Vampires and Elves coexist underneath a thin line of tolerance. DiStephano, once a respectable elf, falls into a trap and sees himself changed forever - a burden he barely stands. Destiny made of him an unique creature, but his hateful mind keeps reeling. Until one day everything changes.

This demo short-story includes characters of my Vampire Saga, currently being written. Please, do not use the plot/characters/contextual situations without my permission.

I wrote this piece exclusively as a demo. It is a side-story of the main plot.

Author's Bio:

Rita Dinis, pseudonym of Ana Luisa R. Oliveira, launched her first book – Isoforma – in 2011, part of a Vampire Series originally written in her native language: Portuguese. The second book is currently being written and she has several plans for upcoming series, both in Portuguese/English. Currently she has several stories published in horror/terror anthologies. Writing for anthologies is one of her addictions, along with killing zombies and mutants with a rifle gun on Wii.

She is a biologist and an M.D.: Medicine and writing edgy fiction are her passions; for her, writing comes as naturally as a mushroom growing by the roadside. She currently lives and works as an M.D. in Southern Portugal, in her home city, with her family.

If you want to know more about the author, try: dot ritadinisinternational dot webs dot com, or join my facebook page: pages/R-D-Rita-Dinis/235577059829634. (see my profile page for further details.)