I will explain what is a 'Tytan' in other chapter or,in another fanfic._

After following the strange man,Aitor and him reached in a house,a simple man in the white clothes,opened the door and enter in the house.I enter inside it too,it was so living room had a huge sofa,a TV and a red carpet,also some paitings in the man invited the boy to sit in the sofa,of course,he accepted went to the kitchen and made some food for the child.

The man back to the living room,with a plate full of Jamón serrano,some rice and beans gave it to Aitor,and the boy devours the food as fastes as he was so man,just watched him as he ate the the boy finished to eat,he looked at the was so, face couldn't be seen,becuse of the white hood that he was wearing,and his skin,was so he be...A Tytan?

- S-s-sir...Uhh...Gracias!My name is... - The boy couldn't say his name,the man cut him.

- Your name is Aitor Jaumet...I know who you are,and i am here to help you,boy. - He said,and drew his hood was right,the man was actually,a Tytan,half-human, the man's case,a half-man, was so scared and surprised,but he knew that the Tytan wouldn't hurt him,he could see that in his yellow eyes.

- My name is Conall Adegoke,i was a old friend of your i am here to help you,to discover who killed your parents. - Conall said to the young boy.

Aitor looked at him happy,he would finally discover who killed his parents,and he could take the assassins to the would be much fair taking them to the justice than making revange with his own hands,that was Aitor's thoughts,but it wasn't Conall' Tytan explained,that the man who ordered to kill his parents was too powerful to beign arrested,he was too Aitor would have to make him pay,in the good old style.

Conall trained Aitor for years,with the 'Jaumet Fighting Style',a mix of Street Fight and Tae Kwon became impossible to beign defeated in the battles that he had in small tournaments,he always won.

One day,Aitor was going back to his house after a day working in a he enter in the house,Conall was watching something intersintg on watched it an annucement of the ? Tournament,a fighting tournament for the strongest fighters of the whole world.

- You're going to enter in this tournamentto get your revange,Aitor... - Conall said,giving the invitation card for was going to enter in the tournament,and Aitor,would finally get his revange,with the responsable that killed his parents.