Authors Notes: No idea where this came from, decided I'd just sit and write and see what I come up with. The names of characters are uncertain for now, just looked around my room for inspiration. So, if you like whatever this is I'll continue it. Please review and say what you think, but remember this is like the 2nd draft, so it's not my best xD

I was beginning to fade; the pain numbed all my senses. My eyes lost focus, and when another cool breeze hit me, they focused again but for only a moment. Teeth gritted, but with the marks of salty tears still staining my face, a placed my palms on either side of myself and pushed hard, trying to stand up. I groaned from the effort it took just to do that. I had managed to get into a sort of crouched position before I slumped back down again, cursing lowly when I hit the floor. My lower back was aching as well as everything else now.

It was early morning, maybe around 2am. It must have been at least minus one degrees out, but my coat had been taken off further down the narrow alley way and I could not get to it. My scarf was tied around my arm; the cream colour of it had long gone however. It had soaked up whatever blood had reached it and made it turn reddish-brown. I had decided that the gash on my arm was bleeding too heavily a few minutes ago, so I had to sacrifice the scarf.

Unable to get up and shivering at the constant breeze, I stared into the darkness in hope someone would happen to walk by...but for the mean time, I was kept company by my own thoughts. Something did strike me though, why did he have to do it here? Why not at his place like usual? Did he want me to suffer as much as this? After all, he seemed to have endless desires (when I say endless I mean endless...) and he must know I could have died here.

I still could die here. Dead. Gone, finally disappearing from this world. Maybe that would be the best thing. Nobody would miss me, except for Nan. No, that was a terrible thing to say. Jenny and Kade would miss me; we are almost like a family. Joy might miss me too; I am her second cousin after all. That was some sort of comfort, knowing that if I did die, people would care. wasn't something I planned to do yet though. I always thought it could happen early, ever since he came into my life. He's been in my life for a while now, since my fifteenth birthday at least. I had turned sixteen a few days ago, the party I hosted had been small. I've gotta say though, it was the best night of my life. It was one of few good memories. I didn't invite him though...but he had found out he wasn't invited the day after. He wasn't happy.

I pushed him to the back of my mind, but I found myself beginning to fade all over again. I assumed it was from the loss of so much blood, and to add to that my eyes heavy and sore from the black bruises on them. I felt my eyes roll back into their sockets, and I forced myself awake again. Knowing I couldn't keep them open for long, I called out. My voice was frailer than I thought, but I tried again, repeating my cry. Just the word help, I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Just as I was about to give up, I heard something. Footsteps, clanging of metal when he or she must have kicked a can they stumbled on in the darkness. My eyes trailed to where I thought the noise was coming from. I saw a couple of figures, and as they drew closer I made out a man and a woman. They were in their late thirties by the look of it. I could hear mumbles, and then a shocked cry. They could see me. I must have looked a mess. Well, I was glad I had managed to pull my skinny denim jeans back up once he'd left, otherwise they would have seen a lot more.

"Oh god, oh god..." the woman was repeating.

"Hello? Can you hear me Miss?" I heard the man say, his voice rising above the woman's mumbles. I groaned in response, not able to form proper words at that moment.

"Oh my god...what happened to her Terry? Oh my god..."

"Dianne, shut up a minute, be useful and keep her awake. I need to phone an ambulance". He glanced at me, grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket and jabbed at the keys as quickly as his hand could manage. Listening to the faint dialling sound, I watched the woman stare me for a moment, before she lowered herself to my level.

"S-Stay awake" she murmured. Her efforts weren't going to work. I couldn't blame her though; I'd be shocked if I found myself like this. After a moment of being able to hear the man's calm voice explaining that he's found a girl badly beaten in an alley way on Morris Street, she spoke again. "What's your name?"

"C-Cassidy Smith" I replied, voice strife with pain as I attempted to move my arm into a better position.

"Stay awake for me Cassidy, please". I gave a slight nod, not really registering the words except for awake and please. "Oh God...".

I coughed before adding, "D-Do you believe in a God? Y-You seem to be saying his name a lot...". Dianne realized it was a joke, and gave a small laugh. Hearing laughter made me feel better, emotionally anyway, it didn't make the ever-increasing pain go away.

"Yes, I do believe, saying his name is blasphemous, but it's a habit. All my prayers are towards you now though, Cassidy". I tried to curl my lips into a smile, but I inhaled deeply when I felt a pain jab from inside of my chest. I began to make out red and blue lights. I didn't have to try to keep awake now...they were here to save me.

"I-I don't believe in God...b-but thank you anyway". As more figures approached, and words being directed towards me again as they reached out to finally stop the flow of blood coming from my arm. I hadn't done a good job by the look of it. That's when the questions started. "What's your name sweetie?" and "How old are you?" and "Can you tell us what happened?". Dianne had already answered the first one for me. I mumbled "Sixteen" after one them told me I had a nice name and repeated the second question, and I shook my head defiantly when they asked me what happened. Like I was going to tell them, he'd find me if I did...he was going to find me anyway. He knew I'd be saved most likely, maybe he sent my saviors.

Although, as I stared up at the couple, Terry and Dianne, I decided against that idea. They seemed normal, but nervous, worried and curious about this unexpected drama in their lives. Hands rushed around me, trying to identify what was wrong exactly before they tried to move me. I heard a voice ask Dianne if she wanted to go to the hospital with me, and without hearing her answer, I blacked out. The pain had finally taken over me.