sheath on my back. Bandit pulled out her daggers. Crest suddenly said "You're mom let me in." I looked at her pissed as hell. "Why?" I asked than left slamming the door shut. Bandit came with me "Now what my parents abandoned me yesterday." Yes you heard right Bandits parents are assholes.

"Today is the day we're allowed to migrate out of Arias as long as we complete all missions." Arias has this deal ounce you complete training your allowed to live in the outside world. But we'll get missions from Arias for missions we fail we die.

"Let's get Blaze and everyone else" Bandit said I nodded. We walked until we got to the training center. Blaze, Gash and Slick were there. Bandit yelled "Hey! Get your asses down here." They ran as fast as they could. Then I spoke "We're out of here!" I said. Everyone started cheering we got in Blaze's car and drove out of Arias and away from my Ex. Adopted Parents. And to my new life with my friends.

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