There once was a gay dolphin named Sergio and his boyfriends name is angel who is a whale, a specific kind of whale called the sperm whale .Under the sea, there are gay sea creatures just like there is gay humans. Now the couple was angry because there is a law that states that same sex marriage is illegal so they went everywhere trying to change that law. But it was hard for them because no matter were they went, people just ignored them. Plus they have a baby named Kimberly who is a starfish. So with them having a baby involved it makes the situation much harder because they could not bring Kimberly to the meetings with them so they had to find a fish sitter. They found a fish sitter named alejondro whom is a walrus. So Sergio and angel go to alejondro and leave Kimberly with him so they can go to court to talk to the judge and change the law.

So the judge decided to change the law but Sergio and angel had to travel to the north Atlantic ocean and meet with the fishedent /president so the change would be permanent. Days later the two reach the Atlantic and now all they have to do is look for the fishedent's house which in this case is the famous titanic. Now the two reached the titanic and had to go threw security which are piranhas and the two went threw the x-ray to make sure that they had nothing inside of them. The fishedents secretary took them to the fishedents office which is near grand staircase. They shook his fin and sat down in the coral that grew in the grand staircase.