Chapter 3: Do You Like Chili Sauce?

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Taylor's POV

"All right," Nyssa grunted. "Let's get started. So, first things first. Are you a fire user?" I was a little taken aback by the question. I opened my hand and it burst into angry red flames. "Like that?" I questioned. Nyssa's eyes widened and she stared at me. "If you keep staring at me, I will-" I threatened. "All right, all right! From what I heard, Hephaestus and Hebe gave you a present?" I nodded, and squeezed my hammer necklace and tapped my ruby bracelet. Nyssa examined them, and said, "Interesting. The shield is practically indestructible, made with a combination of celestial bronze and imperial gold."

I told her, "Uh huh. I am totally understanding what you're saying." Nyssa said dismissively, "Whatever. Now, I want you to attack me! And don't worry, I'll go easy." Infuriated, I swung my spear at her, making a wide arc of flames that set her hair on fire. I smirked, and said, "Sorry." Nyssa glared at me and put the flames out. "Start over," she said. I quickly lobbed a fireball at her to make a distraction. When she batted it aside with her sword, I was already charging at her, my spear flickering dangerously.

She blocked my strike with ease. I shot jets of fire, but she was too fast, and I was tiring. Then I remembered Hephaestus's words. "It can lengthen or shorten at will." I ran back, and Nyssa smirked, think I was running away. Well, think again buddy. I swung my spear again, and It magically elongated and actually broke her sword. "What?" said a stunned Nyssa. Suddenly, a fierce gust of wind blew everywhere, whipping my hair around. I raised my flaming spear, and swirled fire around it, making a cyclone of fire.

I was preparing to launch it at Nyssa, until she yelled, "Stop!" I extinguished my spear, but the wind kept blowing. Nyssa wiped the sweat off her forehead and ordered, "Enough of that. I'll take you to the forges and teach you some real stuff."

We walked to the forges where a bunch of Hephaestus kids were working on dozens of projects. I gazed at the huge fire. "So," Nyssa began. "You already have a weapon, so let's make some useful gadgets." In about three minutes, Nyssa assembled a glass ball with smoke and glitter inside. "Um, okay. A glittery smoke bomb?" I asked skeptically. "No, it's a smoke bomb, but with celestial bronze shards that shoot out," Nyssa corrected. Quite surprisingly, I was suddenly very interested.

"Say, would it be possible if there was paint and chili sauce in it?" Nyssa smiled and said, "I'll teach you how." One hour later, I learned how to make said chili bomb, a genuine gun that shot high intensity lasers, and some more bombs that you don't want to know about. Nyssa seemed impressed at how fast I was learning, as she should be. I grabbed a certain chili bomb and crept over to John's cabin. I opened the door a bit and hurled the bomb inside. The next second, there was a huge explosion with paint and chili sauce splattering the windows.

There was a large amount of screaming and cursing, I'll tell you that. I peeked through the door and saw John wiping chili sauce off his face. He spotted me peeking through the door and he flung a chunk of sauce at me. I got out another bomb, and he said, "You wouldn't." I chucked it at him, but John said quickly, "Incantare: Aversandi Obice!" In a flash of bright light, it came sailing back at me. "Oh gods…" was all I said before chili sauce smacked me right in the face.

It hit me so hard that I stumbled out the door and I almost fell over. Enraged, I summoned a white hot fireball. Just as John came out, I threw it, and with a window shattering boom! it knocked him out. Dizzy from the energy I used, I blacked out. I woke up in the infirmary, where a kid said, "You're lucky you're a fire user. That explosion probably would've melted your brains, or worse." John was also waking up, and he glared at me. I glared right back, but the kid saw me glaring, and said, "Don't waste your energy or you'll black out again."

I decided to kill John later. I got out of the bed and said, "I'm gonna go eat dinner," and walked out.

Kavika's POV

I followed a pale, goth kid. When we stopped, he said, "Let me see your weapons." I unsheathed my dual knives. He studied them, and asked, "Stygian iron encrusted with diamonds? And the other is celestial bronze dipped in Lethe water?" I nodded, surprised at how he knew. "By the way, I'm Nico. What's your name?" "Kavika. So, about this parent thing," I started. Nico cut in by saying, "One god is your father. You must be a descendant of the other. Otherwise, that would be pretty awkward." I sighed in relief. I questioned him, "Hades is the god of death and riches?"

"Yes," Nico confirmed. "And Morpheus is the god of sleep and dreams." I said eagerly, "Are we going to play with pointy objects or what?" Nico took out his sword and said, "Children of Hades mainly have one of two powers. They can control the dead, or have power over riches of the earth. Try summoning a skeleton." I concentrated, and the result was a little rat. I turned red with embarrassment, but Nico consoled me by saying, "Don't worry, that's good for your first time! Now, try searching the earth for any expensive rock and bring it up. Not many people have power over death and riches, but just to make sure."

I sent my senses searching and was overwhelmed by the amount of gold in the earth. I forced a bar of gold up, and it pooped out of the ground. Nico just gawked at me. "…" Really awkward moment. He kept staring, so I said, "Keep staring and I'll get Clarisse to get her electric spear and shove it-" Nico backed away and muttered, "The prophecy…" Lucky for him, I heard everything he said and started pestering him with questions. What prophecy? Am I in it? Has it happened already?" I asked in my most Kavika-ish way.

Nico gave me the worst death glare you can think of, times ten. After I shut up, he looked relieved, and said, "Now, on with training." "Do you like pie?" I interrupted. The death boy went to a nearby tree and started banging his head on it. He was muttering to himself, "Why, why, why?" To make things worse, an angry dryad appeared and started throwing acorns at him. Nico cursed and came back and said in a frustrated tone, "Take out your daggers." I took them out and got into a ready stance.

"So, just a few things before we fight," Nico said in a more composed voice. "Demigods usually have dyslexia and ADHD. They're hardwired for battle and have fast reflexes. So most demigods are naturals with weapons. Also, put your celestial bronze knife away," he ordered. I thought he was trying to weaken me, so I asked suspiciously, "Why?" Nico replied, "Because Lethe water is incredibly dangerous. It erases people's memories if touched. It was so strong that it wiped the memory of a titan." I carefully put the dagger away and got ready.

Nico drew his sword and charged at me. I blocked his strike, but then he suddenly melted into the shadows. He reappeared behind me, and with barely enough time, I parried the attack. We whirled around, occasionally summoning a skeleton warrior to fight. But suddenly, Nico clapped his hands, and the ground opened up and swallowed the skeletons. I called all the riches in the earth and made them surround Nico. With a yell, I exploded them. But not before Nico raised a black wall around himself.

I was drained of energy, and I could hardly raise my dagger. Trying a final attempt, I slashed at Nico. The sun seemed to darken for a second, and we suddenly appeared on a random island. Nico looked extremely confused, and said, "Look familiar to you?" I shook my head, and the scene suddenly shifted. We were in one of the classrooms at my school, except it was empty. I thought about how horrible it would be if a monster came in. As if on cue, a minotaur crashed into the room.

"What?" I said in shock. The minotaur rammed his head at us and scored a shallow cut on Nico's arm. Nico shouted, "Go away!" and the monster dissipated, surprisingly. I looked at Nico, impressed at his power. Nico had a confused look on his face for a second, then had a realization. "I got it!" he exclaimed. "Well?" I asked expectantly. "We're in a dream!" answered Nico. I thought about it, and said, "Huh. Makes sense, I guess. But how do we get out of it?" Nico explained, "You. You're the son of Morpheus, so you have the power to wake us up. I was already really tired, and attempted to focus.

We woke up on the grass, groaning. "What was that about?" I asked Nico. He frowned and said, "I've seen Morpheus putting people to sleep, but not entering a dream with a person. And if that can affect people in the real world, that could be really dangerous." Nico glanced at the cut on his arm. "That was weird," I remarked. Nico said, "Agreed, but we gotta go eat dinner now!" and we ran to the dining area.

Trixi's POV

Percy led me to a spot in the woods. We stopped by a peaceful river, and Percy said, "We're going to try a game of stealth. Try to hide from me for thirty minutes." "Hold up," I interrupted. "No fighting? Or pranking?" Percy grinned after I said that. "Don't worry," he assured. "We'll get to that later." Suddenly, Percy shouted, "Go!" Geez, blame it on the ADHD. I bolted into the trees, running wildly. I tried to find a good spot for hiding, but there was none. I saw the lake and dove into it, praying that my father would let me breath.

With a loud splash, I sunk into the lake, I realized that I couldn't breath and panicked. I let out my breath and found out that I had been holding my breath! I dove down, and saw the naiads waving at me. I heard a splash (don't ask how I heard) and saw Percy swimming towards me. Desperately, I lunged out to the surface. As I went up, I felt my body dissolving into little particles. Once the weird sensation stopped, I found myself looking down at Camp Half-Blood.

Speechless, I tried looking at myself. My body was gray mist! Through my fuzzy vision, I saw Percy looking around, clearly confused. Hm, if I was a cloud, then maybe… Lightning lashed out and struck the ground near Percy. He cursed quite loudly and looked up. Somehow, I tried to look like an innocent cloud. After what seemed like thirty, boring minutes, I dropped out of the sky and startled Percy. "Oh, gods! How did you do that!" he yelped. I shrugged and answered, "No idea. But I won, right?" Dumbfounded, he nodded. I said loudly, "We're going to fight now, right?"

He blankly nodded. I waved my hand in front of his face and yelled, "Earth to Percy!" He jumped and looked up. "Don't scare me like that!" he scolded. "Come on, let's train," he ordered. I shook my head. Boys will be boys. "Now we'll fight, but I'll go easy on you. After all, I am the best swordsman here," he bragged. I rolled my eyes and unsheathed my sea blue sword. I attacked him swiftly while his ADHD was getting to him. He tore his gaze away from the flowers and quickly blocked my strike. The weapon felt natural in my hands, and I fought as if I had been training for several years. I smirked when I saw the look of surprise on Percy's face.

"You've used a sword before!" he accused. I laughed and said, "No, I really haven't." As our weapons clanged, Percy suggested, "Maybe it's your battle reflexes. You might have some more enhanced reflexes and such." Percy got a lucky shot, and I tripped over a log (why are there random logs in the woods?) and fell into the creek. The moment I hit the water, I felt myself getting more alert and energized. I fought him like a blur, and was winning until Percy decided to copy and dive into the creek. "Oh crap!" I exclaimed.

A jet of water shot out and sprayed me in the face. Another jet shot out, and I was ready for it. It went around me, and sank into the dirt. I willed myself to turn into a cloud, and I evaporated into white fog. I unleashed a lightning bolt into the creek, electrocuting it. "Yeeow!" Percy yelled. He leapt out of the water and tumbled onto the ground. I pelted him with hail, but he dodged the ice. Ice… hmm. I changed back into human form and splashed water at Percy's arm. I willed it to freeze, but nothing happened.

Then I remembered: My sword could focus my powers! I gripped my sword tightly and splashed water on Percy's arm again. When I willed it to freeze, Percy's arm was encased in a chunk of ice. "What!" he yelled. "No fair!" I replied, "Like isn't fair. Deal with it buddy!" I calmly walked up to him and put my sword up to his neck. "Mind getting my arm out?" Percy asked. "Oh, right!" I said. The ice melted off and the water flowed into the creek.

Percy said, "You've already gotten the basics. I think you're ready for Capture the Flag." I smiled and we headed back to Camp. We heard the dinner bell ring, and Percy shouted, "Race you!" and we ran to the dining area.

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