"They named it Edgar"

They named it Edgar. It carried the name of the friend they had lost a year ago to the day it became their friend. Droopy and slow moving, the thing was a half-gelatinous mass of feelers with a curious eye. And two other eyes that seemed completely uninterested from whatever was going on. That's all I could make out in the woods the day they took it away.

They named it Edgar. Edgar had died of pneumonia a year ago and they claimed it had come down on the one year anniversary of Edgar's death. It made no sense to us, but it made sense to the children. The children said Edgar had always been in the town, but he was too shy of the adults. The "bigger children", is the term they said it used for us.

Many of the "bigger children" thinking back on past incidents remember the disappearance of items around the town, often these were attributed to a thieving hooligan. Others remember their children talking out loud, but when asked to whom they were talking to, the children always responded "Edgar". Back then it was assumed they had created an imaginary friend. Some of the more spiritual in the community even believed the children had devised a way to remember the spirit of their deceased friend.

It made more sense that their invisible friend was Edgar. It made even more sense when, during transport from the woods to a prison, it disappeared. The driver checked the cage in the rear view mirror and it was gone. Frantic driver parked his vehicle and rushed to check the cage. And Edgar appeared. The driver said it made a guttural screeching noise. I suppose it was laughing. Child-like.

The adults asked the children how they could play with such a thing. Children don't care about appearances. Children don't care. They took the thing named Edgar away and the children cried again for Edgar.