There it was. The silver thread Arian had been looking for. He knew it was hers, for it was the only one that had ever turned silver for him. It had been missing for days, for she had been staying awake in an attempt to escape him. However, he knew she had to sleep sometime and had patiently awaited the time when she would. He latched both hands around it and felt the world start to crush him. On his first travel, the feeling had scared him, but now he had grown used to the feeling and had come to cherish it. Pop! Everything was righted again, and Arian was no longer feeling like there was some invisible strength was trying to permanently shape him into a ball.

Mist surrounded him and he started walking. He would find her somewhere. She was trying to hide, that much he knew. But she was going to come with him, whether she wanted to or not. It was not uncommon for Visionaries to be apprehensive about going to Dream World, but it was where they belonged.

Eventually, as Arian and all other Dream Chasers had been taught, Visionaries will come to accept that they are supposed to be in Dream World and will come to love it. It would just take time and patience. Luckily, those were two things Arian had been deeply educated in, solely for this task.

Arian continued to wander in the mist, looking for her. Now that he was in the dream, he could keep her sleeping so long as no excessive noise woke her up on Earth. He could even keep her dreaming through that, but that would take so much energy that he wouldn't have the energy to take her back to Dream World with him. So he had to play it safe and just hope that she would remain asleep until he found her.

"Lucinda, please come out," Arian called lovingly. He didn't want to have to find her in this land of mist. He was eager to take her with him to Dream World with him. He continued walking for several minutes before calling out to her again. "Lucinda!" He kept walking, and soon enough, he heard soft sobs. He followed the noise, his footsteps soundless. Finally he came upon Lucinda, curled in on herself as she tried to contain her sobs.

"Lucinda, love, why do you cry?" he asked, kneeling down next to her. He put a hand on her shoulder and rubbed her back affectionately. He knew exactly why she was crying, but he figured if he played the ignorance card she would be less angry than if he played the know-it-all card.

"Arian. Arian please! Please don't make me go!" Lucinda begged, her voice barely above a whisper. Arian leaned down and wrapped her in a warm embrace. He sat there for a few minutes until it seemed that Lucinda was calming down slightly. When he finally pulled back, he kissed her cheek lightly.

"Lucinda, you know I can't do that. The Law-"

"To Hell with your laws! I don't live in Dream World, and I never have! I will not abide by the laws that are not my own!" Lucinda yelled, shoving Arian away from her. Arian stood.

"Oh, but Lucinda you love it there. Don't you remember all the friends you've made? They're all waiting for you to come and live there. Donna and Richard are Visionaries and they are perfectly happy in Dream World. You will be too. Please come with me Lucinda. Don't you love me anymore?" Arian asked, looking down at her with a wounded expression. Lucinda's expression softened a little.

"Of course I love you Arian. But why won't you live on Earth with me? I haven't even gone off to college yet! I've only spent eighteen years with my family! I need more time! I cannot simply leave them!"

"There is no waiting Lucinda. The time is now and I'm afraid whether you like it or not, you're going to have to come with me," Arian said.

"I'll hate you forever," Lucinda threatened.

"No. You won't," Arian stated, taking a step towards her. Arian knew that eventually Lucinda's love for him would overcome her hate and eventually she would thank him for taking her away from Earth. However, it was going to be a long process. And until then, he was going to have to take it one step at a time, dealing with her hate until it no longer existed. Lucinda shook her head and Arian watched, heartbroken, as Lucinda shed even more tears due to his actions.

"I'm not going with you."

"But you are." Arian reached to grab Lucinda, but she did something he had not expected. She ran. Lucinda had always been extremely logical and had never done anything that she knew would be in vain. Arian could run faster than Lucinda and could easily restrain her until they had made the travel back. Arian started running after Lucinda. As he did, the mist started to turn from white to black. Arian finally understood. She was ending the dream. He wasn't sure how she had figured out how to wake herself up, but she was doing it.

"Lucinda!" he cried in agony. Every day he spent in Dream World away from his silver thread Visionary was extremely painful. But the black was closing in fast and she was almost awake now.

"I will wait for you! And next time, I will not be generous in my methods of taking you!" he yelled after her, before he was forced back into Dream World with a pop.

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