I watched her move around the large room with eyes that screamed that she didn't want to be there, but still had no place better to be at. She walked near the top schools' booths in front of her mom, but when she was alone, she made a point of talking for long lengths of time with the people inside empty booths. The honor student was the type of girl that colleges wanted to give an automatic acceptance to. Yet, I noticed something funny. She never got within 10 feet of a police officer or a government related recruiting booth.

She stood out not because of her beauty that no make-up could do nothing to improve upon, but because she had a certain air about her, a sort of aura, that just screamed charisma. This was the type of aura that politicians would sell their soul for. From the way she talked confidently and without any hesitation, I knew that she had at least a few years of public speaking experience, like at tournaments or routine speeches or both. Another idea that I need not voice is that she most likely didn't have the word, "timid," in her vocabulary. The way she was so sure of herself made people want to trust her, to believe her, to follow her. If she was anything but valedictorian and student body president, I would have been surprised. Yet, the thing that really caught my attention was that she was almost exactly like me.

I was not watching her out of pure chance. I had been tracking her movements for a while now. The government has been monitoring her status ever since she attended middle school. I read from the report that she was well traveled and followed current events, unlike most of her peers. A poll I read recently stated that most high school students cannot even name the candidates running for president and their respective vice-presidents. Ever since she scored the highest EVER on a standardized test score, the government has been watching to make sure that that one test was not a fluke. And of course, it wasn't. Which explains my presence here. My job is to find out what type of person she is and see if she would make a good addition to the team. The knowledge about the existence of what my team does for the government is something that requires the second-highest clearance level within the CIA. Our team is made up of teenage criminal prodigies that the government deems a waste to send to prison.

Another thing is that even if I wrote a stellar report on her and turned it in to my superiors, it would not be enough to gain her admittance to the team. The person in question must be able to dedicate herself to the team as well as prove her abilities in a Test. Even remembering the Test sends shivers down my spine and tears behind my eyes. It is a Test that not only tests physical ability, but mental capacity. In short, it is torture. It is not completely a blessing to be selected as a candidate to join my team. However, I have never regretted my admittance to the team. It gave me something to live for, for once. It let me believe that I was doing good, that I was saving lives.

I will continue to watch and observe her movements, but I already have an idea of what my report is going to sound like. For her sake, I genuinely hope that she is not one of those who fail the Test and waste after being subjected to the stringent demands of the Test. Most who fail the Test go to a place where they are not sure even suicide will be able to ease their suffering.

Good luck, Sophia. I hope to meet you in person soon.

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