Here's watching you just walk away,

From all that you've known,

All that has loved you,

Did you think running would save you?

Save you from the pain,

Keep you dry from the occasional pour of the rain,

Did you think walking out would somehow keep you from going insane?

Theres only you that can be blamed,

Look at yourself now darling,

Ya you should be ashamed,

Do you even care?

Do you have an ounce of love left you could spare?

Do you feel better watching them fall apart?

Was this your idea from the very start?

To walk out and depart?

To leave them behind,

What is it you hope to find?

Your the type of girl that makes love seem unkind,

Remember when your hands used to be intertwined?

Remember when you looked at him like he was your only,

Now you walk out and leave him feeling lonely,

Heres watching you just walk away,

Away from love,

If you stood here in front of me I'd give you a kick and a shove,

Your playing the victim,

Like you could never be happy with him.

Ya, cuz your that type of girl,

That makes love seem so unkind.