Everyone is dying.
Jake's dead,
Noey's dead,
and you're following.

Her mom died.
You're dying too.
What am I gonna do
without you?

We got in a fight tonight,
my mommy and me.
She cried so hard
she could barely see.

Now I sit here
typing with bloodied hands.
You locked your door
and I punched it repeatedly.

"Mama I'm sorry.
Mama let me in.
Mama please,
don't let the pills win."

I knew she would do it.
She would try to die
because I said I hated her
even though it was a lie.

I have bloodied knuckles
on both hands now.
So I'm blasting music
and typing away my pain.

"I want to fucking kill everybody.
I want to fucking kill everything.
I'm so damn angry I feel like
cutting my damn arm off."

Her mommy died, Mama.
She had MS too.
You aren't far behind,
I can tell I'm losing you.

I have to catheterize you,
I have to carry you to bed.
I have to wipe the sweat
off of your forehead.

You're treating me like shit!
That isn't how you treat your daughter.
I fucking hate you, Mother."

You're dying, mommy.
The disease is eating you.
And I said I hated you
and now I don't know what to do.

He dies, She dies,
You die, I die.
We all