If this was the last time I saw Joneen Wilson, I wouldn't be surprised.

'Get the f**k out." Church folk sure know how to ostracize. It isn't their fault, actually. Joneen was a bad seed from the start. Asking questions, drawing on the walls, defying authority. Doing everything she could to remain an individual among a church of masses she called 'disguised fiends.' That's why she was my friend.

She wasn't afraid to say what needed to be said. When the pastor cheated on his wife with the head deacon's wife, Joneen brought it up and was silenced. When the pastor cheated on his wife with the head deacon, Joneen laughed. So they shot her with holy water.

I hope she doesn't come back. She deserves better than this church. Maybe she will start her own church or religion. 'The Church of Wilson.' Could call it 'ChoW.'

But she'll come back. She always does and I wish she'd stay gone. We don't need truth here. This is only a church We are founded on the word of the pastor and we are only as strong as our dogma.

What is this writer saying, Edgar? There is no 'we', just 'thems.' I'm gonna find you, Joneen, and I'm going to make you a martyr. Hello Joneen, the church says 'hi.'