The cold seeps in, bringing the room to freezing

Can you feel it finding its way into your heart?

It destroys you and leaves you with a numb feeling

The world comes to a complete stop as you fall apart

Mask your true thoughts, cover your wrists

Struggle through each and every day

The flash of silver can bring you a moment's bliss

When someone asks, pretend you're okay

You're becoming a fallen, broken angel

Walking carefully among needles and pins

A glass figure who used to be so fragile

Now only wants to be thin

Afraid of going to school and losing control

Scared of what they'd do if they found out

Terrified of no longer being truthful and whole

Every thought filled with fear and doubt

Voices pull you farther and deeper than ever before

Light is gone, replaced by the darkness

Falling away through the only floor

Tumbling blindly through an endless abyss

Why do you always feel so alone?

No one wants to hear you scream, so be silent

What have you done to turn so cold?

No one can see how you are so different

How many of these people really care?

You've been alone all along

Broken and scarred, no, life isn't fair

This is what it feels like to be caught in the wrong

Look me straight in the eye

Tell me how I can help you

Don't you dare lie

Don't you dare let go

Close your eyes and try to breathe

Calm yourself and take my hand

Close your eyes and try to sleep

Prepare yourself for the final stand

Have you ever heard of the beauty of violets?

Has anyone ever given you a rose?

It pricks your finger and makes you forget

Everything you had, there it goes

You only need someone to be strong for a change

Strength fading, need someone else to be strong instead

Your mirror makes your image re-arranged

But the monsters are back in your head

Everyone's always gone

When you need them most

Anxiety makes every night extremely long

You've turned into a ghost

Anyone who tries to enter is refused

Can't find anyone you want here

You no longer have a reason to be confused

When everything is so crystal clear

Come off the ledge, your lips are blue

Don't listen to them, they're only trying to hide

Stop, don't listen; you're nowhere near being through

Everything you do is only short of suicide

Welcome to the deepest depths of Hell

Who was promising you'd be protected?

You remember their words all too well

No one wants you, you're only rejected

Oh you know, now you know everyone leaves

Don't worry, you won't feel this way forever

Don't let go, one day you'll be free

Little one, don't you dare surrender