Aitor Jaumet,once was a happy child,living with his family,but now is a poor,young and orphan child,living alone in the streets of teh Mexico lost everything when his mother and father was killed by 's unknow why they have done that,but Aitor never recoverd for that food,he was forced to eat the remains of food that he could find in trash his days of suffering,was going to end...

- Dios mío!I am sarving... - Aitor,say while searching food in a trash young boy has ragged clothes,as he couldn't buy new clothes for him,he stood with the raggs that he find in trash.

- ...*Sigh*...I'm so hungry... - He say for himself,while scratching his didn't took a bath for months,weeks,years!So,it's possible that he has many louse on his poor boy walked away from the trash can,and looked at a childs of it look liked to be so happy,Aitor would love to go to a school and study,and maybe have friends.

He sighted and walked away,but suddenly he looked up,and could see a strange person in white and black person,extended his arm and helped Aitor to get up.

- Come,child... - The male voice said,walking couldn't understand that,but just followed the would do something bad to him?Kill him?Or the man waould help him?Aitor didn't know,but waited all the answers come to him.