Cat was sitting under a maple tree, watching Monkey leap from branch to branch. Cat also envied Monkey's long tail and glared at her back. She had no tail, not even a stump. Monkey saw Cat sitting under the maple and called out, "Hey, Cat, do you want to come up here with me?"

Cat looked up at her friend and replied, "Sure, friend Monkey." She stood up and climbed up the bark of the maple.

Monkey said, "Come, friend Cat, come out on a branch." Cat looked at the branch warily, and then slowly started to walk out. The branch wobbled and swayed, but Cat had not tail, therefore, could not keep her balance. Poor Cat, she fell out of that maple and onto the ground.

Monkey gracefully climbed down and asked, "Friend Cat, are you okay?" She stood up and shook the dirt from her fur.

Cat replied, "I am okay, friend Monkey, my pride may be wounded, but I am not." Monkey nodded and leaped up into the tree. Cat was determined to climb, but try as she might, Cat kept falling out.

Monkey soon suggested, "Friend Cat, why don't you ask Zeus to give you a tail?"

Cat grew excited and said, "Thank you for the suggestion, friend Monkey, I will be on my way immediately!" Monkey said her farewells to Cat, and Cat soon left on her way.

Once Cat made it to Zeus's temple, she placed an offering of fish on the shrine and pleaded, "Lord Zeus, king of the Gods, please listen to my plea. I wish to have a tail. I cannot balance properly without one." Zeus, hearing Cat's plea, took pity and came down in his full glory. Cat bowed and asked carefully, "Lord Zeus, are you hear to answer my plea?"

The king of the Gods looked down at Cat and said, "Cat, I heard your plea. I will give you a tail, but it comes with a price. Your enemies will be able to get a hold of your tail and your tail can be caught in things, so think about this offer first." But Cat didn't think about it once.

"Please, Lord Zeus, I would like a tail."

Zeus knew he couldn't change Cat's mind he promised, "I swear on the River Styx, that by tomorrow morning, you Cat, shall have a tail."

Joy leaped into Cat's chest and she meowed, "Thank you, Lord Zeus!" Cat bowed and Zeus disappeared. Cat turned and bounded back home. When she got home, it was late at night and Monkey already went to bed. Cat walked to her house, and slept. At dawn, she awoke and looked at her back. Yes! Cat had a tail!

She leaped for joy and raced out of her house to meet Monkey by the maple tree. Once Cat got there, she saw Monkey in the branches. Cat called, "Friend Monkey, your idea worked! Zeus gave me a tail!"

Monkey grinned and said, "Let's have a look!" Cat strutted out into the clearing, waving around her new tail. Monkey gasped in delight. "Friend Cat, try to see if you can balance on a branch." Cat agreed, and leaped onto the nearest maple branch. The branch swayed to and fro, but cat did not fall off. Cat and Monkey cheered as Cat leaped from branch to branch, just like Monkey.

And that is how cats got their tails.