Sadie and The Birdman (PG-13)

Her next door neighbor Mr. Mosher built birdhouses for as long as Sadie could remember. He had a workshop next to his garage and he spent hours creating his artistic successes, often giving them to neighbors as birthday and Christmas presents. Sadie and her family had several of them in their backyard. Mr. Mosher also built Sadie a doll house for her tenth birthday which she cherished for many years.

Sadie was six years old when the young newlyweds moved in and her memories growing up in the neighborhood always included "Mr. and Mrs. Birdman". Most of the kids affectionately called Mr. Mosher "The Birdman". He was a nice guy, well liked and popular in the neighborhood and Sadie enjoyed her many interactions with him growing up.

Mr. Birdman, twenty-six when he moved to the neighborhood, was a teacher at Blue County Technical School and his wife was a nurse at Blue County Medical Center. They were the hip young couple who welcomed the neighborhood children into their yard and home for summer cookouts, Halloween haunted houses, and Christmas caroling.

Sadie hadn't seen much of The Birdman in recent years, especially after leaving for college. She was twenty now and although she sometimes missed her sweet and innocent childhood she was happy to be a mature adult college coed. She was home for the summer, working thirty-two hours a week for the town of Hillsboro Recreation Department and hanging out with her friends.

One night, Sadie and her old high school friends got together for a bodacious party in the family's remodeled cellar when her parents were out of town at a wedding. The girls were beyond snockered and they wanted to "rape and pillage" as Samantha put it as they stumbled up the cellar stairs. Sadie was feeling no pain but she wasn't so far gone as to not be aware of what they were doing. Actually, she was embarrassed that the college aged women had reverted back to their immature high school attitudes.

The five girls were drunk enough to be carefree, careless, and perhaps a bit dangerous. It was one in the morning and Gretchen decided to run naked through the backyard not that anybody was going to see her at that hour.

Gail was memorized by the dozens of birdhouses in the next yard and she traipsed onto The Birdman's property for a better look. For some reason, Audrey became physically demonstrative and she found a baseball bat which she used to smash several of the birdhouses.

Sadie was shocked by their behavior but she said nothing as she watched Audrey take batting practice and Gail knock several of the birdhouses from their foundations, ruining most of them. Gail and Audrey were both snickering and laughing as they returned to Sadie's yard.

"What'd you do that for?" Sadie asked with horror when she realized the damage they had caused.

"Why not?" Gail replied with a drunken indifferent shrug.

The laughing naked Gretchen returned to the house with the others and they went back downstairs to drink more. Sadie couldn't get the sounds of the crashing birdhouses out of her thoughts as she passed out from all the partying.

Sadie's head was pounding in the morning and the girls took their hangovers and went home to recover. Sadie dragged herself upstairs to her room and she glanced out the window to see The Birdman in his backyard with a couple of trash cans and a wheelbarrow picking up the destroyed ruins of more than a dozen birdhouses. Sadie burst out in tears at the sad sight, feeling guilt, remorse, and incredible grief at what she and her friends had done. But she chose to pretend nothing happened and she decided to deny her involvement in the incident. Hopefully, it would all go away and quickly be forgotten.

A few days later, Sadie was having dinner with her parents when the subject of the vandalism came up.

"I bet it was those awful McCarthy brothers down the street that ruined Craig's birdhouses," Sadie's mother was saying when Sadie joined her folks at the table.

"They are little hellions," Sadie's Dad agreed.

"As if the poor man hasn't been through enough," Sadie's mother sighed.

"What do you mean? Sadie asked.

"Oh, you've been gone, Sweetie, so you've missed some of the drama," Sadie's mom replied.

"What drama?"

"Craig's wife left him last year," Sadie's Dad reported.

"Mrs. Mosher?" Sadie said with surprise. "But they were such a great couple!"

"Were is the operative word," Sadie's Dad noted.

"Mrs. Mosher always brought lemonade to us neighborhood kids when her husband was making a bird house for one of us," Sadie remembered. "They seemed happy and Mrs. Mosher was very supportive of him."

"She had an affair with some old college flame or something," Sadie's mom explained. "I didn't want to know all the details. She moved out and left poor Craig alone."

"And then he had that terrible car accident," Sadie's father reported as he ate his meal.

"Car accident?" Sadie asked.

"Some drunk broadsided Craig in a snow storm this winter," Sadie's mom revealed. "He was in bad shape for a while."

"And now those little turds go and ruin the one thing the poor guy had left," Sadie's dad grumbled, shaking his head with disgust and making Sadie feel worse than ever.

"Craig told me he's not building any more birdhouses," Sadie's mom announced sadly.

"What!?" Sadie asked with surprise. "Why not!? He's The Birdman!"

"He says he just doesn't care anymore," Sadie's mom answered.

"That's awful!" Sadie cried.

"I think he's been a little depressed lately," Sadie's Dad observed. "Those delinquents ruining his birdhouses was probably the last straw."

Sadie felt beyond awful. Why did she and her friends have to get so drunk and stupid for? Why did they victimize The Birdman of all people? What did he ever do to them to deserve their cruelty? Nothing. He was a great neighbor and a gifted birdhouse builder who had shared his talents with all of them.

The ruined birdhouses weighed on her conscious for days but Sadie wasn't sure what to do about it. She didn't want to rat out her friends but every time she glanced out her bedroom window she saw the absent birdhouses in The Birdman's backyard and she became all the more guilt ridden and troubled.

Finally, Sadie couldn't live with herself any longer. She walked across the yard and knocked on The Birdman's back door. She saw him shuffling through the house from the living room to answer the door. He was wearing green gym shorts and a white tee shirt but he was barefooted and he looked awful.

"Hello, Mr. Mosher," Sadie said cheerfully when he reached the screen door. "I'm Sadie McEwen from next door?"

"Oh, hello, Sadie," The Birdman acknowledged, giving her a second look. "I hardly recognized you. You've certainly grown up."

"Thanks," she said with a pleasant smile.

She was struck by the lack of color and cheerfulness on The Birdman's face. He always had a smile in her younger days. He'd crack jokes and be energetic with the neighborhood kids, always making them laugh. He was forty now but he looked twenty years older than that. He hadn't shaven in a few days, his hair was longer than she remembered and it looked unkempt. His eyes were sullen and empty. There was almost a grimace on his face.

"Can I help you?" He finally asked.

"I wanted to bring my roommate a present when I return to college next month," Sadie explained. "I was wondering if you could build me a birdhouse?"

"Oh, I don't think so," The Birdman sighed. "But I have a couple lying around you can have if you want."

"What happened to all your birdhouses?" Sadie asked, feigning innocence and ignorance as she gestured toward the backyard.

"They were taken down," he said without emotion in his voice.

"I miss them," Sadie admitted and that was the truth.

"Your mother tells me you're doing well at college," The Birdman remarked. "Dean's list and the rest."

"Yeah." Sadie was embarrassed that her mother was talking about her to others.

"Congratulations. She's very proud of you. Just like in high school."

Sadie sighed, feeling pangs of guilt overwhelming her. She certainly wasn't proud of herself right now. "Thanks," she replied sheepishly.

"So, come in for a minute, I'll find you a birdhouse," The Birdman said, opening the door for her.

"You sure you can't make me a new one?" Sadie asked as she followed him into the house. It was clean and well maintained.

"I don't think so," he replied. "I'm not doing that anymore."

"Why not?" Sadie asked almost desperately. "You make them so well. And you've loved it so."

"Those days are over," he sighed.

Sadie noticed four or five birdhouses sitting on a table in the corner of the room. The Birdman picked up a purple one and handed it to her.

"Here," he said. "Have this one."

"Thanks," she replied, graciously accepting the offer by taking it from his hands. "My roommate will really like this."


"You're really the best, Mr. Mosher. Thanks so much!"

"Sure," he replied blandly. "You can go out the front door," he said as he took a seat in his arm chair.

Sadie responded with a smile but inside she was dying from the guilt she was feeling. She glanced around the room and noticed that the shades were drawn and the curtains were closed.

"It feels kind of glum in here," she observed.

"Yeah, well I've been feeling kind of glum lately," he replied.

"I'm sorry," she told him.

"It's okay," he replied. "You can go now."

Sadie felt overwhelming guilt burdening her but she tried to ignore it. She should just leave and forget about what happened but a shiver ran down her spine and her stomach tumbled as if she had eaten something that disagreed with her.

"Something wrong?" The Birdman asked from his perch in his chair as Sadie hesitated by the door.

Suddenly she was aware that she was sweating. Sadie swallowed nervously and she tried to say something but her throat had gone dry and she waited for her voice to return. She felt like a kid in the principal's office and she straightened the long red tee shirt that hung over her white summer skirt. The house was cool inside but Sadie could feel the perspiration forming on her forehead.

She stared at The Birdman. "I need to tell you something," she sighed with defeat.

"Tell me what?" He asked.

Sadie studied his smooth handsome features despite the emotional stress he had been under in recent times. His blue eyes seemed to be penetrating her as she looked at him. His gray-streaked blonde hair fell across his forehead as he waited for her to say something.

"I know what happened to your birdhouses," she mumbled.

"You do?" He asked blankly.

"Yes, sir," she said as she took a few steps toward his chair. "You see, my friends and I had a party and we sort of got drunk."

"Yes," he acknowledged.

"Yes?" She asked, confused.

"I saw you that night," The Birdman revealed softly.

"You did!?" Sadie was shocked.

"It's not every day I look out the window to see a naked woman running around your back yard in the middle of the night," he noted.

"That was Gretchen Wilson," Sadie sighed. "We were all pretty drunk." She looked at him with uncertainty.

"You were," he agreed.

"Why didn't you come out and stop us?"

"I didn't have the energy," he confessed. "I didn't have enough emotion to care."

She stared at him. "I'm really sorry for our behavior. It was inexcusable."

"Yes," he agreed.

"Why didn't you tell my parents?" She wondered.

He shrugged his shoulders. "What for?"

Sadie should have felt relief but her heart was still thumping in her chest. The Birdman gazed at her from his perch in his chair and she flushed with embarrassment knowing she had been found out. She reached her hand up and nervously knocked some of her long dark hair away from her sweaty forehead.

"What are you going to do?" She asked meekly.

"Nothing," he replied.

"That's it?" She asked, peering at him with disbelief. "My friends and I totally destroy your favorite things and you're not going to do anything?"

"What am I supposed to do?" He asked, sounding drained and defeated. "I suppose if you were eight I could give you a spanking for your misdeed but there's not much I can do to you now, is there?"

Sweat was dripping down her back. "I guess not," Sadie admitted, not quite believing she was going to get off Scott free for her misbehavior. She cocked an eyebrow. "I could pay for the damages," she offered.

"It was the sentimental value that meant something to me," The Birdman told her. "You can't put a monetary amount on the pride, joy and pleasure I put in making those birdhouses."

"I know," she sighed. "It was just a thought."

"What's done is done, Sadie," The Birdman said. "You can leave now. Thanks for coming clean but the damage has been done and there's nothing you can say or do that can change that."

"I suppose," she agreed, feeling worse than ever.

"But thanks for telling me," he said earnestly. "I appreciate that much."

"I just wanted to let you know," she said through her guilt.

The Birdman nodded and for a moment they held the other's gaze. Sadie stared into his pale blue eyes until he broke eye contact by looking away.

"You can go now," he let her know.

But for some reason she didn't want to. She was feeling guilt for what she had done and a strange sadness for him as he sat there in his chair, his wife gone and his beloved birdhouses ruined, no sign of life in his eyes. There had to be something she could do to make him feel better while alleviating her own sense of guilt and shame.

It would easy for Sadie to just walk out the door and forget about everything but her sneakers were nailed to his floor and she couldn't move. How could she just leave him in his pain and loneliness and misery and her in her guilt?

"Mr. Mosher, I..."

"It's okay," Sadie," The Birdman told her. "I forgive you."

"I..." Sadie swallowed. "I feel like I owe you something."

"You don't," he assured her.

"I feel sorry for you," Sadie confessed. I..." Her voice gave way and she burst into tears. "I'm so sorry for what we did."

The Birdman didn't reply. Sadie felt her pounding heartbeat in her chest and her knees were shaking.

"I don't blame you for hating me," she blubbered.

"I don't hate you," he said. "I don't wish you pain, Sadie." His voice was soft and emotionless. "Please just let it go."

Sadie swallowed. "I need to make it up to you somehow," she whispered. "There must be something I can do."

"You admitted what happened," The Birdman replied. "You obviously feel bad about it. That's good enough."

Sadie chewed on her bottom lip. She couldn't comprehend how he was so free of anger, resentment or bitterness, wiling to forgive her for her transgression against him. She stared at him while wiping a tear away.

"I'm glad this means something to you." The Birdman smiled weakly.

"I - I'm sorry," Sadie whispered, staring at the floor. "I feel terrible."

"I know," he acknowledged. "It's okay."

"You must think I'm a real brat."

"I don't," he told her. "I will admit I was disappointed with what I saw that night."

"We were drunk," she offered lamely.

I didn't expect that from you," The Birdman said. "You're what, nineteen now?"

"Twenty," she said.

"You were always such a role model around here."

"I know and I'm so sorry."

"I know you are," he said with a sad smile. "I can see it on your face and hear it in your voice. That's good enough for me."

"Okay," she said meekly.

"Go ahead and leave, Sadie," The Birdman told her.

But she couldn't. She had taken the last thing he cared about and she felt terrible. She racked her brain for a solution to the problem and then a strange, weird and maybe even perverted thought occurred to her. "You could still spank me if you wanted," she offered shyly.

He clearly didn't hear her. Either that or he pretended that he didn't hear what she had said.

"Mr. Mosher?" She asked when he didn't say anything.

"You're too old for spankings, Sadie," he finally said, sounding embarrassed.

"I deserve punishment for what I did," she rebutted in all seriousness.

She could see that he was taken aback by her suggestion. "That's okay," he said quietly.

She couldn't believe she had brought up the subject of a spanking either. She had never been spanked growing up, not that she ever did anything to deserve that level of corporal punishment. Sadie was a well behaved child, a responsible adolescent, and an admired teen. Smashing The Birdman's birdhouses was pretty much the worse thing she ever did as far as conduct and behavior went.

Sadie cleared her throat. "I deserve it," she said.

The Birdman looked more embarrassed than she felt. Her heart was racing as she stared at him.

"You should spank me," she said.

"It wouldn't be appropriate," The Birdman informed her.

"But it would be just," she countered, stepping closer to him. She could see him physically pushing back in his chair. "I wouldn't tell anyone, just like you didn't tell anyone on me."

"Sadie, you should probably just leave," The Birdman told her nervously.

"Not until you get your due process," she countered.

"Are you pre-law?" He joked uncomfortably.

"Let me assume the position," she requested.

Sadie approached The Birdman's chair and she saw him swallow, his eyes wide and his cheek twitching. When she reached him, Sadie laid herself across his legs on her stomach.

"Go ahead," she told him, looking up into his stunned face.

"Sadie," he said, his voice soft and vulnerable. "Don't do this to me."

"It's okay," she said. "I deserve the humiliation for what I did to your lovely birdhouses."

The Birdman tentatively placed his hands on the back of her long tee shirt and he slowly lifted it up to reveal her white skirt underneath. Sadie was surprised when she felt him lift up the bottom of her skirt to reveal her panties. It never occurred to her that he would smack her bare behind and she audibly gasped when he forcefully pulled down her panties to reveal her white rounded ass.

"Mr. Mosher!" She exclaimed with shock, a blush rushing across all four cheeks.

"I couldn't help myself," she heard him say with embarrassment.

She glanced up and saw that his face was almost as purple as the birdhouse he had given her.

"It's okay," she finally decided, realizing that she deserved the humiliation.

But all of a sudden it occurred to her that she wasn't so quite embarrassed, shamed and disgraced anymore. There was something else going on that surprised her even more. She was aware of his strong legs underneath her stomach and she realized that her breasts were rubbing against his thighs. And then she was aware of his hand on her ass, rubbing back and forth across her buns.

"Mr. Mosher," she whispered. "What are you going to do?"

"You said you wanted a spanking," he said, giving her a light swat.

"I didn't say I wanted a spanking," she corrected with a swallow. "I said I deserved a spanking."

"Maybe you do," The Birdman agreed as he gave her another light slap.

The Birdman's hand smacked down across her buns a third time and her skin turned red from his strike. A small scream spilled out of her mouth as he smacked her a fourth time.

"I really did love those birdhouses," he said, slapping her ass a fifth time.

"I know," she sobbed, not so much from his strikes but from the guilt and shame she felt for her behavior that night. "I should have stopped my friends."

"You should have," The Birdman agreed.

Sadie began to feel the stings from his repeated slaps but she didn't protest when he wrapped his arm around her waist to secure her on his lap and he smacked her bare ass a few more times. She didn't say anything as he continued the spanking, mostly because she had never felt so sexually turned on in her life. She had a steady boyfriend in high school and several lovers in college but none of them had made her feel the way The Birdman made her feel right now.

During one strike, The Birdman's finger slipped into the valley of her ass crack and Sadie yelped in reply. He smacked her now red ass a few more times before releasing him from his grip and helping her stand. Her panties fell down her legs and her skirt and tee shirt rolled down to cover her tush and pubic hair.

Sadie reached behind her, lifted up the clothes and rubbed her stinging rear, glancing back to check herself out.

"Look at how red you made me," she said with amazement.

"There were fifteen wrecked birdhouses," he told her. "One smack for each of them."

"I felt all of them," she told him as she continued to rub her stinging fanny.

"You can go now, Sadie," The Birdman told her. "You got your punishment."

"What if I don't want to go?" She whispered.

"What do you mean?" The Birdman replied with surprise.

She didn't say anything as she looked deep into his sad eyes. "I wouldn't mind some more punishment," she said slyly.

"What kind of punishment?" He asked with confusion.

She smirked as she placed her two hands on the bottom of her tee shirt and lifted it over her head, revealing her naked breasts to him. Her panties were already around her knees so she shimmied her skirt down her legs and stepped out of the clothing, kicking off her sneakers to stand totally nude in front of him. The Birdman gasped, his eyes wide with disbelief but she smiled to let him know it was okay.

The Birdman stared at her stiff nipples and she slowly leaned in until her breasts were in his face.

"Sadie!" The Birdman whispered, lifting his hand up to feel one of her breasts.

She arched her back in satisfaction. "It's okay," she said. "It's my…..punishment."

"But I've known you since you were a little kid," he protested.

"I'm not a little kid anymore," she moaned.

She felt his mouth on her nipple and she shuttered in response. "Oh, Mr. Mosher," she whimpered.

"Sadie, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be..."

"Shh," she said as she put her hands on both sides of his head and held him against her bosom.

"Your parents," He worried.

"You're punishing me," Sadie whimpered in reply, kneeling on his legs and moaning loudly.

The Birdman let out a loud sigh. "Sadie, you didn't have to do this," he said.

Sadie nodded with understanding. "I wanted to," she told him, looking into his eyes. His eyes were filled with emotion and he had a look of almost desperation on his face.

"Mr. Mosher," she whispered happily.

"Sadie," he responded quietly, stroking her long hair while he continued to suck on and squeeze her breasts.

One of his hands eventually made it down to her still red and stingy ass which he gently rubbed.

"I hope I didn't hurt you," he said as he tenderly smoothed her buns with his hand.

"It's all right," Sadie laughed. "It felt…..amazing."

Her heart skipped a beat while he looked intently into her eyes.

"Sadie," he said. "You realize how scandalous this is, don't you?"

"I'm of age, Mr. Mosher," she reminded him. "Old enough to make my own decisions."

"You're quite beautiful," The Birdman assured her as he took in the physical beauty of her nude form in front of him.

She blushed and The Birdman laughed when he realized that her face was almost as red as her sore bottom. He stroked her hair and then he rubbed the back of his hand along her cheek.

"Sadie," he said with satisfaction. "Thank you for this." His awkwardness was both amusing and flattering.

"It's my pleasure," she giggled.

The Birdman sucked in a deep breath. "I...I…..vowed to myself that I would never cross the line with a student."

"I was never your student," she reminded him.

"It's still wrong," he sighed.

"Wasn't that the whole idea?" She laughed.

Sadie stepped back and took him by the hand, lifting him out of his chair. He stumbled clumsily after her as a warm excitement overwhelmed him. She led him up the stairs and into his room where she fell onto the bed on her back, spreading her legs to vulnerably reveal herself to him in invitation.

"Jesus, Sadie," was all The Birdman could say as he began to disrobe.

When he was naked, The Birdman crawled onto the bed between her opened legs, sliding his finger along her slit and Sadie fell back and moaned. Suddenly, his mouth was on hers and he kissed her warmly as his hand found her breast, gently squeezing.

"I can't believe I'm going to fuck The Birdman,' Sadie giggled.

He suddenly rolled away from her and put his hand on his forehead in dismay. "Holy shit, what in the hell am I doing?" He groaned.

"It's okay!" Sadie told him, rolling over so she was sprawled across him.

"No, it's not," he sighed. "You're Tom and Judy's kid," he said. "I watched you grow up."

"Don't I look grown up now?" She giggled.

"I built you a doll house."

She was impressed he remembered. "I still have it," she said happily.

"Jesus, Sadie, this is so improper."

"Look at you, Mr. Mosher," an exasperated Sadie complained. "You're so depressed you couldn't even go out and save your birdhouses when we were wrecking them!"

"That's true," he admitted. "I haven't cared about anything for a long time."

"Don't you care about me?" She teased, nipping at his neck.

"Yes," he whispered.
Sadie tugged on his ear lobe with her lips. He slowly raised his hand and brushed his thumbs over her nipples. She threw her head back with satisfied pleasure.

"Enjoy me," she begged.

Sadie's thighs spread slightly and one of The Birdman's hands made its way between them. He lightly grazed her with his index finger and she moaned with approval. He rubbed a little harder eliciting more moans from his young lover.

The Birdman pushed her off of him and she fell back on the mattress, letting him straddle her and she felt his dick rub against her opening. He kissed her she madly returned the kisses with happiness and she yelped when he found her clit with his fingers causing her to buck underneath him.

Sadie groaned as she felt him stick a finger into her which he moved in and out slowly. She panted as the excitement built and before she knew it her body was involuntarily thrusting. She closed her eyes as she got closer and she couldn't remember feeling so wet before.

The Birdman curved his fingers forward and hit Sadie's sweet spot. She cried out with pleasure while he buried his face in her breasts. After a few moments, The Birdman released his finger from inside and Sadie's eyes shot open with surprised disappointment. The Birdman lifted his finger to his mouth and he seductively licked her scent from it before resting it against the lip of her mouth.

Sadie grinned at him seductively and he smiled at her in return. She relaxed back onto the soft mattress and she spread her legs wide to let him know she was ready. She thrust herself against him and before he knew what was happening, The Birdman found himself buried deep inside her. He pushed hard into her while keeping his eyes fixed on hers. Sadie's eyes widened as she felt the varied sensations within her.
"OH, GOD! Oh, Oh, Oh!" she panted as their movements continued.

Sadie wrapped her legs around The Birdman's back and she locked her ankles behind his ass to pull him into her deeper. He bent down and kissed her as he repeatedly thrust into her. She broke the kiss, panting even louder.

"OH GOD, I'm cummmiiinnnggg..."

The Birdman felt her tighten around his cock and she pulsated her orgasm just as he began shooting his cum inside her, thrusting hard and holding himself deep inside her as she moaned and writhed beneath him.
The Birdman finally collapsed, rolling off of her but then grabbing her and rolling her on top of him. They were both breathing hard while trying to recover and The Birdman looked up to see a huge grin on Sadie's face.

"How do you feel now?" She giggled.

"I feel pretty good," he admitted sheepishly.

"You're the best lover I've ever had!" Sadie announced happily before nuzzling into his chest with total relaxation.

"I think I'm going to build you a new birdhouse after all," The Birdman decided and Sadie burst into tears.

"I'm so happy!" She exclaimed.

They fell asleep and when they awoke later, they showered together, touching and soaping and rinsing with affection and meaning.

"How do you feel?" Sadie asked again as they stood under the shower spray.

"I feel…alive," The Birdman told her.

### ###

They were discreet during the remainder of the summer. The Birdman built Sadie a new birdhouse before she went back to college and he started working on replacements for the ones ruined during that drunken night.

"Look's like Craig found his second wind," Sadie's Dad commented when the replacement birdhouses began appearing in The Birdman's backyard.

"I wonder what got into him," Her mother remarked and Sadie burst out with laughter at the comment.

"Oh, I'm sure he just found the meaning of life," Sadie explained happily, ignoring the funny stare from her father but she knew from the look in her mother's eyes that she had been found out.

"The Birdman's a nice guy, don't you think, Mom?" Sadie asked.

"Yes, dear, Craig is a good man," Her mother replied.

Sadie grinned and gave her mother a hug.

"Be careful," her mother whispered in Sadie's ear.

Leaving for college was hard for Sadie for obvious reasons and her father was confused when she returned home nearly every weekend.

"You could have just gone to Green College across the river if you were going to do this," he complained.

While her father remained oblivious, Sadie's friends quickly figured out that she was banging the forty-year old Birdman. Samantha had seen them at Johnny C's having breakfast early one morning. Gretchen ran into them at the movies one Saturday night. Audrey, who only lived three doors down, saw Sadie coming and going from The Birdman's house at all hours (even though she usually snuck out the back).

"Is this just for the sex or do you really care for this guy?" Gail asked Sadie during one of their girl's night out gatherings.

"He is old," Gretchen agreed.

"Age is just a number," Sadie insisted.

"Okay, sure, but in a decade or two maybe it will be a number that matters," Audrey warned.
"Yeah, one day you might wake up as an unpaid geriatric nurse sleeping with a man who resembles your grandfather!" Gail laughed.
"Or you could find yourself facing middle age childless having sacrificed you fertile years to a guy who didn't want kids at his age," Samantha worried.

"Geez, it's only been a few weeks!" Sadie laughed at their overreaction. "We're not living together. I'm off at college most of the time. It's not as if we're engaged!"

"So, it is just about the sex," Gretchen remarked.

"No, it's not just about the sex," Sadie protested as they sat around Audrey's living room drinking wine. "But I have to tell you, the sex is great!" She giggled. "The Birdman's so giving and experienced and mature in his love making. It's nice to be with someone who isn't just there to shoot his wad and go to sleep or leave."
"It's not just about the sex?" Gretchen asked.

"He's a nice guy," Sadie explained. "He has a fun sense of humor. An interesting perspective. He's a teacher so he relates well to my younger mind set."

"His wife left him," Samantha pointed out.

"Maybe she had the problem," Sadie said defensively.

"I'd just hate to see you become a live in maid and cook," Samantha remarked.

"It's not like that," Sadie assured her friends. "Actually, The Birdman is a pretty good cook!"

"So him being older really isn't an issue?" Gail wondered.

"As long as the inside of the guy doesn't change I'm not going to worry about the future," Sadie replied. "I'm tried of hanging around with immature jerks like most of the guys my age are. I want someone who's there for me and someone who is a real man."

"Do you love him?" Samantha asked.

"I'm happy with him," Sadie replied. "Maybe I do love him, I don't know. I always had a crush on him. I like him. But I don't think too much about the future right now given the circumstances. I'm taking it one day at a time and I'll jump each hurdle as they come."

"Well, you're certainly not showing any vanity about it," Gretchen observed. "You don't mind being seen with him and you don't seem to care what people think about it."

"Why should I?" Sadie asked.

"I say go for it and be happy together," Samantha decided.

"Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts," a cynical Audrey remarked.

"I will!" Sadie vowed, pouring herself some more wine. "I'm not worried in the least bit. I love our relationship. We have lots in common and he's so much more experienced than me. He's handsome, he's romantic, and I enjoy everything we do together. Our lives mesh well together. The only thing that bothers me is how much apart we are right now because of college. Maybe I'll transfer to Green. It's very hard because I want to be together every night but it makes the time we do share together even better. We have chemistry, the sex is great, he's not jealous and he knows that I'm still growing. I'm going to make mistakes but he doesn't want me to stop being the person I'm supposed to be."

"Maybe you'll get tired of him," Gail said.

"Maybe," Sadie agreed. "What's the longest relationship any of us had?" She wanted to know. "I think that's a reasonable concern given the age difference but I've pretty much gotten all of my partying out of my system and I'm ready for a more serious future. As long as we have the same values, dreams, chemistry, and vision I don't see a problem dating an older man. Age doesn't define the person."

"So why are you hiding him?" Audrey challenged.

"I'm not," Sadie said defensively.

"Does your father know yet?" Audrey demanded.

"No," Sadie sighed.

"I rest my case," Audrey replied smugly.

"Believe me, I want to tell everyone how happy I am with this guy but I'm also well aware of the stigma involved," Samantha protested. "Hell, even you guys aren't being all that supportive."

"We're just jealous!" Samantha laughed.

"I'm not!" Gretchen insisted.

"Are you drunk enough to get naked again and run all over the back yard?" an annoyed Sadie snapped.

"Fuck you," Gretchen said with a laugh.

Sadie kept her father in the dark for as long as she could but as Thanksgiving approached she knew she'd have to let him in on the news if she hoped to have The Birdman over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Sadie's mom promised to grease the skids for her daughter prior to her return but Sadie was still nervous regarding what her father would think about her dating the next door neighbor (her father's friend, basically) who was twenty years her senior. She was worried about how her father would react and she feared he might go off on The Birdman, creating a scene, ruining the holiday, and making the neighborhood situation really tense.

It wasn't until the four actually sat down for the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving afternoon that the situation actually came up in conversation.

"So," Sadie's father asked, eyeing his daughter. "How'd this happen?"

"It just did, Dad," Sadie said defensively. "You don't really want to know all the details, do you?"

"I'm really sorry, Tom," The Birdman awkwardly added.

"I know what you're going to say, Dad," Sadie complained.

"You do?" Her father asked innocently.

"That I'm too young and he's too old and what am I going to do if he gets sick or dies or something stupid like that," Sadie groaned unhappily.

"I wasn't going to say that at all," her father laughed.

"You weren't?" Sadie asked with surprise.

"Hell, who's to say that you won't get sick and Craig here gets stuck as your caregiver?" Her father asked. "Or you get hit by a bus and die first? No one gets a free ride in life. I assume you two like each other?"

"Yes, Daddy, we like each other," Sadie blushed.

"It's been interesting," The Birdman agreed.

"So then who am I to argue?" Her father wanted to know. "Sadie, you're certainly old enough to make your own decisions. You never asked me about your previous boyfriends and I didn't expect you to ask me now."
"Oh," Sadie replied, taken aback by her father's reaction.

"The age gap is not the point here," her father continued. "Are you two compatible is the more important question."

"We're getting along so far!" Sadie laughed.

"As long as you're together for the right reasons I can't argue," Sadie's father said. "I know Craig is coming off a divorce and Sadie you need to finish college but if you two really care about each other and want to be together, I'm okay with that."

Sadie's mouth was hanging open as she stared at her father with disbelief.

"Well, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!" Sadie's mother said, raising her wine glass in a salute.

It was the best Thanksgiving Sadie could have hoped for. Her parents accepted The Birdman has her boyfriend and the four had a great holiday together. When it came time for The Birdman to leave, Sadie's parents didn't say anything when Sadie said she was going to walk him home. She was grateful and thankful for her parents understanding and support and she was tickled to be back in The Birdman's house after a day of good food, wonderful company, and true happiness.

"I can't believe my father!" Sadie laughed once they were inside The Birdman's house.

"He was very gracious," The Birdman agreed, pouring her a glass of wine. "I worried it might get ugly."

"Me too," Sadie sighed with relief. "Instead, it was a wonderful celebration." The Birdman kissed her on the forehead. "It was."
They brought their wine glasses upstairs and The Birdman watched as Sadie started stripping out of her clothes.
"You're sure not wasting any time," he remarked as he watched her disrobe.

Sadie looked at him, biting her lip. "I'm very eager given what happened today." She stripped naked and stood before him. "Aren't you?"

The Birdman pulled her close for a kiss and she started to unbutton his shirt. She pushed it off of his shoulders and then she watched as The Birdman finished undressing. When he was naked too, he leaned in and kissed her softly. Sadie opened her mouth and reached into his mouth with her tongue.
"I've wanted you all day," she whispered.

"You're beautiful," he told her.

She leaned up and kissed him again before turning around and knelt on the bed on all fours and peeking seductively over her shoulder at The Birdman. "Let's do it doggie style!"
Sadie closed her eyes as she felt The Birdman's hands slide along her back before circling around and gripping her waist. One of his hands brushed through her hair while he grinded his groin into her backside. Sadie arched back and moaned as The Birdman pushed against her blissfully but then he flipped her over on her back on the mattress and looked down at her.

"I want to make love with you not fuck you doggie style," he said. "I want to see your beautiful face while we make love."

"Okay," she said happily.

The Birdman kissed her neck, played with her hair, and stroked her cheeks. Sadie pulled him down and kissed him while his hands slid to her knees, gently pulling them apart as he positioned himself between her legs. They never took their eyes off of each other as The Birdman slowly slid himself into her.

Sadie opened her mouth but nothing came out as he pulled her to him, gripping her lower back and ass cheeks as Sadie wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his shoulder.
When The Birdman tried to kiss her again, Sadie closed her mouth over his lower lip and sucked gently while he moved his hips sending electricity through her body. Soon, Sadie lost herself while The Birdman kissed her all over until she went over the edge just as he let go. Sadie pushed against him several times during her orgasm and then they both relaxed into each other, breathing hard.
"I feel young when I'm with you," The Birdman told her.

"I feel happy when I'm with you," Sadie replied as she held him tight. "Happy Thanksgiving, my Birdman."