The barrel of the gun seems to fit just right up against my forehead.

A slight of the finger and it would be all over with.

Sweat begins to pour as I feel myself begin to move.

Right before my finger moves enough, I feel someone rip the gun from my hands.

I open my eyes to see a group of my dearest friends.

What would they be doing here?

I haven't been good to them, why are they stopping to save me?

I look them each in the eyes and ask why they are doing it.

They simply smile and shake their head.

"It's because we love your deary. No matter what you think, you are good enough to be here."

Tears start to pour down my face as I stare at them in disbelief,

They love me?

How could that be?

I've been awful and terrible. No one like me should still be alive.

They each could sense what I was thinking and they gathered me into a hug.

I could feel the love, caring, and concern that were pouring out of each person.

Never before had I felt something like this.

I still didn't feel like I deserved it.

But, the thing was, I liked the feeling of being cared for.

It was nothing like I had ever felt before from anyone.

Finally, I began to succumb to the embrace.

I wouldn't have to fight on my own anymore.

I had friends that would be happy to help me if I ever need it.

That's something better than all the riches and glories in the world.