Fishing for Likes on Facebook

It gets on my nerves when pricks on Facebook post yet another picture of an 'abused child' or 'starving African'. Who's to say that the child didn't fall over in the back garden while playing? That photo of that dog you saw last week with a 'firework' shoved in its mouth, what type of idiot would take a picture like that for Facebook? And why would 'God' punish me for not liking a photo about cancer being 'evil'.

For starters, what the hell is a button going to do? Does it magically diffuse through the air and turn into a burger to give to the African? Does it turn into a bullet to penetrate that jackass' skull that hurt the poor little puppy? No, it gives some sweaty Chinese prick the pleasure of having '234k' British suckers 'like' their pathetic photo which probably isn't even real. And why do we click the button? Well, it's because if we don't we're apparently 'heartless /3' or our grandmother will 'die'.

Secondly, why do these Facebook groups seem to insult my intelligence? I can obviously find the 0 within all the other marks of punctuation and personally, I don't want to 'find the mistake'… Surely you should take an English class if you can't figure out you wrote 'the' twice in the same sentence… idiot.

What I'm really trying to say here is why should all of these apparently 'influential' photos be pushed under our noses in a place which is meant for people to enjoy networking time with friends? We all check Facebook like it's the morning paper but is a photo like the ones mentioned really going to make you get all Martin Luther King before you've even buttered your toast? Personally, I think not. I'd much rather give to who I want and sort out my own life before I try to dominate the world with flower power.