There are things that keep us from sleep at night and keep our hearts racing with fear every time we hear the creak of the floor or the popping of the walls. These things seem to border the line of reality and fantasy. We all have our different ways of acquiring these fearful things. Books, movies, the past, and tall tales play over in our heads and man's greatest gift is used against him. This gift exaggerates what's really in the shadows of the night.

The gift is imagination; a heap of blankets becomes a hideous, disfigured beast, a pillow in the corner becomes a pale figure wearing a white dress with its knees pressed against its chest. Their evil eyes glaring at you, waiting for you to fall asleep. All of these things can be easily exposed for what they are with a simple flick of a switch. Another thought may cross you mind. What if you found exactly what you saw in the dark? What if these lurkers of the night existed, becoming impossible to hide from?

I must ask you to imagine the vilest monster you can conjure from your mind. Does it snarl, exposing many teeth that are stained orange from blood? Or is it quiet and stalk you, its hot breath moistening the back of your neck? Or do you see yourself? Eyes white and watching you with empty nothingness? Are you the monster?

Push those thoughts away, or try. They will linger in your mind, leaving wispy trails of nightmares. Now, think of the reality of things. You are reading each word I write, possibly even following my instructions. Good. If you see monsters in the shadows of the night and swear on the rising sun that they exist, you are right. Monsters lurk everywhere you go, only showing themselves when you are most vulnerable.

Think. There is no bad without good. They balance each other, they are the antithesis of each other; exactly the same but the opposite. For each demon, for each monster there is an angle to fight them. If there wasn't, the world would have plummeted into chaos and darkness from the second it was spoken into existence. We focus on the negative because it is what we hate; it is a lot like knowing the lyrics, by heart, to a song you hate. You spend most of your time thinking of the negative. What of the positive? Even if it was something little, make it overpower your negative thoughts. Only you can make it a good day.