Chapter 1: Pranking and Mischievousness Galore!

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Brring! "Schools out!" the class shouted. They stampeded out the door and into the hall, happy for another summer vacation. John met up with his friend Trixi. He was a nerdy looking yet surprisingly, a fast runner. "What are you doing for summer?" she asked.

John answered, "Basically nothing. Two whole months of relaxing!" They laughed and joined Taylor, Kavika, and Jason. "Ms. Daly is so boring!" Taylor complained. "It's always like hey, let's play some math games on the last day of school! Boring!" "Yeah, yeah. We're not gonna see her again. So thank god!" Jason exclaimed.

Then he immediately took out his iPod and started listening to music. That was Jason, always listening to music. He wanted to be a famous rapper one day, and was a good one already. "Hey, do you guys want to come over?" Kavika asked. Everyone but Kavika looked at each other. "Yeah, but there won't be another curry bomb in the backyard, right?" John asked.

"I won't make any promises," Kavika said mischievously. Kavika was a weird yet prank loving person. But sadly, those pranks always got his friends. Whenever they let their guard down, then boom! They hopped into his car, where Kavika's father greeted them. On the car ride, they looked outside and saw a peaceful strawberry farm.

"I wonder who lives there," Trixi said. Trixi was a bookworm, yet a huge prankster and wore her trademark jean jacket. She was also known as "The Prankster Queen." Suddenly, the strawberry farm shifted into a different scene. Just for a second, they saw kids in armor, a dragon, and a huge blue house. "What the-! Did you guys see that?" John said in shock.

They nodded and gazed at the farm again. They arrived at Kavika's house and Taylor whispered, "Let's go sneak out and check out the farm!" John sighed, "Typical Taylor." Taylor was a very violent, yet fun loving person. She loved to do any thing that broke the rules, especially sneaking out. Trixi replied, "Not now! We need to wait!"

They all agreed and went inside. Everyone was on their guard except for Kavika, who looked like he was enjoying himself. Taylor glared at him and said in a threatening tone, "I swear, if a bucket of spiders falls down on us right now, I will get one and-" "You jinxed it!" Jason cried out. A red bucket teeming with large, hairy black spiders dropped out of nowhere.

"Ha! You forgot something," Trixi said slyly. "What is that?" Kavika said with a smirk. "The Prankster Queen never falls for the same prank, and-" Taylor cut in and finished, "And always has a counter attack!" The bucket dropped onto an incredibly thin thread.

It swung towards Kavika, and tipped over. Kavika flailed wildly in the crowd of spiders. He ran outside and hosed himself off. The spiders flew everywhere, making a disgusting splat when one of them hit the windows. When Kavika was completely spider free, he gasped, "How did you do that?"

Trixi smiled and said, "Oh, I had John disable your security system, had Taylor sneak inside and knock out your parents with sleeping gas so they wouldn't wake up, and had Jason sneak inside and set the whole trap." Kavika was speechless as everyone smirked at him. Kavika's father yelled, "Everything alright down there?"

"Uh oh," Taylor said. They ran outside while Kavika shouted, "We're going to take a walk!" They ran into a grocery store, panting. Jason looked around, and met eyes with the sales clerk. 'Something's off about him,' Jason thought. The clerk gave Jason a smile that was pure evil. Jason ran up to his friends and said breathlessly, "I just saw the sales clerk give me a weird smile!" They looked over at the clerk and got the same smile. John shuddered and whispered, "Let's get out of here!"

For a moment, John thought he saw claws instead of hands when the clerk handed a customer a bag. He gulped and ran out with his friends. Taylor said excitedly, "Stakeout time!" They ran over to the strange strawberry farm. "Should we just… go in?" Kavika questioned. A loud growl made them all jump 10 feet into the air. Everyone turned around to see the sales clerk. "Uhhh…" Jason was at loss for words. The clerk started transforming, morphing into a dragon. "Great," John said sarcastically. "Just great." The dragon lunged at them, but they instantly dove away.

The dragon hissed, "You five are required to come before my master!" Taylor blurted, "Who's your master?" The dragon roared in anger and yelled, "Fools! How dare you address my master like that! His power is infinite, and will destroy your puny little world!" He let out a burst of fire, which singed everyone. Suddenly, they heard a sound of a horn. Startled, they turned to look at the source of the nose.

Unfortunately, the dragon dove at them, and with a vicious swipe, managed to hit someone with its razor sharp claws. "NO!" John, Kavika, Trixi, and Taylor yelled. Jason had four deep cuts on his ribs, and had fainted. The group gave the dragon an intense death glare. Taylor heard her blood pounding in her ears, and shouted. The dragon was consumed in a blast of white-hot flames, and slowly disintegrated into a pile of ashes. The others stared in awe of her, until three people with armor and very pointy swords ran over to them.

A girl with blond hair said fiercely, "Who are you? And which one is the fire user?" Trixi stood up and glared at the blond girl. "Who do you think you are?!" she yelled. "Our friend is hurt, and you're trying to find out if someone is a what, fire user?"

One guy with dark hair and sea green eyes came over to the blond girl. "Annabeth, calm down. Hey!" He beckoned some people over and they took Jason away. "So, by the way, I'm Percy, and this is Annabeth."

Since Trixi was too busy glaring at them, Kavika stepped forward and said, "I'm Kavika. The kid with glasses is John, and the other kid is Trixi. That's Taylor, and the person who was hit by the dragon is Jason."

Percy nodded and brought them inside. He announced, "So, this is Camp Half-Blood. This is where demigods come here to train and fight monsters." John said, "Hold up. What's a demigod?"

Percy sighed as if he's heard this a bunch of times. "You guys know about the Greek gods?" Everyone nodded. "So, they are real. Believe it or not, the twelve Olympians are on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building."

He stared at us, as if expecting to see a shocked reaction, which he didn't get.

"Anyways, there are monsters here that can smell demigods. The more powerful they are, the more stinkier, I guess. Twelve cabins for each god, though Hera's is only honorary. She never mingles with mortals. Also, since the Titan War, we added a bunch more."

John asked, "Only demigods can enter here?" Percy said, "Yup. We don't want mortals stumbling into our camp by accident." Kavika spoke up, saying, "About the gods. How do we know which one is our parent? As far as I know, we all still have both of our parents."

Percy said sadly, "I'm sorry, but one of them is a fake. But on to happier subjects! You can either train here with us and have a lot of fun, or you can lead the depressing, dangerously life of a demigod outside. Yeah, I know, I've been through it."

Everyone chuckled at that. "We'll train with you guys," Taylor said. Taylor looked reverently at the cabins. "So one of our parents is a god?" asked Taylor. Percy nodded. They walked over to a huge, blue house, where a man in a wheelchair was waiting.

Percy said respectfully, "This is Chiron." Suddenly, the man rose up from his wheelchair. He transformed into a horse-like creature. Kavika stammered, "Y-you're a centaur!" Percy told Chiron, "I told them about everything."

They looked at them expectantly, as if waiting for something. Taylor said rudely, "I'm sorry, but are we supposed to do some back flips or something?" The tension got thick until the door creaked open. They all jumped (not Chiron) and looked at who came in.

Annabeth and Jason were there with a tired smile and several bandages over his ribs. "Jason!" his friends yelled out. They hugged him and quickly brought a chair for him to sit down. Taylor warned, "I'm only being nice for today. Tomorrow, I'll pulverize you!" Jason smiled and said, "Same old Taylor."

When Chiron opened his mouth, he cut in and said, "Annabeth already told me everything." Looking a little disgruntled, Chiron continued to say, "We're waiting for you to get claimed by your godly parent." They looked up over their heads again. Suddenly, they gasped.

Over Jason's head was a lightning bolt and a "V." Annabeth gasped, "A son of two gods?" Which ones?" Jason asked. "Zeus, lord of the skies. And Nike, goddess of victory, speed, and strength. One of the Big Three," she said in awe. One by one, the others were claimed.

Chiron pointed at John. "Son of Apollo, god of the sun, music and poetry. Also, son of Hecate, goddess of magic, crossroads, and the Mist."

Then at Trixi. "Daughter of Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. And the daughter of Tyche, goddess of luck."

His finger moved to Kavika. "Son of Hades, god of death and riches. Also, the son of Morpheus, god of sleep and dreams."

Then at Taylor. "Daughter of Hephaestus, god of forges and fire. A fire user, I presume. And daughter of Hebe, goddess of youth."

When he saw the looks on their faces, he said hastily, "No, no, nothing like that! You're most likely descended from one god." He and Annabeth shared a look, as if they knew something.

Percy got an annoyed look on his face and said crossly, "I'll give you five the tour." As they went out the door, Annabeth started whispering to Chiron, "Only demigods that powerful could mean something!"

Chiron held up his hand and whispered back, "We'll have a meeting tomorrow, after Capture the Flag. Make sure to bring those five." She nodded and went out. Percy announced, "I'll give you five the tour. This is the sword arena, my favorite place." There was an archery range, rock climbing wall, forges, and tables where they could eat.

Then an explosion was heard, followed by someone screaming, "Drakon!" John groaned, "WAY too much action for one day." Percy shrugged and said, "Typical demigod life," and ran to the monster with the five friends running after him. The drakon was at the boundary, fighting some demigods.

"We're powerful, right?" Trixi asked. Percy nodded. "And Poseidon is the god of the sea?" she confirmed. Another nod. Trixi concentrated, and erected a tidal wave, and crashed it onto the drakon. Taylor's hands were alight with flames, and she shot a bolt of fire at it.

The monster was crushed into sand from the blows. The campers stared and gawked at the display of power. A bell rang, and Percy said abruptly, "Well, that's the dinner bell! Come on!" They went to the tables and sat down.

Chiron stomped his hoof and said, "Good evening, heroes. We have five new demigods joining us. We have made a new war game, like Capture the Flag, except with a twist. The Demeter cabin, Athena cabin, Poseidon cabin, Hecate cabin, Apollo cabin, the Zeus cabin, the Aphrodite cabin, Dionysus cabin, and the Hypnos cabin will be on one team. The other team will comprise of the rest of the cabins. Dig in!"

Just as the five friends were about to eat, other campers got up and started pushing part of their food into the fire. Percy explained, "Sacrifices to the gods. We want to keep them happy." They made a hasty offering and went back to their seats.

Between mouthfuls, Kavika asked, "What is Capture the Flag?" Percy grinned, and said, "You separate into two teams and try to capture the other team's flag. Because we're demigods, our powers and weapons add a little twist to it. It's a lot better when you actually play it." John asked, "Do you know what Chiron meant when he said that there would be a twist?" Percy frowned thoughtfully, then replied, "No, I'm don't know. But it better be something good."

"And we're all on the same team?" Jason asked. Percy answered, "Yeah. Well, not Taylor and Kavika. They're on the other team. The only cabins that won't be much help would be the Aphrodite and Hypnos cabins. Hypnos kids always sleep, and Aphrodite kids only look in the mirror and gossip. Well, except for Piper."

He pointed to a Indian looking girl with choppy braids. "That's Piper," he whispered. "You don't want to get her mad because she knows charmspeak. She could get you to do whatever she wants." They looked impressed, except for Percy.

He started laughing out loud, and said, "You should have seen your faces! Hold on, I'll get Annabeth." Still chortling, he went off. He came back with Annabeth, who was giggling, "Oh, and that one time when your mom showed us all your baby pictures!"

They stopped laughing when they saw the five eighth graders staring at them. Annabeth blushed and said in a calmer voice, "Oh, um, sorry about that. Anyways, we need to get you five some weapons so you can train!"

She led them to the Athena cabin. She opened a shed that was right next to it, and saw an enormous amount of weapons laying on the ground. They picked up the weapons and tried everything, but nothing seemed to fit.

Trixi tossed a knife down and said in frustration, "Argh! Nothing is well-balanced!" The moment they walked out, someone yelled, "Stop!"

Jason yelled, "Can we actually get some peace here!" while Percy and Annabeth groaned. They turned and saw a huge, menacing girl.

"Clarisse, when are you going to stop? I mean, look at last time, when Percy almost drowned you with-" Annabeth stopped and turned pale. "With?" Kavika prompted.

Annabeth started giggling and snorting, and choked out, "Toilet water!" Everyone laughed but Clarisse, who gave Annabeth a murderous glare.

"Wise Girl, you're going down tomorrow," Clarisse threatened. "Really? I thought children of Ares had to have brains to win," Annabeth retorted. Clarisse glowered at her, and stomped off. "Geez, someone's a little bit cranky today," Taylor remarked. "Don't worry. She's always like that," sighed Annabeth.

John grumbled, "I wish we had good weapons." "Your wish is my command," a voice said. Jason started hitting his head on the shed. They could make out him mumbling, "No-peace-in-here!" He looked up when a flash of bright light appeared. As it faded, the gods stood before them.

"We are here to give you five our gifts," Zeus said regally. "To Jason, I give this ring." He handed Jason a golden ring and commanded, "Rub it." When he did, it morphed into a crackling thunderbolt. "Awesome!" Jason shouted. Nike came to him and gave him a pair of Nikes.

"Uh, thanks, but what are they supposed to do?" Jason asked with a confused look on his face. She explained, "The will increase your chances of victory." Apollo and Hecate stepped forward and said, "These are our gifts."

Apollo gave John a golden whip that gave off a blistering heat. "Now, that is a whip made from the first sunlight that ever hit earth. It has a lot of powers, so I think you'll like it." Annabeth and Percy let out a huge breath. "What?" John whispered. Percy said with a horrified look on his face, "He usually says a haiku. And they're SO terrible, you cant even imagine!"

Hecate put her hand on John's head. "I give you knowledge and power of great magic," she chanted. Her hand glowed, and then faded back to normal. "Also, this bow. You can get any kind of arrow, and it will always be strung." She handed John a sleek bow that had strange runes on it.

Hades and Morpheus stepped forward and gave Kavika one dagger each. "This dagger blade is made from Stygian Iron, with diamonds encrusted in it. The other was dipped in the River Lethe. Use it if you want a quick and easy job."

Poseidon and Tyche walked over to Trixi. Poseidon handed her a blue sword and Tyche a small golden star. "The sword will help focus your powers, and the star is literally a good luck charm," they said.

Lastly, Hephaestus and Hebe. Hephaestus handed Taylor a hammer necklace and said awkwardly, "If you squeeze it, it will turn into a flaming spear. It can lengthen or shorten whenever you want. Hebe gave her a ruby bracelet. She said, "Tap the biggest ruby and it will change into an indestructible shield."

Then, as quickly as they came, they disappeared. "They'll give you some space until you five learn your powers," Chiron explained. Then he said, "Lights out!" "Aww!" they said. A lot of, "I was just going to test my weapon!" and "Mine is better than John's!" and "You guys are going down!" was heard.

"No excuses," Chiron said firmly. "Now, chop chop!" They walked off while marveling at their weapons. "Okay guys, let's make a bet!" Taylor declared. "We'll fight tomorrow, and whoever loses has to spray whipped cream in their cabin leaders beds, and dump fire ants inside their pillows.

Then you have to record the whole thing and tell them that you did it and that they'll put it on Facebook!" "Oh, it's on!" John said. Taylor smirked. "We'll see about that," she said slyly. Then they walked to their cabins and fell asleep.

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