I never knew how much people hated the truth until I started telling it.

I guess I can't really blame them since I hate it myself. Actually it's not the truth that bothers me. Well, I suppose sometimes it does. But usually it's the telling part that I would rather do without. I was happy being invisible before, hidden behind an espresso machine fortress at work or blending in with the threadbare furniture at home. That's impossible now. So much of the world is.

I wish I could say that I didn't have a choice in this—that I never asked to be a truthteller—but that would be a lie. I did have a choice, and this is the one I made. You would have too if you had seen the alternative.

So here I am in a normal world with an extraordinary gift, burden, power, hindrance. I am Brina Dupre, and I am a truthteller. This is my story.